Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A wish fulfilled and update on Katie....

Hello friends! today I received a most excellent surprise from sweet BeckySC. She is hosting the Make a Wish Exchange Board and today she granted my wish!

My Wish: La-D-Da's Polly Wolly Doodle as a pinkeep
My Wish Fulfilled by: BeckySC

Becky also included a Barbara Ana design that I've been seeing all over blogland and some pins that I had admired on her blog. She's such a sweetie :) Thank you Becky! I've got the Polly Wolly Doodle pinkeep in my foyer next to all my treasures from stitching friends I get to look at it and smile everytime I walk through!
Next UP: THANK YOU all for your overwhelming response to sending Katie a few words to make her smile. She's smiled a lot today after she got up and got going. She had a nice shower that made her feel much better...she just wasn't up to showering last night before bed. Today after breakfast she read everyone's comments and she's read others as they came in through the day....she's doing better.
Today she got a surprise from her MeMe (my Mom - her granny), here it is:
Katie modeling MeMe's get well bouquet of balloons and purse filled with candy

This was a picture snapped next with Ellie weilding a scissors saying "Kaie (she leaves out the 't') let's get that candy!" see she means business, she was jabbing the purse with the scissors.
Ellies' been having a rough row to hoe over Katie being the center of attention - I'm sure you all can tell that she's the princess in the family and used to being #1 in everyone's eyes...well I've been taking care of Katie and she keeps asking me to hold her and she's been very's sad to be knocked off your pedestal! LOL!
Finally...I have to tell you because this is REALLY funny....Katie is much like her mother...a worry wart when she thinks she's letting people down. Well she's fretted since yesterday afternoon about missing school. This is her first "sick" day for the year today...well she won't be returning to school until Monday...and she's pretty much bedridden because she can't sit too well...but she was REALLY upset when she knew she was going to miss the spelling bee in her classroom today...see they were having spelling bees to make it to the big end of year school wide spelling bee. She's represented her class every year. Her teacher must have known that Katie would be crushed to not get a chance to compete in at least making it to the finals, so she asked me this a.m. if she could call Katie and let her compete in the classroom spelling bee via "conference call". I laughed and said we held off on her Lortabs and she participated in the spelling bee this afternoon...AND she WON!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!! Mama had to keep Miss Ellie busy so that Katie could hear everything, and she spelled the words finally, village, window for the first three rounds....and the last round it was Katie and 3 other students. The three others mispelled the word excellent and Katie spelled it right and WON! HURRAY Katie!!! Afterwards she looked at me and said, this day keeps getting better and was the first real smiles I've had out in 24 hours. What a wonderful teacher she has to recognize that Katie would be disappointed without getting a chance to participate in the school spelling bee. So on to the finals she will go...which occur in she'll be all healed by then.
Until next time....stitch with joy and again my sincere appreciation to you all for your outpouring of love to Katie :)


  1. Congratulations Katie!!!!! It takes more than a fall from the monkey bars and 10 stitches to keep a smaart girl down.


  2. I'm so happy Katie got to be in the spelling bee! That is one special teacher to remember Katie like that. Glad she's on the mend, little Ellie looks intent on opening Katie's candy.
    Hang in there Katie! Hang in there too Momma!

  3. I missed the post yesterday about Katie .. ouch!

    Katie, I'm sooo sorry about the stitches! Maybe you can put in a few stitches of your own .. into fabric why you heal up :) and a major congratulations on the spelling bee! My boys used to love those too :)

    Warm Healing Hugs from Washington :)

  4. Aww, how wonderful to see Katie up and about. I hope she is feeling much better :)

    So glad you like the pinkeep :) It is ALWAYS a joy to stitch for you :)
    I edited my post over on my blog and posted to the MAW board that I didn't send extras-that I had promised you the chart and pins awhile back and sent them along at the same time for shipping and packaging convenience :) I wouldn't want the group to think I was breaking our guidelines :)
    (((hugs )))

  5. HOORAY, Katie!! (I always loved spelling bees, too!)

  6. Beautiful pin keep you received. Glad Katie's spirits are better. That's an awesome teacher she has to let her participate from home, and congratulations to Katie for winning!!

  7. What an adorable pinkeep!!! I used to sing that to Kevin when he was little.

    Katie, congratulations on the spelling bee!!


  8. Dear Vonna,

    I'm so happy that Katie got to participate o the spelling bee and that on top of it, she won! She does indeed have a very kind teacher.

    The pinkeep from Becky is wonderful and I'm sure it was a much needed tonic for you.

  9. Congrats to Katie on the Spelling Bee! And what a lovely pinkeep, too!

  10. I just read about katie's accident. Poor girl. So glad to read she's feeling better and it's wonderful that she managed to compete in the spelling bee and won. Congratulations Katie and feel better soon. Bx

  11. Vonna,

    Could I possibly have you email me I have a question I would like to ask you.
    Thank You

  12. So glad that Katie is feeling a bit better, she looks cute as can be in spite of her injuries :) And a big congrats for the great spelling!!!

