Thursday, May 01, 2008

A garden rich in flowers

Hello Friends....nothing like a good night's rest and sunny day to turn a frown to a smile ;) I'm feeling much more like my good 'ol self today! Plus it never hurts to get up and remember: HEY it's the first of the month that means The Gift of Stitching comes out today! And this issue doesn't disappoint! Congrats to Tanya of "The Sampler Girl" and Monique for her exclusive Jane Austen thread holder featured with Tanya's pattern. Lovely things girls!

I wanted to share with you what my sweet husband gifted me with for our anniversary:

Two Dozen Red Roses

Then when I was purchasing a gift for a dear friend's birthday I thought it may as well be my birthday too and I bought myself this:

Old Fashioned Hydrangea Bush

(hopefully to be transplanted in my flower garden)

And then I had my last Girl Scout meeting on Monday and my sweet BFF Kelly gave me this:

If you can't's a rose bush - Kelly says everything dies that she buys in the way of flowers

I'm nursing this one a long and there is one viable bud near the top of the bush...fingers crossed this one will go in my garden too!

And finally, a sweet mother of one of my Girl Scouts last week came to our door bearing this for Katie:

Flowers for Katie from the Forrest family

Here's the garden rich in flowers on my dining room table:

Lastly I'm not much into meme's but I shamelessly stole this one from dear Kendra over at the Stitching Hour....I liked it and thought I'd participate....Kendra and I grew up near the same city/town and I feel a special bond to her for that reason. If you've never visited Kendra go give her a holler!

Stitching Meme:

Who taught you to stitch and were there any special circumstances/memories surrounding this?

I taught myself to stitch at the age of 15 (1985). I was visiting my Dad for a couple of weeks at his house and I think I must of looked bored or something. My step-mother gave me two little kits of Teddy Bears that she had gotten from K-mart I believe. One said Good Night and one said Sleep Tight. I took those kits and read all the directions and off I went stitching!! Here are the finished products; even in some little yellow plastic frames that my Mom bought at 3-D (like Target):

What's your favorite kind of thing to stitch? (A project, kind of stitching, etc.)

Well I know you all know I'm nut-so over Little House Needleworks, but I also enjoy Blackbird Designs...I like rustic, primitive looking items that compliments my home. But really most anything appeals to me, besides cartoons, etc. What it comes down to is: my home is my castle and I treat it as such, I want it furnished with items that make me happy. So everytime I start to stitch something for myself, I think of what I'm going to do with it, how it will look, etc. So my favorite stitch is anything that will accent my home and personalize it and make it mine.

What do you stitch?

Stitching for me is my "Calgon moment". I'm centered by it, it quiets my mind, soothes my soul, it is my friend. The "what" of the stitching means little to me - it's the "why" that I'm most interested in. (plus this question is sort of answered above in question two)

What is your special stitching time?

When lunch is done, Ellie is napping and it's me and my needle and thread. I stitch from 12 (noon) until 3 p.m. basically every day. Of course there are days that this doesn't happen...but I strive for this daily. And really I stitch basically all day long whenever I get a few spare moments. But the 12 - 3 stretch is Mama's time :)

Where is your special stitching place? (an accompanying picture would be nice)

My Special stitching place is in our family room right by the window. We recently were given a couch and chair from my Dad and Stepmom so I put the chair by my stitching chair. Now Keith and I have a "conversation" area for when we want to talk in the evenings. My chair is by a window and I look out on the goings on of the neighborhood as I stitch. Plus I have all my little accessories and personal things I need to stitch right there handy....

You can see my stitching table has the "Lemon Recipe Box" that holds my scissors, I have my Ball Jar "orts" bin, my current book on CD (which is The Constant Princess by Phillipa Gregory) and if you look on the floor there is my selection of varying Q-snaps just waiting to be used.

Also beside my stitching chair is a sweing chest that my Pap made in 1927 for my great grandmother (his Mother). He was 14 years old and it's weathered many a years and my Mama gave it to me when I got married. She and my Granny (her Mama) decopauged it and added some fancy gold stuff (my Granny liked flash) sometime in the 70's...If you see that little girl on the horse there on the's not me, but I always thought it was when I was little. It's so quaint that I love it just like it sits beside me as I stitch and is a special heirloom I'm proud to own!

Alrighty then folks, that's all I have today....I got a gift certificate to Subway, for my last ever Girl Scout meeting...and I think I feel a hankering for a sub today! Until Next time....stitch with joy for it's the small things in life that bring fulness to it!


  1. Your dining room table looks so beautiful with all the flowers! I love the first little pieces you stitched, and the little yellow frames are so sweet!

  2. What an array of beautiful flowers. I adore Hydrangeas. They are just delicate looking.

    The roses are pretty congratulations on your anniversary!!

    Glad to hera you are back to yourself again.

    Have a wonderful Day!!

  3. Beautiful flowers, enough to brighten anyones day.

    Congratulations on your anniversary.

  4. Beautiful flowers and I adore your Granny's stitching box. Its lovely to treasure things like that.

  5. Anonymous1:32 PM

    What gorgeous flowers! :)

  6. Beautiful flowers, thank you for sharing photos! I also bought a lovely flower to our living room last week when I had to go to buy some flowers anyway :) They bring so much joy and I always admire my flower when I pass the table :) Have a happy day Vonna, it's great to hear that you're feeling better today!

