Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching up?

Hello Friends :)
Long time no write...well nothing much exciting has been going on - except the same old song and dance routine of chasing my tail.

It's that time of year that I can't stand...hot, humid, everything is "going back" and all I want is a cool snap to the breeze, the smell of crackling firewood, frost on the pumpkin and rejuvenation! I tell you though friends, as I was taking my morning walk this a.m. there's a hint of coolness in the air...I could feel it...can't wait for fall to be here. My favorite time of the year. Well any season is a good season, but the dog days of summer make me tired. Don't like them...at all....

So First Up: a lovely biscornu from the Smalls Exchange on the SBEBB - this is the last exchange I shall receive from that board - and it was a winner - a good way to go out of exchanging:

Biscornu was taken from the Gift of Stitching
Stitched by: Hazel
She did an outstanding job...I love it!
And I also loved the extras that she sent. I've been wanting for a long time the "Fruit of the Spirit" pattern from Plum Street Samplers! The hank of fabric that she sent will be perfect for the design and she gave me a lovely shade of Threadworx floss too! Not to mention the postcard. DIVINE (!) all of it Hazel I honestly am thrilled to the core! Thank you!

Next Up: I forgot to show my Redwork exchange that I stitched for Andrea:

A Mon Ami Pierre's "The Stitcher" motif - stitched with DMC 115 - finished as a small pillow

This picture STINKS...if you could see it in real life it was much better and prettier....you know how DMC 115 has almost a brownish (DMC 3371) parts in it? Well the bow is brown and on the sides I added brown rick-rack. The fabric that is framing and backing the piece was mottled red with the same brownish parts on it. I thought it was really darling all done up and I hated (even though I love Andrea to bits) to put that baby in the envelope to send to England to live. :o) But that is the good thing about getting out of exchanges for a bit...I can exchange with myself! RIGHT?!

Well I have some lovely ladies to thank for giving me the "I Love Your Blog Award" there were a couple of ladies that I didn't know, so I had the priveledge of meeting some new people and adding their own LOVELY blogs to my google reader! Here's the lovely ladies that gifted me with the award:

Karol from Rosebud's Stitching - Karol is from Indiana too!

Daniela from the Czech Republic found at Nezbytne Malickosti. I met Daniela through Fair and Square :)

Michele who has a lovely blog and I can't find the darn address...as she's one of my newbies that I just added recently to my reader. I'll get the link and post it later. SORRY MICHELE!

And J Rae of Sunshine Stitches

I *heart* all of these ladies for giving me such a thumbs up approval rating on my blog. I *heart* their blogs too! And I *heart* everyone's blog that I visit. I have to date 309 google reader feeds...yikes just checked that number and was gobsmacked about the number I thought I only had like 200...WOWZERS people! That's a lot of commenting...no wonder I don't keep up very well....Anyway....if someone takes the time to leave me a comment - I add them to my Google Reader and I *try* really, really hard to comment each time they update. I honestly do...I fail...because right now I have over 600 posts to read because I worked a lot last week and well...you people are VERBOSE! :o)

Thank you to each and every person that reads my blog - leave me a comment and I'll visit you :) And just like Karol left me a comment and I found out she's from Indiana - if you are from Indiana I'd really like to get to know you! What about having an Indiana Stitcher's Blog? Hey Ho! That'd be sweet! Or what about maybe trying to either have a Indiana Stitcher's SAL? or Exchange? Hmmmm???? Here I thought I was really only one of very few Indiana Stitching Bloggers and I don't think I am....I see Indiana hits all the time on my hit tracker...but no one comments to get to know me....so come on....e-mail me! or comment ;)

Until next time my dear readers....thank you for visiting me, I cherish you all...and soon, very soon my pretties (imagine me with green skin rubbing my hands together....) I will be having my 2nd BLOGGERVERSARY! You know what that means...a stitched goody from moi!

May the floss be with you! (at all times) :o)

Over and out...


  1. Glad to see you catching up. Wondered where you had been lately. Such pretties you have there!

  2. Paula Nunes Lima7:40 AM

    I was almost e-mailing you. We get used to read something we like and get "worried" when the posts don't show. I'm a long way from Indiana, in Lisbon, Portugal, but really enjoy reading your blog and got to know through you not only your beatiful town but also the site where I can easily find some more of the beatiful Prairie Scholer schemes. Although my blog is in portuguese you are invited to visit it. There's a translator there and I think you'll understand most of it. Love the John Denver songs you got here although my favourite are his recordingd with the Muppets.
    Beatiful works you have here and you have in me a faithfull reader.
    Congratulations also on the wonderful results of the US team in the Olympics, specialy Michael Phelps (eight golds are almost impossible to reach)
    Will be back again!!
    Paula Nunes Lima

  3. Great to hear from you again dear Vonna! I wait for autumn to come SO much too and it's almost here, I can smell it :) We don't have the hot, humid weather at all, but still, it's wonderful to feel autumn coming. I LOVE frosty mornings, autumn mornings are the best!!