    It is tough on the baby of the family when someone else needs babying isn't it ;)

    And oohh Vonna, I am green with envy LOL!!! Love, love, love that Polly Wolly pattern, and made by Becky! You are one lucky duck, congrats ;)

  13. What a lsdovely gift!

  14. Congrats, Katie for a job well done, champ. Keep up the good work. You are special or they would not have made the special arrangements so you could compete. Great job.

    Vonna, you received a beautiful pinkeep too. Nice to see that stitched on a lighter fabric. Looks great.

  15. Well done in the Spelling Bee Katie. Look forward to hearing about the finals.
    Lovely pinkeep from Becky

  16. Congrats on the surprise you got. Nice to see Katie. What a precious family you have. Yes she sounds a lot like mom! LOL! And we loves ya both!

  17. WHOHOO KATIE!!!! Good for you Spelling Bee Queen Extraordinaire!
    Nice pinkeep from Becky you received. It is just lovely. Keep up the good work Vonna. I wish you were my mom! LOL

  18. Glad to hear Katie is feeling better and congratulations on the spelling bee. Lovely pin keep !

  19. Hi! Love the beautiful pinkeep, but I read about katie and had to comment. Poor katie! I do hope she recovers quickly, what a terrible thing to happen, ouchey!!
    Way to go on the spelling bee. keep up the great work.

  20. I didn't read the blogs yesterday, so today I say to Katie "Get Better!" and congrats on the spelling bee. Good job.


  21. Glad to hear Katie is feeling better !!

    Very beautiful pinkeep!!

  22. How cool is that?! It's not everyone who wins a spelling bee by phone! Congratulations Katie!

    I absolutely love that pinkeep! I think it would make me smile too everytime I saw it.

  23. Rushed on over from Donna's blog after reading that Katie was in need of a pick me up...Yikes, I can't believe what I just read:
    Katie, you are a trooper~I can't even imagine the pain!!! OUCH-E-WAMA!!! Please rest and get well soon. Hey, "Kaie" did you share that candy with that little "candy thief"? :)

  24. Oooh, I love the pinkeep. That's such a great design. I am so glad that Katie is feeling better. Congratulations on the spelling, thank goodness for technology!

  25. What a lovely pinkeep!

    And well done to Katie on the spelling bee - I'm not sure I could concentrate like that if I hurt - I'll be waiting to hear how you do in the finals :o)

    And what a thoughtful teacher, too.

  26. First I am so sorry to hear of Katie's accident and want to send all my best wishes for her very speedy recovery.

    You must be very proud to have such a clever little girl in your family and so congratulations to Katie for winning the spelling bee.

    Lastly what a lovely gift. I went to look at the Wish List exchange but unfortunately you have to log in to see and I am not a member.

  27. Congratulations Katie!! What a champion!

    What a wonderful pinkeep from Becky! I have to admit that that is one of my all-time favourite La-de-Da designs. Just gorgeous.

  28. Congrats on the spelling bee Katie! Glad she's feeling some better Vonna - love the pinkeep, and I know receiving it brightened YOUR day!!!! Suz

  29. Way to go Katie! Congratulations on winning the spelling bee!

    (Your Polly Wolly Doodle pinkeep is very pretty.)

  30. Owie Katie, Glad to hear you're feeling better and congratulations on the spelling bee.

  31. Congratulation Katie on winning the spelling bee! What a wonderful teacher to think of you like that:) Looking forward to hearing how you do in the finals.

    Vonna what a beautiful pinkeep from Becky:)

  32. Congratulations for Katie, I´m glad to know that a fall don't let down... Hugs from Portugal to you Mª João ;-D

  33. Wow, Katie...congrats on the "at-home-win of the spelling bee!" No surprise are as smart as they come and not even a big fall can keep you down! You go, girl! I'm sure your class misses you, but how fun to take part in something and win over the phone. That'll be something to tell your grandkids someday :)

    Hope you are feeling even better today and that you are lettin' that mama of yours pamper you silly :) Love the goodies from Meme...aren't grandma's the best!? Always sending special things when you need a smile.

    Keep your head up and don't lose that pretty smile of yours!

    We love ya' and are thinking of you and saying our prayers!!

    Love, Kelly (and Hailey and family) :)

  34. Way to go, Katie! That's one tough girly, you've got yourself there! Winning a spelling bee from her sick bed is quite impressive - hope she's feeling better soon!!!

  35. Oh, my gosh Vonna! I am sorry for what has happened to Katie! But, I am very glad to hear that she is on the mend. How scary! Best wishes for a speedy recovery! She does have a wonderful teacher! Congratlations to her for winning the spelling bee!

    What a fabuous pinkeep from Becky!

  36. Congratulations Katie for winning the spelling bee and glad you are feeling a little better too.

    Wow wondeful pinkeep too from Becky

  37. Excellent job, Katie! I'm so glad that her teacher was kind enough to remember her and let her participate remotely. I hope the other students won't feel too cheated that she still got to outsmart them via the phone. ;) Congratulations and get well soon, girl!

  38. What a lovely pinkeep from Becky and congrats to the wonderful speller, Katie. I won a few spelling bees when I was her age! Good job!

  39. Gorgeous pinkeep! Congrats to Katie on the spelling bee!!


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