Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tin Backsplash

Hello Friends! Hope this finds you all I'm running nearly on "E". Seems I'm a couple cards short of a full deck. I guess the weekend, running all around town, cleaning and redecorating the kitchen has caught up with me. Have you ever felt so tired, that you think you could fall asleep sitting up....that's how I feel today. Guess I'm making a second pot of coffee today....

I mentioned my new tin backsplash and here it is:

It really isn't real's actually thermodynamic plastic, but when you touch it on the wall it feels like tin. Ours is called Vintage Copper...and I think it turned out great ;) My dear husband Keith put it up for me the other night when we got home from the fair. A lot of measuring and critical thinking and four hours later....viola! (I hope the pictures are clickable)
We've also landscaped our front yard...I'll save those pictures for another post....
Well other home projects are on the looming on the starts in 2 weeks so we have that long to get this done. The girls are going to move into a bedroom together. Recently we found it more conducive to break up the they've been sleeping in separate rooms - they'd laugh and talk all night together and it was affecting their behavior. Since we separated them, it's been a world of difference in the both of them, so it'll have to stay that way. There is such a difference in age between Katie and Ellie that I think it will work out for them to room together. They (well Katie) has decided they "need" their room painted lavender and pastel green because they are taking over the boys old room. Ian will be taking Katie's old room and Jacob which has been living in the "guest" room will be keeping it as his own. With Katie getting the stamp of approval from Daddy the big home improver....Ian decided he'd like to have red and white striped walls - I have the stamp of disapproval on he decided a nice deep blue for his wall would be great. Daddy said fine. Jacob decided that "soothing white" would be perfect for him....Daddy did a backflip over that decision - since it won't involve painting. So in other words....more DIY is lined up for the Pfeiffer House in the next 14 days......stay tuned....
Until next time, have a great weekend and Floss on!


  1. Yes, the pics are clickable. I have never seen a backsplash like that, it looks great!
    It is hard to believe that school will be back in session so soon; where did the summer go?
    Now that my DS (x2)are both in college I have two extra bedrooms and would love small ones around. However, I am certain that you would not be willing to send them my way. LOL

  2. I love your backsplash! :D And good luck with the room changes. Ours are looming on the horizon ... Nicky and Rowen will share for a bit longer, but Max and Arden will move to "new" rooms.

  3. Your new backsplash looks beautiful, Vonna! You do have lots of projects in the works - I hope they all go well. And in the meantime I hope you can find a bit of rest. Take care!

  4. LOVE the backsplash! You guys did a fabulous job!

  5. What a great backsplash! I Katie and Ellie success, I was 5 years older than my sissy, and we shared until I was 15! Good luck painting, I hate painting!

  6. I meant to say Wish Katie and Ellie sucess! I hate not have spellcheck with the comment box!

  7. Your backsplash looks fab! Have fun with all the upcoming painting and such (I personally hate to paint!)

    My boys share a room, which isn't usually too bad as they both go 100mph all day long that they pass out as soon as their heads hit the pillows ;) But, if they had separate rooms...middle would probably sleep in a little in the AM without youngest waking him (and by sleeping in I mean getting up at 7 instead of 6-6:30!)

  8. I love your kitchen and the tin is beautiful!!!! I so remember getting to "choose" our own colour paints for our rooms when we were growing up - my Mom let us get our way with the paint (basically High School)- and I know she cringed every time she saw my room.... as I had painted it a very dark dusty burgandy to match the sheets and comforter I had gotten... and it was painted back an oatmealy beige with a few days of my going off to college!!! :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  9. The backsplash is very unique - I love it. Never seen anything like it and need to keep it in mind for when I do my kitchen over. There must be something in the air for home improvement things. I've been painting rooms also and we're soon to have an addition put on for my dad. Wow, school starts early for you folks. Ours start up the third week in August, though I don't have kiddies in school anymore unless you want to count college. Thanks heavens!


  10. Hi Vonna,
    i love your new backsplash & kitchen, very cosy indeed.
    Vonna, i have chosen you for Brillante Weblog Award as i find your work inspiring and love visiting your blog. Do check it out at my blog:)

  11. I love the backsplash. I've looked at similar tin for our kitchen. It is all pine. Was it hard to do?

  12. The kitchen looks great!

  13. You did a great job. I love seeing pictures of your home. I love the way you've decorated it. I love the pictures you have on the wall in the last photo of the girl holding the chicken.

  14. The back splash is wonderful! Sounds like you have some great home improvement projects to look forward to and a busy time doing them!

  15. Love the backsplash! I've always wanted to do that. Looks great. Good luck on all of the updating. I have a ton of that to finish.

  16. Your backsplash looks wonderful Vonna, and it really does look like tin! Nice color.

    Floss on - I love that!

  17. Your backsplash looks fantastic! In fact, your entire kitchen looks very welcoming! Love it!

    Good luck with the painting!

