Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And We're Off.....

Hello Friends! As promised here's my yearly post on the first day of school! Did you hear the angels singing sweetly this morning at 8:45 a.m.? Yes, there was Hosannah's being sung and Allelulia's too boot and that is when the Pfeiffer Clan stepped over the threshold of another school year! I did a jiggity jig all the way home :)

I feel a little bad even writing something like the above, but I believe that you all can tell that I dearly love my children. I would give my life for them, without blinking an eye. But there is only so much you can think up to do in 90 days with 4 very active and intelligent children. Plus there is always someone calling out, "Mom?......Mama?....MOOOOOOMMMMM!!!! MAMAAAAAA???? Where are you?!" every 3 seconds. I can't even use the restroom without someone wondering where I am and usually barging right in. It'll be good to have a little One on One time with dear old self :)

So with the above stated here we are at the beginning of Mom's Day. Just like the Dunkin' Donuts Man.....I gotta make the lunches:

So are you JIF or Peter Pan? Growing up, I was totally JIF as that's what my Mama bought. Then when I got married my husband was Peter Pan. So I bought Peter Pan. Then there was the Salmonella outbreak in Peter Pan and I switched back to JIF. So what are you? Peter Pan or JIF?

Speaking of peanut butter, I have the neatest little gadget that I purchased a long time ago when my boys were still in diapers. It is the Cutco Spatula Spreader You can spread the peanut butter and cut using one utensil. Very nice! I highly recommend all Cutco Products. Two Thumbs WAAAAAYYYY Up!

Here's the moderately healthy lunch that my kids got today. PB & J sandwiches (in the box), Cheetos, apple sauce, sugar free Jello Pudding for dessert and a big 'ol bottle of water.

Finally here is a picture of the school house gang:

Katie (age 10 - grade 5)

Jacob (the little guy in the middle age 8 - grade 3 )

Ian (age 8 - grade 3) - notice Ian's T-shirt? It says - "Save Trees - Stop Homework!" LOL!

Now to say some novena's that they all take good ISTEP tests this year....oh heaven's to Betsy! I worry so much it cannot be good for my blood pressure or health! LOL!

And on a final note: a couple of people have commented on the pictures on my sidebar. FIRST: my own Mother told me that she didn't like to see fat ladies in my sidebar and thought I put them in there because I thought I looked that way...I certainly hope not! LOL! So since Mama didn't like them I changed them. And since it's too early to have Fall pictures up...I decided to put up Indiana pictures and these are all from my hometown Bloomington, Indiana . Bloomington has a varied landscape to that of the rest of Indiana...we have quarries that produce some of the finest limestone in the world and our limestone (and that of Bedford, IN) was used in the making of the Empire State Building and other notable building in the countries and abroad. The film Breaking Away was filmed in the city and is based on the annual Little 500 bike race that is still raced every May. I would encourage you all to read a bit on Bloomington, in the link I provided. It's a great city! Notable residents include (and are not limited to): Gene Hackman (actor), Meg Cabot (author of the Princess Diaries), Bobby Knight (famed basketball chair throwing coach), John Mellencamp (singer/songwriter - I've seen him a couple of times in Burger King - no FOOLIN"), David Lee Roth (singer / and former lead singer of Van Halen) and Vonna "The Twisted Stitcher" (wife/mother/stitcher) :o) LOL!

And to end on my "leaf turning" activities: the walk went well today, I didn't see any shooting stars :o( and didn't meet any grumpy Raccoons :o)

Now I believe I'm off for a little Mommy R and R at the LNS :) I have some finishing work to drop off and think I might pick up a couple of things for Mama! Until next time - when I might actually show you some stitching - may the floss be with you!


  1. Peter Pan! But I've been using r/f Schmucker's natural PB. But I don't have kids--they'd never eat that crap!

  2. I always LOVE the first day of school and having the house to myself again!

    I have always been a JIF gal and always will be! My dh liked Peter Pan too but he learned to adjust! LOL!

    Have a great day!

  3. If you don't mind, I won't be reading up on Bloomington. It's just an average college town...(average referring to the college, of course) ;-)

    As for the PB answer is none of the above! My favorite is Skippy, but I'll also eat Peter Pan. JIF just doesn't taste right to me.

    I got my Tot off to Kindy this morning. No tears! But traffic was a *zoo*. Oy!

  4. I'll be singing and doing my jig next Tuesday! :) Trust me, you are not alone. I'm so ready for my boys to start school. Then it will be just me and Matthew hanging out just like you and Ellie will be. :) The pictures of Bloomington are beautiful!!

