Monday, June 09, 2008

Days on the Prairie....

Hello dear readers, I hope this finds you all well!

Today my children are attending "Prairie School" for the first day! It will continue throughout the week with its culmination on Friday with a "school fair and recitation day", which I and Ellie will attend ;) Our school corporation maintains an original 1800's Pioneer School House called Honey Creek. They run programs two weeks during the summer for 60 children to attend (30 each week). It's like a "day camp" I guess (for we have to pay attendance fees), but they attend school, as it would have been in the 1800's for children that lived during that time in Bloomington (or on the Prairie). Children must wear period clothing, take their lunches that are "period" correct, and they must speak in terms of their family at home as living during that time (farmers, railroad men, etc). It's something that I would have gone "NUTSO" over when I was a girl, for I lived in the world of Laura Ingalls Wilder - in my mind....

Here's a picture of Honey Creek (outhouses are out back behind the school house):

Here's a picture of my "period" lunches (they actually give you lists of what you can provide the children). My children got today: Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches (they really did have that during late 1800's), potato chips (yep, had those too...the housewives made them though... this housewife didn't make hers, but in spirit I was with the Frito Lay man that did!), rice crispy treats...I needed a "homemade" sweet treat FAST because THIS pioneer woman worked outside the home this I unwrapped store bought rice crispy treats - no one will know....tomorrow, they're getting homemade cookies. And finally, they each got an apple. Notice I had to wrap everything in wax plastic, no foil...just wax paper. The lunches may be sent in a basket or tin pail and drinks are of well water from a dipper at the school:

Here's the little Pioneer Pfeiffer Kids in all their glory!:

And then here's the whole Pfeiffer kid bunch with a little 21st century girl there too with her sippy and pacies

They almost didn't get to go today because of High Water...Bloomington and surrounding counties have been declared "disaster areas" by the President this a.m. we've suffered a lot of rain over the last 7 days and I'm talking Biblical Proportions....seriously I thought I saw Noah swim by my window the other evening! You can read all about it HERE and see photos of the flooding. We thankfully live on a ridge top and we're one of the highest homes in our subdivision. Below us is a natural springs and a sort of "nature preserve" probably beneath us are limestone fact I'm almost sure our house is on top of a cave...but anyway...last Wednesday when things were really getting out of hand rain - wise I and the 4 kids "saved" 3 box turtles as they trudged up the hill in the downpour...probably escaping their flooded habitat. We captured them and drove them to a woods over by the kids school (and on high ground) so they wouldn't get run over by traffic. Later that evening I saw a 6 ft (at least) Black Rat Snake coming up the hill. I didn't go capture nor save him. But I did tell the kids to make sure and CLOSE all doors when they run outside and inside the house from now on because this is not a barn! Yikes....I'm probably a real juicy looking rat to that big snake...
Yep its' been a might interesting week...and apparently there is more rain on its way. I'm not complaining, but I hope that all the people that are suffering are granted a break....
I'll leave you with a set of Fair and Square squares that I sent out some time ago and heard from my partner that she received them:
Designs: Waxing Moon Designs (freebie from website) - "Spring Bird"
Fabric: 32 ct. Sassy's Fabbys Creamy Cocoa
Threads: DMC
AND before I forget...please take a look at a new blogger among'll find Coni (a fellow Hoosier - I might add) at Spinster Stitcher. You really need to visit Coni and check out her and her sister's Bonus Room build ins made specifically for stitching and crafting...WOW! Impressive!
Until next time my dear friends....keep afloat!


  1. Noah swim by your window? That's funny! :)

    You all stay safe and keep dry.

  2. *LOVE* the music choice for this entry...LOL!

    The prairie school thing sounds cool! I would have loved doing something like that when I was in school. I'm a history geek and like that kind of thing.

    We've been hearing about the flooding up 'round your area. And they're actually telling folks along the Wabash and White rivers down here to prepare for flooding since it'll be coming downstream. I think they said in some areas to expect up to a 15-foot rise in river waters...!!! Crazy weather...

  3. Oh my goodness as a little girl I would have loved that. One of my favorite childhood memories is my mom and dad taking me one Thursday night the the bookstore (it stayed open late that night)in the next small town over and bought me the whole set of books. My dad and I read them over and over.

  4. I went to "Pioneer Camp" as a kid - we did candle making and corn husk dolls and sewing and things. It wasn't period correct as far as school or dress or lunches though! I would have been all over that! That really looks like way too much fun!

    Glad to hear you haven't been affected by the flooding.

  5. OMGosh! I would have loved this! Your kids look adorable! Did you make Katie's dress? I love Laura Ingalls Wilder. I have the complete set of books. I wore out Little House in the Big Woods, Jason was Mr. Edwards in a school play!
    Sorry about all the rain, please send it to us! Your linen you dyes is superb! You ought to sell your dyes pieces! I know I would buy some!

  6. Oh I love your stitching and the kids look so adorable! What a great idea for kids. Hey, I am sending Noah back your way. We have had so much rain he keeps stopping by!

  7. Love the outfits and the lunches! How fun, I would've loved Prairie School as a kid too (adore Laura Ingalls!!!)

    Hope that things dry out there. And my wild animals think we live in a barn too...a doggie door or a revolving door is looking like a really good option!!!

  8. Prairie School sounds really exciting. The kids look quite fetching in their outfits.
    Stay safe.

  9. Cute photos :)

    Hope your weather improves and there are no more snakes - scary!

