Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fair Squares for Laura...

Here's my friendship squares for this round:

Freebie from Casey Buonaugurio found Here
Frog Biscornu
Stitched on 32 ct. Creamy Cocoa from Sassy's
DMC Floss
Cute isn't it? Wanted to keep it myself! LOL! Hope Laura enjoys the squares ;)
Thank you for your kind words of support for my Finishing Service. I haven't gotten a bite yet...but hopefully someday! Spring Break is upon us...starting Friday, so I may not be around much as we've got lots of fun planned: going to see the grandparents in Haubstadt, Indiana, going to Chuck-E-Cheese, Mommy and Daddy will hopefully have a night out alone (see -"going to see the grandparents), going to see "Horton Hears a Who", going to Lazer Tag and going to make a trip to Toy's R Us to pick out a new toy for each kiddo. Should be fun!
Until next time....


  1. Seems like there is going to be a lot of "going" going on. Have a wonderful holiday with those adorable children. Sounds like you are going to do your best to keep them occupied.
    Your squares are just adorable. I saw that pattern and thought it was so cool. Lucky Laura

  2. Remembering the Chuck E Cheeses's of my earlier days! My kids loved that place. Now we do Dave & Buster's, it's for big kids(adults like to play those games too)
    Our spring break isn't until April.
    Good luck!

  3. That square is very lovely!

  4. That is soooo cute! I can see why you wanted to keep it. I'm going to have to stitch it for myself. :-) I've been looking for a biscornu design to try my hand. This is perfect! Thanks for the link!

  5. Too cute! I didn't see they were frogs until I read your caption and looked again!

    Have a fun Spring Break!

  6. Love your square! Those frogs are just so cute!
    Enjoy your break with your family.
    It sounds like so much fun that I wish I could join you.

  7. Your froggy F&S Square for Laura is so cute. My kids want to see Horton Hears a Who over Spring Break also, but ours is a week later.

  8. Beautiful work!


  9. Oh why am I so far behind Vonna???
    I have just been reading your recent posts - your boys have sure been having a lot of fun and excitement.
    Congratulations to Jacob on the prize for his wonderful art. I have a feeling he got his feel for color & composition from his mom. You did a fantastic job Jacob.
    The boys' Seuss musical sounded like such fun. What a marvelous time for children and parents alike.
    Hope to visit again soon Vonna.

  10. Spring Break already?! Ours isn't until the first week of April! Hopefully having it later will allow us to have some nice weather for that week...although last year we had a deep freeze during that week. Figures.

  11. What great squares! Sounds like have a busy but fun schedule ahead.

  12. I love those froggies! So cute I can see why you would want to hold on to them!

    Have a great spring break!

  13. Those are super-cute!

    Good luck with the upcoming busy days!!

  14. squares are lovely vonna! enjoy spring break :)

  15. A very lovely square! Enjoy spring break, and I hope you get your night out!

  16. Great F&S blocks! Good luck with Spring Break next week ~ I hope the weather cooperates. And how thrilling for you with your new venture, I'm sure you will have wonderful success with it.

  17. Darling squares Vonna! Have fun on spring break~ours isn't till the first week of April :)

  18. Now those are the kind of frogs we like to have on our stitching!
    Sounds like you have fun time planned with your children.

  19. I'm not sure I'd put Chuck E Cheese on my fun list LOL

    Very cute squares! Those frogs are adorable :)

  20. Yup it sure is cute. I'm sure Laura will love them!!
    Have a good holiday with the family!

  21. That is just adorable! Have a great break! I know I'm looking forward to mine!

  22. Cute square
    Have fun on your trip to see your family

  23. Those squares are so pretty Vonna:)

    Enjoy spring break!

  24. Those frogs are so cute!!

  25. I am intrigued by Chuck-e-Cheese???
    It is nice to take the opportunity to enjoy your kids when they are on break, but also nice to say 'remember me' with your DH on your own 'date' once in a while ;)
    Oh - cute fob too...


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