Friday, June 27, 2008

Squares sent and Square received...

I was a lucky girl to have pulled Cathy B's name for my own Fair Squares's round #7 exchange this time. And since I consider Cathy a very good and dear friend of mine I stitched her these:
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design: "Friend" Freebie (very old out of print)
Fabric: 32 ct. Creamy Cocoa by Sassy's Fabbys
Fibers: DMC

I don't think Cathy has received these I hope she doesn't look here until she does...but I think she should get them today...I mailed them out on Monday so for heaven's sake they should reach her soon!

On Monday I received her squares to me:

And that sweet Cathy sent me a pattern off my list! Woot! I love Mid-Summer Night Designs and this is one I've been hankering after for awhile! And look at all that beautiful DMC Variations floss, pearl headed pins AND I've been secretly coveting a pair of those marbelized DMC scissors and yep, she sent those too ;) Thank you Cathy you are a sweetheart!

Well today rings a busy's only 10:11 a.m. and I've dropped off two kids to Artists Camp, been to the Post Office, been to the library and ran to Joann's to pick up some supplies for an ornament that I'm doing over with the Christmas Ornament Swap, it's a beautiful ornament - let's hope I can finish it the way I want to so that it looks as beautiful in real life as what I have it looking in my head ;)

I'm stitching away on my Witching For Stitching RR...let's just say my plan is coming to fruition ;) More on that later....

In the meantime, I've got myself full of stitching deadlines until the foreseeable future! LOL! But I seem to like to live life one step away from the precipice of failure...I've always liked to be pressed to the limit and stressed out...if I'm not busy or trying to find something to be busy about then I'm not living, I've decided! LOL! Yes, can we all say TYPE A? and I'm not talking my blood type either!

This weekend we're headed to our parent's homes in good 'ol Southern Indiana so we've got a bit of a trip and I have an Art Review to attend at 11:00 a.m. for the two kiddos in Artist Camp (Katie and Jacob) and then it's back home feed all 4 hungry mouths lunch, then off to work and then back home to await shoving off for the weekend - we've not been to the Grandparent's houses since Christmas - so my kids are like gnats on a hot griddle!

Until next time....stitch with joy and as Helen says..."may all your frogs stay in the pond" - isn't that the cutest?! :)


  1. Lovely stitchy stuff and a busy you! LOL! I know the kids are excited about seeing the grandparents!

  2. Vonna,

    I wish you all a safe trip and lots of fun. I started my ornament yesterday on black eavenweave. What a challenge!. I've never stitched on black before and now I know why!

    I LOVE the Gordon Lightfoot. My husband gave me a CD of his greatest hits a couple of years ago. I always listen to it on my iPod when I'm stitching.


  3. Beautiful squares! I really better get going on my Halloween RR too....

  4. Here's to the Type A in all of us ... LOL!

    Those are some really lovely squares you and Cathy made for the latest FS round!

  5. Both sets of squares are lovely :)

  6. What lovely exchanges you've been a part of lately. I just love all the patriotic pieces given and received. I wish there were more Canadian patriotic designs out there to do for us Canucks!
    Hope you have a fun and safe trip this weekend at your parents' places.

  7. Love your squares, both sent and rec'd...why are all the best patterns OOP? Or maybe I just think they're the best because they are OOP, lol!

    Can't wait to see your Halloween RR...oh, and did you mention the Christmas Ornament Swap?!?!?

    Have a great weekend away!!!

  8. Both sets of squares are great :)

    Bee safe my friend :)

  9. A gift you give yourself - what a beautiful sentiment, I am sure your friend will be thrilled and touched when she receives that.

  10. I love the sentiment as well...a gift you give yourself...and aren't we all fortunate with the friends we have? I know I am grateful for mine.
    Have a lovely trip to the grandparents.

  11. Wonderful squares! Don't wear yourself out with all that running around...have fun at the grandparents house!

  12. I love your background music - I'm very rarely at a computer that has the sound on, so it's always a pleasure to visit your blog when the sound is on!