  10. The kids look adorable. I'm sure they'll have a blast.

    I hope your weather improves soon - and doesn't go from wet to incredibly hot!

  11. The Pfeiffer Pioneers + one are sooo cute. What a wonderful opportunity for the children. Snakes, no snakes, no snakes!

  12. Ugh! I hope the weather improves for you soon.

    Your kids look cute in their Prairie School outfits :)

  13. Your children look great in their outfits! I would have loved to have done something like that when I was a child. Take care!

  14. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Ooooh! This post made me squeal with cuteness! Your kids are so adorable!

  15. Yikes! I've been following the weather and was wondering whether you were getting some of that rain. I'm glad you're up high and that you're staying dry.
    6 ft snake?!? Cool! But I wouldn't have helped him either!
    Love the old school house. Sounds like a wonderful program. I hope the kids are enjoying it.
    Beautiful blue bird blocks!

  16. Wow, when the snakes and turtles are heading for high ground, it really must be something else. Stay dry - and reptile free!

    Love this prairie school concept - I'd have also gone totally ga-ga over it as a kid. :D

  17. What a fun adventure for your kids - I would have totally loved it, too!

    I'm sorry you had so much rain. I heard about it on the news this morning. I hope it dries up soon!

  18. Wow don't they all look cute and I bet its' great fun. I would have loved to do that when I was little.

  19. I would have loved participating in a program like that when I was a kid! How fabulous!

  20. Prairie School - how fun!!!! The kids look adorable in their school clothes. Hope you get a break from all the rain. We've seen many videos from your area on our local news and certainly feel for all the people, animals, and fields affected by the flooding.

  21. Prairie School sounds like fun. Your children look really cute all dressed up. I hope that the rain eases up for you all and feel free to send it our way, a lot of Australia is still in drought and we could do with all the rain we can get.

    I love the stitching, I did one of the Waxing Moon free designs (Autumn Blackbird) as well and it was really fun to do.

  22. The kids look awesome in their prairie outfits! I remember reading the Little House series...I got yelled at for calling my parents Ma & Pa!!!

    If you are just seeing Noah; you are probably safe, but if animals start lining up in pairs, I'd head for higher ground.

  23. Oh that looks so much fun! and Mom got to play too - lunch in a basket how cool! I laughted myself silly when you said you unwrappeed the store bought Rice Krispie squares. Your little squares are so beautiful. I hope one day I get your name in a F&S.
    I can just see the animals coming up the hill and you opening the door - but you have exercised some caution by not letting in that snake LOL.And did you invite Noah for tea? Hope the rain stops soon and the sun shines down on you all.

  24. A 6ft snake! Uggh!! I've been wondering how you were managing since I saw the news reports. Lucky for you being on higher ground.
    The Prairie school is such a neat idea. My oldest participated in a similar venture at Upper Canada Village near us. He loved it. Theirs was only a 3 day adventure but they had to sleep there overnight. He said he'd never take showers for granted again!
    Your square exchange is really cute!

  25. This is an amazing experience for your children! Hats off to their school for doing this, and they look so cute.

    Your spring bird is adorable. Stay safe with the floods. If I had a Noah's Ark sampler I would send it your way!

  26. Can you imagine how the pioneer days were? this is a great experience for the kids...and you.
    Stitching by candle light now that wouldn't work for
    The squares are so pretty!

  27. Prairie School looks like fun!

  28. Oh how fun!!! Wish we had something like that here for ME. Ben wouldn't go probably but wow, looks awesome. Great pictures, paci and sippy cups and all. Too funny!

    Spring Bird is lovely! Our robin's nest is occupied again by another robin and then we have a robin's nest in a tree - it's like bird world here. LOL


  29. Prairie School looks fun! Your squares are great, too.

  30. I am glad that you and yours are safe from all the weather!! Prairie School looks and sounds terrific!!!

  31. The Prairie School things sounds wonderful and the kids look so sweet. What fun for them.

  32. Brilliant Vonna. I adore the prairie school thing. Great idea and so much fun for all the children. Wonderful squares too. xx

  33. Prairie school sounds like such good fun and so imaginative. My girl would love this. Your children look just gorgeous too. Wouldn't it be so sweet if our children took their lunches in baskets like that every day!

    Sorry to hear about the crazy rain in your neck of the woods. We've had rain once in the last month - odd weather for Scotland. Being Scotland though I just know it will be made up for in due course!

  34. Vonna,

    The children look wonderful in their "prairie" attire. I hope they are having a wonderful time.

  35. Your children look great in their prairie outfits.

    Keep safe from the weather.

    I went to visit Coni - oh my - I need a stitching studio like that!

  36. Hi Vonna: Wonderful Waxing Moon squares!!! Plus, Coni [Spinster Stitcher] is a delightful person. I met her once & she [and her sister] are quite special : ) She put together a marvelous stash sale in LaPorte - money for charity - Am Heart Assoc. It is so nice to see her blogging.

  37. Glad to hear you are not too directly effected by the floods. Everytime I see it on the news I think about you and your family.

    That Prairie School thing sounds great. I would have loved that as a kid....heck, I would love it now!! My grandfather built me a "cabin" in our backyard when I was 6 years old. It was the "Little House on the (New Jersey) Prairie for many, many years.

  38. Oh thank you for sharing these wonderful photos! I would have loved that as a kid too, I loved watching Little House on the Prairie :) I hope your children enjoy!


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