    You've stitched a wonderful exchange to Andrea and received such a beauty from Hazel! Have a happy, happy day :)

  4. Both are just beautiful Vonna! I am longing for the Autumn air too, and may the floss be with you!

  5. Beautiful exchanges, Vonna!

  6. I love your blog! Your finishing is impeccable.

  7. Wonderful exchanges Vonna :) It's still been getting up to 90 some days around here, but we're having more 80-ish weather...the great thing is that it isn't hot at 9am~~it's later into the afternoon. And you really need to come visit, because you can just feel and smell the change in the air~~bliss!

  8. Dear Vonna - it is so lovely to see a post from you again. But Fall, that makes me think about packing up my tent and heading to warmer weather - ie. Arizona!!
    Your biscornu from Hazel is just gorgeous - how very lovely and a grand way to wrap up your exchanges. And the piece you stitched - I am so jealous - I love that piece and that gorgeous red fabric!!!!
    You had me laughing at the comment about your chasing your tail. It brought to mind this crazy Indiana broad running in circles until she ran herself thin LOL LOL LOL. See you don't need to traipse down the road each day begrudging every step - just continue chasing your tail.
    I gave your finishing service a plug on my blog this morning. Now, if I could just follow my own advice.
    Many hugs my girl

  9. I was about to leave you a comment to tell you I’m an Indiana stitcher and would love to participate in an Indiana SAL/Exchange, but then I realized I’m not an Indiana stitcher – I still think of myself as an (Australian) Hoosier, because I lived there for 12 years, and I spend every weekend in the summer there (I used to live in Long Beach, and my in-laws still live there).

    Does it count if I tell you I’m looking to buy a house in Indiana, hopefully in the next couple of months – I love living in Chicago, but would love to own my own place again, and Indiana is much more affordable!

    Both exchange pieces are lovely!

  10. Wonderful exchanges! Fall is my favorite season of the year I love the sound of the leaves crunching under your feet.

  11. Hi Vonna!
    I saw this beautiful Biscornu at Hazels blog and I fell in love with this her work so much!
    It's stunning, isn't it!!
    And also your AMAP mini pillow is gorgeous!
    I always love your works very very much, your stitching and finishing is always so perfect!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your works from now on too! :D

  12. Two gorgeous exchanges, congratulations Vonna

  13. Hazel biscornu gift to you is gorgeous. Thanks again for my pillow. I have enough redwork items now for them to have a basket all of there own. :)

  14. I love summer but you're right, the dog days of August are never-ending feeling. That first crisp feeling of fall, there's nothing like it, although I won't be feeling it till Halloween. It generally cools off for Halloween and then heads back to the 90s until Thanksgiving here in AZ. Argh, I've had Fruits of the Spirit here for you since Round 8 of F & S, lol, kept meaning to put it in the mail. Guess that's what I get for waiting! Glad you got it, it's so whimsical and pretty.

  15. What beautiful exchanges, the red is truly stunning!

  16. Glad you liked it! xx

  17. Hey...do I count as an Indiana stitcher if I was born there, grew up there, went to school there, lived 28 of my 32 years there, and now live adjacent to Indiana instead of in Indiana, but still consider Indiana my hometown state? Or is that stretching it too much? ;-)

  18. As a fellow Indiana stitcher, I vote that we count Susan, Kendra, and anyone else who wants to be an honorary Hoosier. Hey, the more, the merrier, right?

    An Indiana exchange sounds like fun. Since I'm starting to have a reasonable amount of stitching time again, I might actually be able to consider a small one. Let me know!

  19. Well, sadly I'm not quite an Indiana stitcher, but I am in southern Michigan not far from the state line. Does that count?

  20. visit me, Vonna! :o)

    I love your stitching and look forward to your posts!

  21. Vonna,
    Your redwork is so pretty!! I've got to do a redwork piece soon, especially since that's my favorite color!

    I love fall too ~ I'll be glad for the change in the weather, especially since tomorrow we are to be 106 degrees!


  22. Your red stitching lady is so vibrant and lovely.

  23. Beautiful redwork exchange!

  24. Beautiful biscornu from Hazel and I love your redwork piece to Andrea!

  25. Your redwork exchange piece is beautiful, as is the biscornu you received.

    We are going into Spring in the next week and it's not too bad, but in about 2 months time the weather becomes hot and yucky. Bring on Autumn and Winter again!

  26. hello!
    I love it! can you send me the grafic to my e-mail? dora.sonhosazuis@sapo.pt
    i`m from portugal and my english isn`t very good! sorry!


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