Monday, March 31, 2008

Exchanges and Surprises!

Hello Friends! Hope you all are doing well :) I had to work this weekend so I'm behind, on housework, blog reading, blog posting and I had a bit of an upsetting weekend (more on that later)....

Friday was a good day as I received an unexpected parcel in the mail from sweet Myrna...she sent me these goodies as a Random Act of Kindness:

A scissors fob - back view

A scissors fob - front view

whole kit and kaboodle - knitted dishcloth (love these!), marking pins made by her sister Reee (needed these!) and then of course the fob...wasn't that sweet?!
Myrna said the colors reminded her of me yellow and lavender...I'm happy she thinks of me in such pretty colors :) Not to mention yellow and pastels are my favorites!
On Saturday after a long, hard day of work I came home to find this from dear Sylvie. I'm sad to see this Seasonal Exchange end...Sylvie's been such a great partner! Here's what she made me for "Spring" and our final round:

Lovely stitching, lovely goodies, lovely workmanship and lovely friendship resulting from this exchange..."Thank you Sylvie!" I love it all :)
Now on to the "upsetting" bit: I'm not a hateful, mean, spiteful person...but there seems to be a lot of that in public...or at least it comes out at some point in people you don't expect it from...and an unfortunate experience has happened to me through Girl Scouting with another adult volunteer that had me reeling this weekend. I have decided after similar incidences occuring this year in Girl Scouting with other adult volunteer's that it was time for me to bow out...I'm the Service Unit Manager, leader, trainer, just about all things Girl Scouting and for the past 5 years it has been a pleasant experience for me, very rewarding and highly motivating to see young girls gain their footing in life. I've enjoyed being with new leaders and training them for a rewarding experience nurturing girls and being a positive role model. This year (as across the nation) was sort of a year of upheaval...there's a huge "restructuring" going on in Girl Scouts and because of it there's a lot more autonomy within the volunteer structure. Sadly, this is not bringing out the best in some people. After receiving a particularly nasty e-mail where this volunteer wrote in all CAPS and told me in no uncertain terms that she works "FULL TIME AND HAS A VERY HECTIC, BUSY EVENING SCHEDULE" blah...blah...blah... so I decided immediately that I was disassociating myself from the organization. I immediately wrote a letter of termination of my Service Unit Manager position and called the parents in my troop last night to let them know that I would see them through the last of the school year ending in May and then after that they'd have to find a new leader. I'm done....I feel badly for the girls that I'm letting down, but a lot of them are getting to that difficult age - they are bored with things and I'm not "cool" anymore...and I absolutely REFUSE to be a doormat to anyone and after being spoken too (written really) in all CAPS in a negative letter the volunteers can fend for themselves too...I'm outta there...I don't need a "formal" organization to teach my daughter(s) how to live morally, be a contributing member of society, to have manners, to think of others, to be all that they can be and to always remember to GIVE back...nope I can do that (and have done this) at home. So goodbye Girl Scouting...I wish you well....
To end on a positive I don't like nastiness and negativity one iota(!)....freeing up my "schedule" a bit by dropping extra curricular things that took *a lot* of time...allowed me to resign-up for Becky's Seasonal there...I'm filling in with what I LOVE to do!
Thank you for sticking through with me until the ending here...I hate to bring hatefulness to my blog and posts...but it sure feels good writing it all down! Until next time - be happy! I sure am going to try to be that way!


  1. Lovely exchanges! They are all beautiful! {{{HUGS}}} for the nasty email you received. I totally understand your perspective and no one should be treated like that. Congrats on re-signing up for Becky's exchange! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Hi Vonna...

    I'm so glad you liked the little goodies I picked out for you!

    And what a wonderful exchange from Sylvie! I too have enjoyed the Seasonal Exchangers. :-)

    (((Hugs))) for enduring the 'nasty'. I am sure your girls will be better off with you, and not being in a tense atmosphere.

    Have a great relaxing day!

    Hugs, and stitches!
    Myrna :-)

  3. Isn't that Myrna just the sweetest??? Great exchange from Sylvie :) Enjoy both :)

    I am sorry this happened to you. I know you were a gift to Girl Scouting as you are to everything you touch.

    Sending hugs to you :)

  4. Congrats on such a sweet RAK and a gorgeous spring exchange, really lovely!

    So sorry about the whole GS thing, but happily you're able do the seasonal exchange instead!

  5. Sounds like that volunteer, had no business volunteering! Really, why do people do things like that? Both your blog and your stitching are great--and thanks for all those finishing tutorials.