    Beautiful squares both stitched and received!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Fantastic exchange squares.
    A halloween RR... how interesting. I will have to follow that blog for sure. Have a great weekend!!

  14. I'll be sure to wave at you from over here across the river...LOL!Are you going to Thunder or the Freedom Festival? Or just visiting family?

    They're talking about a couple rounds of strong weather down here on Saturday...hopefully it won't be too bad!

  15. Hi Vonna,
    This square is very lovely and sweet for your dear friend!
    I love this design very much, so have got one at auction!
    She will treasure your squares!!

  16. What a nice exchange for both of you! It sounds like you are having very busy times!

  17. "may all your frogs stay in the pond" ... that totally needs to be a xs design! Nice squares :) And I'd never get anything done if I wasn't up against deadline.

  18. Really lovely squares!

    I hope you and the family have a safe and fun visit with the grandparents this weekend.

  19. Hi Vonna,

    My favourite Gordon Lightfoot song
    (If You Could Read My Mind) is
    playing here as I read your latest
    blog posting. Sorry if I start
    singing out loud. I'll try to
    keep it down.

    Your Fair and Square exchange with
    Cathy B. has given you both some
    really pretty squares for your
    collections. The sentiment on
    your square is lovely and the
    blue birds are so pretty.

    As usual your busy day, as
    detailed in your post, has left
    me feeling exhausted just reading about it. Artists Camp sounds
    like it would be lots of fun.

    Hope you and your family have a
    great Fourth of July and weekend.
    We're celebrating Canada Day
    here, July 1st. Hope the weather
    is good for it.


  20. Art Camp! How wonderful for the Katie and Jacob. My kids did fun stuff like that during the summer too. Thanks for sending me those goodies for my b-day! Hope you have fun at the grandparents house!

  21. Hope that you had a wonderful visit with the family.
    The squares that you stitched and received for F&S are beautiful ~ I agree, CathyB is so very sweet.

    I guess I should get a start on my ornament as well, off to stitch. :)

  22. So many lovely finishes! I had fun catching up... As a non-American I am usually not very interested in Americana.... but this exchange is just wonderful!!! I wouldn't mind receiving it! LOL

  23. I love both sets of squares. They are really very beautiful. I hope you have a good trip to see your parents.

    I love the idea of you Witching For Stitching RR. Even though we don't celebrate Halloween, I am always still so facinated by it.

  24. Wonderful squares given and recieved. Looking forward to seeing what you've come up with for the Withching for Stitching RR. Halloween is my favorite Holiday to stitch for, so seeing the various RR's will be quite fun.

  25. My goodness, woman, I get tired just reading your posts :o))))
    Your FS squares (both stitched and received) are so fabulous!
    Have a fun weekend!

  26. Some beautiful squares both sent and received. You certainly sound busy, busy, busy!

  27. Thanks again for the great squares Vonna. Hope you found some time to relax this weekend!

  28. Dianne9:33 PM

    Lovely squares! I'm not sure why you stitch them-are they going to be made in a quilt maybe? See, I'm not in that many groups. Awesome you did a 'The Prairie Schooler' design-my favorite!
    Have a great time visiting.

  29. Beautiful squares both sent and received Vonna:)

  30. have a great 4th and have fun with the family.
    The squares are so pretty..I'm with Lynn we don't have that many patriotic choices in Canada. Less folks I guess.
    But I'm going to start looking for next year and maybe do an exchange with the Canucks ! hmmm.
    Take care!

  31. Hi Vonna,

    Both sets of squares are just lovely!

    From one Type A lady to another, believe me I understand! I now keep a day planner for the family, not for me and it's a live saver!

    Hope your family visit was lovely and that you didn't have many storms!

    Windy Meadow

  32. Both sets of exchanges are wonderful. You can send them to me anytime.

    You are such a busy woman and a wonderful mother to your children and still get stitching done. Lots of stitching. You are a marvel.

  33. Lovely squares!!!


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