  7. What a beautiful assortment if flowers, Vonna, and I love your stitching area.

  8. Two dozen red roses?? I'm jealous - but in a very nice way. ;) The table all decked out in flowers looks super. I hope the hydrangea and rose make it to your garden, where they'll give you years & years of pleasure. :D

    Love your stitching area and the great story behind your family-heirloom sewing box.

  9. What beautiful flowers! And your stitching corner is great. I will need one just like it eventually - conversation chair and all :)

  10. BEEutiful flowers :) Brought a smile to my face :)

  11. I love what you said about stitching being your "Calgon" moment. I totally agree! Beautiful flowers, too =)

  12. Beautiful flowers. Love that chest!!! I adore primitives and rustic country too and that chest is quite the treasure :)

    Enjoy your've earned it!!!

  13. It's lovely that you have the first things you stitched. I must make sure we keep my daughter's. Mine are long gone sadly.
    I love the sewing chest you have too. It's lovely in itself but even better that it has such a history.

  14. Beautiful flowers Vonna. I am afraid you'll have to put me in the category of plant killer too!! Love the "firsts" you did. Mine was a Country Comapanions design althogh like you, my tastes have changed into a more primitive style. Haven't you got a tidy house?? Please please could you give me some tips lol??

  15. Those are beautiful roses! What a lucky girl you are! Katie's flowers are pretty too. Hope she is doing better. I started cross stitching when I was 15, I made a little piece for my Momma, it is still hanging on the wall! Love your sewing area! Need to show a picture of mine. Enjoy your Subway! We love ours over here.

  16. Beautiful flowers Vonna, thanks for sharing pics with us. It is always wonderful to see our special stitching spaces.

  17. What beautiful flowers! I kept checking my email all day yesterday waiting for the gift of stitching magazine's May issue. It has some great stitching this month.

    I love your stitching area, it's great to have a special dedicated place to stitch.

  18. Anonymous10:55 PM

    that sewing box is exquisitely gorgeous!!

    Poulsbo flowers

  19. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Flowers everywhere! Yes! I hope you dry some of the ones your husband gave you. You can surely plant the hydrangea. I have 3 of them, one really old. I need to move another one as it's too big for the space it's in.
    Love your stitching area. I really can't stitch during the day, I'm more of a night stitcher. This time of year I need to get yard work done during the day.
    You did an awesome job on your stitch two kits! A talent had certainly bloomed.

  20. Anonymous11:41 PM

    That should be 'first two stitch kits'. : ) I'm getting like my son, not proofing before sending.

  21. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Wonderful sewing chest! Your stitching corner looks very inviting and I hope all those plants do well after you plant them outside. Good luck with them.

  22. All of the flowers look lovely! What a bunch of blessings!!! Your stitching chair looks so cozy!

  23. Love all your flowers and Katie's too. Happy Anniversary to you and your Hubby. I hope Katie is feeling better. I love all your "home" things. Thanks for sharing them all.

  24. What beautiful flowers! I love the cube you made with Marg's squares.

  25. Ha - remember that Seinfeld episode when Elaine had the coupon for a FREE SUB?! Too funny - your ending comment reminded me about that. Hope the sub was good - I love Subway!

    GORGEOUS flowers, Vonna. WOW - they pop in color. I adore hydrangea and that color is beautiful.

    Hope Katie is doing better these days after her injury.

    Happy Weekend,
    ps.and THANKS for the plug for the magazine. lol

  26. Vonna,

    What a beautiful array of flowers in your sunny Dining Room.

    I hope you have a great weekend.


  27. What lovely flowers!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  28. Anonymous8:57 AM

    The flowers are beautiful!!! I have a question for you, what fabric do you have on your Q-snaps so they don't slide?
    thanks, Deborah

  29. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Pretty flowers! I'm with Kelly on killing plants LOL I usually have to send them over to my mom so she can bring them back to life.

    Loved the meme answers and the tour of your stitching area :)

  30. Pretty flowers! I hope my hydrangea does well this year. It never seems very happy and I'm not sure why... I love your sewing chest. It's neat to have something passed down in the family like that.

  31. The flowers are gorgeous, and what a lovely picture of them all lined up on the table. I enjoyed the picture of your first pieces as well, they look very cute in their bright yellow frames. Loved the sewing chest you have, what a marvelous heirloom to be able to have and pass down through the generations.

  32. Your flowers are so pretty! The hydrangea is one of my favorites..

    I enjoyed reading your meme and seeing your first stitched pieces.

    I've got a question..your Q snaps waiting to be used?? What is the purpose of the felt? Is this a trick I should know about?

    I hope your daughter is doing better too!

    Have a great weekend,

  33. I love your stitching area. It looks really cozy. I also like to stitch by the window where I can see what's going on so when I'm upstairs I plant myself on the loveseat at the front window. My main stitching chair though is by the stove in the family room downstairs.
    Your flowers are beautiful! I love having fresh flowers in the house year round.


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