Thursday, April 17, 2008

Earth Day Friendship Squares

Hello dear readers! Hope your week is going well! I need to show you some SUPER lovely squares I received from Marg F., who resides in Australia: Prairie Birds - Prairie Schooler - Robins
Stitched for: Vonna for the Earth Day Holiday Round at Fair and Square Friendship Squares Exchange
Marg sent me a lovely handkerchief with an Austrailian Bottlebrush Plant on it, two patterns and a skein of was a super package to receive : )

Here's what I stitched for Marg:

Country Cottage Needleworks - Cottage Garden from the Thread Pack Cottage Series
Stitched on Sassy's Sugared Coffee 32 ct lugana using Crescent Colours as charted.

Fair and Square is going gangbusters, when all this started I never imagined that it would have the following that it does. We have, as of today 130 members. I think the beauty of Fair and Square is that there is: 1.) No finishing involved 2.) You can finish as YOU like it 3.) and you can join as many or as as little rounds as you want. I threw in "Holiday Rounds" recently because I (for one) love to decorate for holidays and seasons, I figured that others did we started out with Earth Day that is celebrated on April worked well...the next Holiday Round is for US stitchers (or any member that wants to stitch) for the 4th of July. If anyone is interested in joining us....go on over to blog and take a gander at the rules and see if it is something for you. All are welcome, the only thing I ask is that people that I admit to the blog are: conscientious and will mail on time and that they pay attention to their partners likes and dislikes and stitch something that is compatible with them. Other than's in your court.
On a side note, my job is going well....I think I can get myself "trained" by Friday, so I won't have to piddle around training longer. Fingers crossed....
Until next time, stitch with JOY!


  1. I just love the PS square that you recieved, and your square is lovely, as well. Great stitching. I'll curiously watch to see how you finish your birdies.

  2. Love the squares you received and it goes without saying that I love what you stitched! Awesome!!

  3. Both finishes are pretty. I'd love to join in an exchange, it's oh so tempting, but I know me and get hung up on deadlines, maybe when James is 18! LOL!

  4. Lovely squares, Vonna!

    I would love to participate in the 4th of July round! I have some great patterns, but of course no one around here celebrates that holiday.

  5. Well, I knew you'd learn your job really fast, your super Vonna! Yea! I still don't see how you do it! I only work part time and I'm a whupped puppy everyday I get home from school. Whew! Have a great week girl!

  6. What a beautiful exchange - both sent and received! Some day I hope to have the experience to participate in these lovely exchanges myself!

  7. Such a lovely exchange! You girls did great.

  8. Beautiful squares!

  9. Both sets of squares are lovely.

  10. That is wonderful and so exciting that the Fair & Square exchanges are going so well. I would love to participate sometime in the future. Both sets of F&S for Earth Day are beautiful!

  11. I am looking forward to stitching my first Fair and Square Exchange soon! I will for sure sign up for the 4th of July one, my favorite holiday!

    These squares are lovely :)

  12. Both are lovely!! Arn't those squares addicting to collect

  13. Both squares are delightful !
    I may join up one day.

  14. What pretty squares! I love the robins. They're one of my favorite birds.

  15. Beautiful squares! I have to say that I am loving my Sassy's fabrics. I'll definitely be a repeat buyer. Thanks for introducing me to them!


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