  18. Dianne11:32 PM

    Awesome-it really adds charm to your kitchen! Good job there.
    We also have that, but real tin and we're not finished yet as the first wall, behind the stove was a bugger to install. We had to put wood up first and then glue the tin on it (after cutting it). It has decorative nails-the final step. Bri decided to put them in without checking to see maybe if the tin had slipped with the glue so it's not perfectly straight. It was hard to work it in under the microwave.
    Can't wait to see the other Pfeiffer projects!

  19. Dianne11:37 PM

    The slipped panel is one the right.
    You may like to check out my glass tiles that I installed around the sink area. The other area that needs the tin is next to the frig.

  20. It looks great! I see you have bluebirds of happiness and the redbird. I have a bluebird I had given to my grandmother. It sits on my kitchen windowsill

  21. My goodness! The "U" part of your kitchen is almost identical to mine. The faux tin backsplash looks great! I'm curious - what material is your countertop?

  22. Hope you feel less tired soon Vonna, I don't know how you do it all!

    Good luck with all your home improvement projects, you're kitchen looks lovely :)

  23. The backsplash is lovely, and your kitchen is adorable - so welcoming!

    It sounds like your kids are playing musical bedrooms!

    When I was a child, we got to pick our own bedroom colors. I picked lavender, just like your Katie.

    My two sisters (13 months apart in age) shared a room. They picked lime green for the walls (they already had orange carpet - it was the 70's!). My parents went with their decision and it turned out great, believe it or not!

    I can't wait to see pictures of their bedrooms!

  24. I can't believe that's plastic! Looks great :)

  25. No wonder your tired. The kitchen is gorgeous..tin or not ... hmmm. Very pretty!!
    Have a good weekend and stitch with happy fingers.

  26. A lovely kitchen Vonna - the backsplash looks great.

  27. I love your kitchen!!!
    Take care

  28. Gosh that backsplash looks great! We just finished painting a room ourselves, and I can say that I'm happy there weren't stripes involved :) Good luck with your projects...

  29. Your kitchen is just beautiful. I love the backsplash (you're giving me ideas). I've nominated you for the Kreative Blogger Award because you are such an inspiration to me. I've learned so much reading your blog. Have a great weekend ;)

  30. Vonna, I am sure that you have been nominated by so many people already, but I have also nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

    By the way, the splashback looks really great.

  31. I love your kitchen!

    BTW, I have nominated you for a Kreativ Blog Award.

  32. Oooh, I like the backsplash! Even if it isn't real copper, it's much more practical that way. Have fun painting the kids rooms. ;) At least one of them chose to not paint!

  33. Hi Vonna,

    The copper back splash looks
    fantastic. What a great idea
    to add a bit of bling to your
    kitchen, and also to show up
    the cupboards and counter top.
    It all looks great. It's so
    amazing the products that they
    come out with these days for
    decorating the home. You've
    got a lovely kitchen.

    Sounds like musical bedrooms
    at your house. Hope you can
    get everyone sorted out before
    the school year starts. The
    kids have until Sept 1st off
    here. Still another month to

    Your mattress finish for Jill
    turned out perfectly! What a
    great idea to carry the fence
    and bushes around the edge of
    the piece. It looks great.
    I'll bet Jill is thrilled with
    it. You come up with the most
    incredible finishing ideas.

    You got some wonderful gifts
    for your birthday this year.
    That little flange pillow is
    so pretty, and I love the
    fabrics Cathy used to make it
    with. Julianne's hornbook looks
    amazing too. A sweet little

    Hope you have some time to
    relax now Vonna. 3 x 13
    hour work days is a lot, and
    your "off" days are so busy
    and full too. I don't know
    how you do it.


  34. YES!!! I did fall asleep sitting up twice just last night before 6pm!!! I had to go into work early, 3am, worked until 3pm, and by 6 I was DONE!

    Your kitchen looks nice!

  35. Ooo love your kitchen I can just see myself sitting in there having a cup of coffee with you!! Birthday pressie will be on its way soon, still got the finishing to do, but never fear it'll arrive LOL!! I am sooo slow at getting gifts out on time aren't I!!! (Hugs)

  36. Your new backsplash looks great!

  37. Your backsplash looks wonderful. Good luck on all the other DIY projects it sounds like you have going. You're going to be quite busy for awhile.

  38. Your kitchen is so cute! I love the backsplash!!

  39. Your kitchen is AMAZING!

  40. Vonna, that is really pretty!

  41. Oh Vonna. Sorry to hear you are on 'e' Take care of yourself!! Nice look for your kitchen!! Sounds like you have some room shifting to deal with next.

    Enjoy the day, Always, L.

  42. Your kitchen backsplash is just beautiful! I've never seen such a thing.

    Stop by sometime..I have something for you,


  43. Love the copper tin backsplash! Lucky you.

  44. The backsplash looks wonderful!

  45. Love your new backsplash and it sounds so much easier than tile!!! A friend used this on her kitchen ceiling and it looks fabulous! I've been doing the home improvement thing around our house as well (you can see some over on my cozystyle blog). I have more photos to add, but I know what you mean about running on E!

  46. i love your kitchen and your home. Its very special place to live. God bless you and your family.I´m Meire from Brazil


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