  6. What a great gift!

    Thank you for your kind words this morning.

  7. Vonna,
    What beautiful goodies! They are each so wonderful.

    As far as GS goes, it's too bad that it has to be like that. I was a Girl Scout my entire youth. My mom was our leader and when she had to leave for work commitments, my dad (who was the boy scout leader) took over as leader of our GS troop. We were a scouting family to say the least. And every year we went to Girl Scout camp. My sister and I became counselors when we were older enough and had a lot of trouble with the way things were managed when we were working there. I ended up having no choice but to leave early - 2 years in a row - because of all the trouble with the way things were run and the disrespect among the women working there. It was hard to leave knowing I would be letting the girls down. But sometimes you just have to take care of yourself and not let people walk over you. I think you did what you had to do. GS has a great mission - but there needs to be some training among the adults as far as their behavior goes. Teaching girls to love and respect themselves and one another involves the adults modeling that behavior too!

  8. Vonna,

    I think standing up for yourself is the best example you could have given your daughters and sons. I am proud of you. I hope others will understand that getting out of a bad situation is sometimes more important than staying and fighting it. You are doing the most important job of all and that is being a mother of four. You have your own troup!! LOL

    Take care

  9. Well, you know I'm 100% supportive of your decision to resign from GS. You have been walked on and complained to way too long and there's only so much you can/should take. I'm proud of you for calling it quits. You are moving on to a new phase in your life which will be busier than the present and the last thing you need is more hassles and more gripers and complainers.

    On a sunny note I will say I'm gonna miss the heck out of seeing you at meetings twice a month. That was always a sunny part of my months. I think you're tops in the world of friends and just people in general. It's a bloomin' shame more people don't appreciate you and don't take the time to shoot sunshine and thanks your way! But, the world has become full of complainers and you've taken more than your share.

    I'm happy for you that your days will be more free (well, at least from GS) and good for you for filling that time with more stitchin'/something you love. I think we all need to surround ourselves with more enjoyment/family/friends rather than nasty gripers! So, there! : Pat on the back for you!!

    Love ya, friend! And thanks for being the worlds best GS leader will never be forgotten for the solid footing you have given our young girls! :) You should be proud of all the time/energy you put into these last 5 years. Hailey ditto's that!
    Miss Vonna is #1 in our books! :)

  10. Hi Vonna,

    I tried several times to email this message, but everytime it came back undelivered. Don't know what's wrong with your email... BTW, mine is written on the card with the exchange.

    I'm so happy you like this spring exchange :)

    You know it has always been a great pleasure to stitch and create things for you and it's something I will miss, but I will keep your address so don't be surprised if one of this day you receive a surprise from me ;)


  11. Both packages are great!! I'm so sorry about your troubles with that lady! That's why I don't go to any PTA meetings, etc. I love the kids and if it were just dealing with that would be fine. It's other parents that drive me up a wall!! You did the right thing, you don't deserve that!!!

  12. with them that is. I swear I need to slow down! That's my 2nd typo today!! :)

  13. Sorry to hear about the problems with GS, but good that you can spend more time with your family and doing things that you want to do --- like stitching and finishing ;)
    Lovely exchanges too :)

  14. Great exchanges Vonna.

    I am sorry to hear of your upset with the GS. There's always someone who has to spoil thing isn't there? You definitely do not need hassle from a volunteer. One good point it does free up time for more stitching.

  15. Sounds like you were dealing with a Self-Titled VIP. Folks like that can be a complete drag on a person.

    I come from a Girl Scouting family myself - my mom and my aunt were active scouts when they were kids, my mom was my and my sister's leader for several years (sometimes leading/co-leading 2 different troops at the same time!), and I'm a 15-year member (I think I reached my 15-year mark...). That said, though, neither of my girls will join Girl Scouts for certain reasons. I don't agree with some of the things I'm hearing about Girl Scout experiences and I would rather give my time and energy to different activities.

    I think Juliette Gordon Lowe would be quite disappointed in the direction and structure of the Girl Scouts today.

    (((HUGS))) Shame on the uber-busy cow for chewing you out like that. She'll eventually see what all you brought to the organization, but it'll be too late.

  16. Very pretty exchanges and nice RAK! I'm sorry you are having a bad experience with GS as my DD has always enjoyed it. At least you can now focus on something more fun. :)

  17. Oh boy, I am so sorry, Vonna. Seems like the 'norm' is becoming ever more rude. :(

  18. It's hard to be a volunteer anymore. Too many fingers in the pie. I hope you are happy with your decision..I'm sure it is the right one for you.
    Your gifts and exchanges are wonderful. It looks like they came at a good time to give you the lift you needed.