  5. Oh your sidebar pics are pretty but I do miss the fat ladies. They were so cute and cheery.

    The kids are adorable and look happy to be going back to school. Love the t-shirt!

    I am a Jif girl all the way, well until we found out my daughter has a nut allergy. Total bummer!

  6. Hurray for the first day of school! Ours is Monday and I think every mother deserves a little jig after a summer filled with kids, activities and noise!!!

  7. LOL Jif for us too! My kids start school this Friday! Yay! Great post...I'm still smiling ath the last line...may the floss be with you! Hugs!

  8. Vonna,

    Definitely Jif and Smuckers grape jelly, not Welchs. That's what the
    Seidel's have:) Happy first day of school.

  9. Vonna,

    I hope the children all have a wonderful school year. I'm glad that you're able to have a few minutes to breathe and take a private potty break! LOL I hear you about being called. It's usually my DH calling when I'm upstairs or in the bathroom.

  10. Awww I remember a similar picture of your kids... a year ago! Wow another year has come and gone too quickly Vonna!

    Wow they're allowed to take PB to school? Around here nut and nut products aren't even allowed in the elementary schools due to the sever allergies that so many children seem to have now.

    I'm a Kraft PB girl myself. If I recally you don't have Kraft PB in the states becuase when I went to visit Kathy in Arizona that's the one thing she wanted me to bring her!

  11. I never liked PB growing up, but my sister ate enough PB for the whole family (of 8)! I do eat it now though, and it is strictly Skippy for us. I'm curious if you were able to spend a $25 allowance at your LNS for your 1st day of school hurrah. LOL!

  12. We're a "whatever's on sale" peanut butter kind of family. LOL

    My MIL has some Cutco knives that I have already told her I'd like to inherit some day. Those are some really nice knives!

  13. I don't like the PB I've had in the US. Here the question is, "Are you Calve or AH" when PB preferences are being asked. I like my PB with chunks of nut, and unsweetened.

    I *so* hear you about the 30 second intervals of "mama, mommy, mom!!!!"LOL! My mom used to say she was going to change her name - now I know why!!! ;)

  14. Oh, Vonna, I loved the fat ladies! You are such a stitchy/life/mommie/bloggy Goddess! I am!

  15. I live in Bedford and work in Bloomington and I love your pictures! As for the peanut butter, I like both brands but I buy whichever is on sale.

  16. Skippy all the way here, extra crunchy .. or old fashion Adams where you have to stir and stir. But I am surprised, our elementary schools have asked for no PB because of all the allergies.

    And I miss the fat ladies! I'm sorry you had complaints .. I heard that one blogger recently deleted her blog because of fat comments left .. not cool at all!

    Do you remember the fat mermaids???

    I loved them!

  17. Hi Vonna!
    Peter Pan Creamy all the way! I even ate it when the sickness hit, my jar was fine. I know what you mean about not having time to stitch for yourself, but I'm not signing up for as many as I normally do. Hope your crew has a great day at school!

  18. Oh, several summers ago I made the mistake of letting one of the church kids in the house. When he left I had a rather hefty Cutco bill of sale on my table! Still using them this day.

    The children look so cute all combed and shined. I remember my very first day of school low these many years ago. A neighbor boy and I walked the two blocks. What fun.

    Thanks for the Ellie fix also.

  19. I won't miss having mine underfoot whenever I don't want them to be but I surely will miss the lazy days. Hello Scouts, drum corps practice, teacher conferences, homework...sigh. Mine are old enough now they won't barge into the bathroom but I think I didn't do anything alone in there for about 8 years, lol. Now it's the dog that has to come with me! Can't wait to see what you get/stitch at the LNS.

  20. Hello Vonna,

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog entry. I can send you some Lourdes water if you like. We always take some little bottles home for people/parishioners who can't go to Lourdes and would like to have some water.
    I can imagine your joy when the kids have gone off to school again. You love them, but also love some rest! Our kids have still 3 weeks to go before going to school ...

    Have a nice day & greetings, Carolien

  21. We're a none of the above family for peanut butter - allergies. I'm actually surprised that you are permitted to send peanut butter to school - all our schools have a very strict 'NO NUT' policy, so no PB&J for anyone!

    The kids look happy to be going back - we don't return until Sept. 2. *sigh*

  22. Neither - I hate peanut butter!

    Great pictures; my DS goes back to school in 2 weeks. He'll be in 3rd grade, too.

