Monday, June 23, 2008

My July 4th Exchange for Cathy B!

Cathy B just e-mailed me that she received her 4th of July Personal Exchange that I sent to her! Hurray! I was hoping she'd get it today....she's on her way out of town for work and told me that she had her daughter open it while she threw things in a safe Cathy!
Here's what I stitched and sent to Cathy:

4th of July Exchange for Cathy B

Some "Firecrackers" that I made for Cathy including a US Flag that I "scrungied" to look old the wire basket that I sent along to "display" the whole set

USA 1776 Pinkeep
Designer: Prairie Grove Peddler (Freebie)
Fabric: 28 ct. evenweave that I tea dyed and baked in the oven myself
Fibers: DMC

American Girl Pillow
Designer: Brightneedle (Complimentary Pack)
Fabric: 28 ct. evenweave tea stained and baked in the oven by me
Fibers: DMC
Made as a small rick -rack pillow
I'm so glad that I had Cathy's name for this personal exchange....Cathy's blog was the very first blog I every stumbled upon...I remember sitting and reading the whole thing one summer afternoon - I was intrigued, I was inspired and I wanted to stitch up everything so that I could have a blog too! Almost two years later...and I'm still going strong.
Thank you Cathy for letting me stitch for you....I hope you love my humble exchange pieces as much as I cherish you and your friendship!


  1. What absolutely wonderful exchange pieces for Cathy! Gorgeous work as always dear Vonna!!! :)

  2. Wonderful!!! Love the patterns you chose, the beautiful stitching, the creative finishing~~love the whole package Vonna!!!

  3. What a great package ... Cathy is one lucky lady :) Great job Vonna!

  4. Great exchange Vonna.

    I really like both those pieces.
    This has been a very productive and talented group.

    I've enjoyed this exchange group.

    Hope we have more exchanges.

  5. What a beautiful exchange for Cathy!!

  6. Gorgeous exchange for Cathy! I love the Brightneedle pillow!

  7. It's wonderful, what a lovely exchange! You've done a great package for Cathy!

  8. My heavens, that's a stunning exchange! And Cathy has been such an inspirational blogger, I agree! :D

  9. Anonymous4:02 AM

    What a lovely exchange! Such a lot of thought has gone into it, I'm sure Cathy is thrilled!

  10. What a gorgeous exchange for Cathy - I'm sure she'll love it! The stitching is beautiful as ever, but I love the firecrackers - what a great idea :)

  11. What a great exchange! I love the American Girl pillow! I'd love to borrow that pattern oneday. How hard is it to dye your own linen? You've tempted me! haha
    See ya!

  12. What a fantastic exchange package! I love the firecrackers, and both stitched pieces you made are SO beautiful!

  13. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Beautiful. I'm just in love with that Brightneedle chart. I stumbled across it last week on someone else's blog and spent a good 15 minutes hunting down the pattern name so I could add it to my wish list.

    And I love the ric rac, it's such a nice retro touch.

  14. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Looks like a gift shop kind of exchange-so perfectly made and put together. I love the lady!

  15. Anonymous12:48 PM

    O wow, what a fabulous exchange!! I especially love the Brightneedle pillow! So sweet!!
    BTW, there's a little something on it's way to you, hope it gets there on time... ;o)

  16. Anonymous12:48 PM

    O wow, what a fabulous exchange!! I especially love the Brightneedle pillow! So sweet!!
    BTW, there's a little something on it's way to you, hope it gets there on time... ;o)

  17. Anonymous3:35 PM


    Lovely work! I love both of the designs and the finishing looks great.

  18. Gorgeous Vonna!! I love everything!

  19. What beautiful stitching as always! You have certainly put together a fantastic exchange.

  20. What a lovely exchange, and the basket was the perfect setting for it. I'm so glad that Cathy inspired you to start a blog, as I love seeing all the great things you do.

  21. Wow, that's a brilliant pack! Great work. I especially love the American Girl pattern. I'll have to go on a hunt for that one! As always, Vonna, you are an inspiration.... you just keep passing the joy along :)

  22. I love everything what you made, Vonna!
    Especially the one from Brightneedle!
    It's so lovely and beautiful piece!

  23. What a fantastic exchange Vonna!

  24. Vonna, love all the posts of your patriotic stitching. One of my favorite themes! America rocks!

  25. Hi Vonna, what a great exchange. I love your American girl hold the flag.

  26. Hi Vonna,

    How are you?? Glad to hear that you're feeling better after a nasty
    bout of the flue. It always seems
    worse when being sick in the summer
    season doesn't it? And on your first free weekend too!

    You made some really beautiful pieces for Cathy for the exchange you shared with her. I especially love the American Girl pillow, and those firecrackers are wonderful!.
    Did you just make up the design
    yourself?? The red wire basket is
    perfect for displaying it all.

    I loved reading through your blog
    and catching up on your news, and
    your stitching. Your kids were
    really lucky to get to attend that
    Prairie School. What a great
    experience for them. They looked
    quite authentic in their period

    We have Black Creek
    Pioneer Village in Toronto and
    its an entire pioneer village.
    They run programs for area
    school kids there too. I went
    to one many moons ago and it was
    so much fun. I loved it.

    Hope you have a great 4th of July!


  27. Oh Vonna!!! Those firecrackesr are the cats meow. LOL I love them - have to copy you and tomorrow I'm going to the fabric store to round up some fabby pieces to make me some. Sure hope they turn out firecracker shape like yours - what a clever idea, girlie!

    Yep, prepare to be copied.

  28. I love the Americana Girl!!!!

  29. Great exchange!!!

  30. I am in awe - what a great exchange package....found your blog from a comment on The Little Needlecase....

  31. Have changed computers and can't find your email or snailmail address. Please email them to me at megratdataviadotcom. Why you ask? This afternoon I finished, finished the fob that was promised last year.

    What a lovely patriotic exchange. You always amaze me Vonna with your creativity and wonderful stitching and finishing.

  32. Cathy B's was one of the first stitching blogs I ran into as well and she's been an inspiration ever since. :) You put together an awesome exchange for a great friend to us all.

  33. Its a real winner, I love the basket that you added too it just finishes it all, gorgeous stitching and finishing as always. Glad to read that you are feeling much better now

  34. Those firecrackers are too cute! How did you make those?

  35. Vonna, I love the pieces that you stitched for Cathy!!!! The firecrackers are the cutest; you are so clever!

  36. Vonna!
    I did it - about to take a picture of my fabric firecrackers. I am over the moon for these things. LOL Thank you for making them so I could see them!!!

    Tanya :)

  37. Hi Vonna,

    Beautiful items for the Americana Stitching Exchange!

    I also loved the Firecrackers!

    Windy Meadow

  38. What a gorgeous exchange! Everything is so beautiful, and I love the way you thought of including a flag and wire basket to display everything. Those firecrackers are ADORABLE!!! I am simply going to have to make cute!!!

  39. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Can you please tell me where to get the Prairie Grove Peddler Freebie? I loved both x-stitch pieces and the fire crackers. You're such a good finisher.


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