Thursday, June 12, 2008

A wish received...

Hello Friends, I thought life would slow down a bit after school started, but it seems to be marching along at a harried pace!

On Tuesday I received this lovely pyn keep from Chris. I made a "wish" on the Make a Wish Board for a flatfold or pyn keep with a Blackbird Design, La-D-Da Design or Little House Needleworks Design featured on it. This is what Chris did for me to grant my wish:

Designer: Blackbird Designs
Design: Motif taken from Country Garden Chart
Made as: a Pyn Keep

Isn't it gorgeous? She used a lovely floral calico to back the keep. It's gorgeously done and I can add it to my "Chris" collection as I'm the proud owner of another piece made by Chris seen HERE. Thank you Chris for this lovely fulfilled it to the letter and I shall cherish it always!

Well friends it seems I have a tad bit of the blues today...why I don't know but it seems that I got up on the wrong side of the bed. Said my prayers this morning hoping that would change things and that didn't help, so I've now got the kids off to Prairie School and I'm going to:

  • Search for some "happy" music to put on my blog...we'll see what I come up with
  • make some coffee...that always makes me happy
  • straighten my house...a perfectly clean house makes me happy
  • stitch...always a good thing to make me happy and I have a bunch of deadlines looming....which may be a bit of the reason I'm blue because I'm worrying about them..
  • take some fish oil...did you know that fish oil contains DHEA and that is a natural mood elevator and it seems to work for me and I've not had my daily dose yet

After I get all of these things accomplished perhaps I'll be my same old happy self.

Until next time stitch with JOY...I'm trying to!


  1. What a beautiful wish! I hope your day gets more light hearted as it goes :)

  2. I hope your day gets brighter. Go sit yourself in the sun for a few minutes. Sunshine really helps to brighten moods.

    I am also most happy with a dlean tidy home. I can not function if things area mess....


  3. What a gorgeous pinkeep! The colors are so soothing, and the stitching is beautiful.

    Hope you can chase those blues away.

  4. It's a lovely pinkeep, enjoy dear Vonna! I really hope your day will be better soon! Enjoy your coffee and relax and stitch a bit :) Here it's evening already and I'm going to leave this computer and start stitching too with a cup of tea. Have a very happy day!!

  5. BEEutiful wish from Chris :)
    ((((((((((((((((sending you many hugs))))))))))))))))

  6. I'm right there with you on the blues feeling...I've been a little down for the past couple of days. Nothing major, just a bunch of little things added up. I think part of mine is PMS-related, help on that except just waiting for the hormones to move on. :-)

  7. Hugs to you, hope your day gets better!

  8. What a beautiful wish to receive! I always stitch when I am feeling "blue" it takes my mind off things.

  9. Chris did a wonderful job on the pinkeep Vonna. It is beautiful.

    I hope you're feeling much brighter soon.

  10. What a pretty gift. Hope you have a much happier afternoon!

  11. What a pretty pinkeep! Sorry to hear you've got a bit of the blues today. Hope it passes quickly.

    I enjoyed reading about your children going to Prairie School. What a great experience for them to have in this day & age!

  12. Wonderful pinkeep Vonna, congrats! Hope that your day is perking up...psst, I just posted a giveaway on my blog and maybe signing up for it will perk you up ;)

  13. What a beautifully done pynkeep. I'm sorry about the blues--I think it's hard to hear anything on the news anymore without it curdling the day. Even if you didn't hear the news, just driving by the gas pump can do it for me--the worry of what's going to happen. Sometimes a nap helps if you can get one (easy to say when you don't have any kids, though).

    How cool to do an Americana themed room--I noticed all the wonderful flag things (especially the barn) on your blog. I've suddenly got an attack of Americana going. I saw a beautiful chart several months ago in Alexandria (about 45 min. from here) and have wanted to go back and get it. I can't think what it's called or who the designer is, and I don't see it on anyone's ONS, so I guess I'll have to get in the car and go.... I'll show it if I find it!

    Best wishes--you cheer our day!

  14. {{{Hugs}}}, Vonna. I hope you feel more cheerful now!

    What a beautiful pinkeep you received; it's lovely!

  15. Sending you dozens of blooms to erase the gloom! Love your pynkeepe, what a nice wish granted! Hope ya'll survive all the bad weather!

  16. Be happy!
    Chocolate helps too!
    Love the pyn keep!

  17. Thank you so much for your realistic, honest and motivating comment that you left on my blog. I know it is all true, I just have to convince myself to use some of that "inner strength" in a more outward manner!
    I hope your day has brightened up. That pinkeep would certainly help me out. It's lovely. A little stitching of my own always helps me too. "B*t**es" of the World Unite!!

  18. Beautiful gift from Chris!
    This is absolutely beautiful, I love how she finished it!

  19. What a gorgeous pinkeep from Chris

  20. That's a gorgeous finishing job (again!).

    Fish oil, you say? I knew about many of its benefits, but not that it was a natural mood elevator.

  21. What a lovely pinkeep!!!

    Blues are going around here in the midwest, all that water with no where to go!! Hope you mood lightens soon!

  22. Hi Vonna,

    I've enjoyed reading your blog and I do mean your entire blog and every comment!

    It's take me a little while. :-)

    Windy Meadow

  23. I totally get the house thing. It's oh so satisfying!

  24. beautiful pinkeep.
    Chocolate makes my very happy, lol.
    Days on the Prairie sounds wonderful

  25. Hello Vonna! I hope your day got better and that today finds you doing well. I can see clear blue sky here - much better than what we've had the last two nights. If I hear sirens one more time I'm moving to OREGON!
    Your pin keep is beautiful!

  26. You are so funny! Marking with vomit! The one--only one--thing I can't stand. I can handle poop, blood, pus, big head wounds, anything but vomit!

    Sonic! My very favorite, and my BF, who absolutely lives to go out to eat, cannot see the point of Sonic, so I practically have to sneak out of the house to eat there. For instance, tomorrow I will go out early to get the nicest stuff at the farmer's market (they sell out of some things quickly), then I will go to the needlework store (heaven) and then on to Sonic for a breakfast toaster sandwich if I don't get there too late. The best!

  27. Beautiful pinkeep!! I like how the ribbon on the side looks :)

  28. Vonna, the fish oil only works because you're so darn happy to have finished swallowing it you can't help but be pleased ... ;-) Have the coffee after it maybe.... and make it an extra strong batch.

  29. Gorgeous pinkeep!! Hope you are feeling better now Vonna! xx

  30. Wonderful pinkeep from Chris - I am a big fan of Blackbird too!

    Did the fish oil work?

  31. Now i know

    I am usually a happy sort of person always trying to look on the bright side - and now I know its the fish oil capsul I take each morning lol.

    I think your trouble could be too much nattering in bed - you need your sleep.

  32. Such a lovely pinkeep!


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