    He has a cute t-shirt in green that says "I'm not lazy - I'm conserving energy."

  23. I am definitely a JIF person (but my husband is also Peter Pan ... I think I've converted him). I have to say I'm surprised about schools having a no nut policy for what is sent to school in a lunch ... just seems odd to me. PB&J is just such a staple (still is for me sometimes ... sometime it's the best option on the ship).

    Great photo ... enjoy your me time :)

  24. It's Skippy all the way for me. And no PBJ but PBH (peanut butter and honey sandwiches - yummy)!!

  25. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Peter Pan here!

    wish I could see him in BK!!! hahaha!
    My ex boyfriend looked just like him back in the 70s....wonder if he looks like him now? hmmmmmmmm...

    anyway enjoy your peaceful times during the school year!

  26. It was back to school day here, too. It seems way too early for what I remember.

    Wow...I knew that John Cougar Mellencamp was from Indiana, but I had no idea that Diamond Dave was from there too :)

  27. School is a few years off for our family, but I am sure it's going to be just as fun.

    Yes I get the "mummy, mummy, mummy' all day long. And yes, when I visit the bathroom, I also get a visitor who asks, 'what you doing mummy?'

    I absolutely love my daughter to bits, but it's always nice to have a little time to yourself.

  28. Jif or Skippy in this house! and don't ever buy the store brand because it's on sale, my DH will just throw it right in the trash. LOL I learned quickly!

    I do miss the gals in your sidebar, i really liked them, but mom is mom. LOL

    THe kids started back this past Monday and i was a dancing fool myself. I haven't heard anything in our schools about no PB, that's what sandwich they give if they forget their lunches/money, etc (unless they are allergic of course).

    BTW, is that Bo Bice singing on your playlist? I really like it.

  29. I understand exactly how you feel on your first day of school :0) My kids don't start until Sep 3rd here in Canada and let me tell you I am counting the minutes, I mean days! LOL. Mine also begin full time school as well, so the whole day for me! I can't wait. Enjoy!

  30. Congrats on your decision to cut back on your obligation stitching. I was a charity quilt square stitcher for about three years. I finally decided that stitching had become a job and it wasn't fun. I never had time to stitch anything I wanted. Now I have my stitching mojo back.

  31. They all look pretty happy to be heading back to school!

    I had to go check out what was in the cupboard --- it's Skippy! We have to keep both creamy and chunky in our house to accommodate everyone!

  32. As long it is extra crunchy I am not to choosy. Cute pictures and hope they enjoyed there first day! Enjoy your stitching time.

  33. Here we have now peanutbutter with 30 % less fat . so gues what I buy.. LOL
    Patti xx

  34. The first day of school already? We don't start until September, the kids are actually really looking forward to it :)

  35. The first day of school already? We don't start until September, the kids are actually really looking forward to it :)

  36. My favorite is JIF! The kids look great! Mine go on the 18th.

  37. OK - I have lots of comments on your post. The first day of school and the first day of the State Fair, in my opinion, should be national holidays; love those days! I'm a JIF girl. I've always enjoyed the pictures in your sidebar. Lowell Herreo is one of my favorite artists, and I especially love his cows. Finally, my sister and I drove past John Mellencamp's driveway a few years ago with my niece in the backseat. We were like two giggly teenagers, but in my niece's words, we were "pathetic!" Lucky you and the local BK crew!!

  38. I'm a Jif girl! Grew up with Skippy, but later fell in love with Jif.

    Ahhhhh. The first day of school! I always felt little pangs of guilt about how happy I was to see it arrive.

  39. Either whats on sale PB, or I make my own (yea, I know, but its very easy!) *Applause* for kids going back to school-they look so darling. Ours go back Sept 2nd and are sooo lookng forward to it. :-)

  40. I stopped by for the picture and it made me smile ~ they are all so sweet! Best of luck this school year to each one of them.
    Choosy mothers choose JIF :) that's me....

  41. Neither! I've never been a fan of peanut butter. Wierd, eh! ( I know, I'm showing my Canadian side!) I love pb in cooking ie cookies but have never been able to eat it on its own in a sandwich.

    Ian's shirt is so cool. My kids would have loved flaunting that one around their teachers, lol!

  42. May the floss be with you - now THAT's funny! LOL!!! Someone needs a blog with that title!

  43. P.S. - at our house we eat either almond butter or Smart Balance Omega Natural Peanut Butter. (We also use sugar free jelly and whole grain bread - lol!)


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