    The girls will miss you because I'm sure you had a lot to offer.
    Oh boy!!!! more stitching time that's good.

  19. I'm sorry about girl scouts! No need to blast someone via an email with CAPS - very childish! Love the exchanges - you are a wonderful person Vonna - that alone is enough for your girls to learn from.


  20. Missy Ann4:16 PM

    About the GS thing... some kids parents. Poor kids.

    What lovely gifts! I'm mailing my first Fair & Square tomorrow (and let me thank you for all you efforts there!) and I can hardly wait to see what I get and I'm keeping the fingers crossed my partner likes her gift.

  21. That is so sad that you are unappreciated with your Girl Scout Unit. I completely understand where you are coming from on wanting to bring yourself out of the organization, often people do not understand the amount of work put make into groups like that.

  22. Thank goodness you have received a 'bit of cheer' through the mail after receiving that email!! Good for you for taking the decision you have and I know you would not have done so lightly or without just cause. I really think people are getting ever more demanding and unappreciative of things. Sometimes it seems the whole world is stressed, infact most probably are !! At least we have our stitching and pretty things around us to escape for a wee while huh ;-))

    Take care and have a nice week with a bit of relaxed stitching where you can :))

  23. Lovely exchanges! Glad to hear you will be continuing with what you like it is better than being around nasty! I only have a boy so no experience with GS but some of the parents with sports would often shock me! Yikes, they suck the fun out of it all! No time for the negative, GOOD FOR YOU!!

  24. Hello Vonna, lovely pressies in the mail! I especially love the way Sylvie made the matching fob - love those spring birdies! Congratulations on making a good decision for yourself and your family. I don't think anyone could ever accuse you of being negative! I'm glad you will have a little extra time for yourself, and sorry you had such a yucky experience with the other parent.

  25. Vonna ... so sorry to hear about your experience. It will probably be a good thing for you to be able to focus on other things. Nasty e-mails are the worse.

    What wonderful exchanges/RAKs ... what a way to cheer you up :)

  26. Isn't it a shame that some people are such pills! There seems to be so much of these days--aren't you glad you're not stuck working with that woman at a job? I'm glad you took such decisive action and that you will have that time freed up for activities that make you happier.

  27. Wonderful exchanges. I like the purple fob!

    As far as the GS incident. Having taught in schools I totally understand. The children of these parents are insufferable in the classroom. Of course, it is always the teachers fault. Congrats for relieving yourself of any undue stress.

    Stitching is much more fun, and less stressful too!

  28. Myrna is the sweetest peach! Lovely gift from Sylvie, too.

    As for GS ((hugs)) and move along swiftly : )

  29. Wow! What wonderful goodies you received!
    So sorry you had to deal with Ms Nasty. I don't get the whole playground bully thing, but admire you for knowing when to say enough. Have fun with the next exchange!!
    I'mglad you are you!

  30. What lovely gifts from Myrna! I love your seasonal exchange-it's beautiful. What a shame your tenure in the girl scouts had to come to such an end. They just don't realize what a jewel they had in you. Defintely their loss!

    PS: I am so glad you signed up again for the seasonal exchange!

  31. What lovely gifts from Myrna. I love yor seasonal too its so pretty.

    Glad that you stood up for yourself!

  32. I'm sorry people are rude, as a Boy Scout leader, people dump on us all the time. Forget those jerks, you are the best leader and your daughters know that! Who needs scouts! just think of all the time now for stitching! Yahoo!

  33. LOvely exchanges. Love them both. Lavender is a good color for me.

    It is unbelieveable how rude people are in this world. Besides that they are so self-centered that it difficult to work with them on anything. Sorry you had to experience that, because I am sure that you did a great job with the GS. You do a great job at everything. It is there loss and your gain. More time to stitch and do the things you love. Life is too short to have to deal with those types of situations all the time.

  34. Sorry to hear about your experience with GS. My experience was very similar. It's too bad that the GS organization didn't support you properly and help you deal with this nasty person, but that seems to be the norm rather than the exception. Then they lose talented people, and it's their own darn fault.

    At some point though, we have to consider ourselves and our families and decide if an organization is just wasting our time. It sounds like you made a good decision!

  35. What a pretty fob from Myrna.

    It is very cathartic to write it down and 'get it off your chest' - unfortunately people don't realise the damage that emails like that can do as the pen is certainly mightier than the sword. We have a rule at work that we never send such emails, if you have something like this to say, it is better done in person.
    The scouting troop will miss you, I am sure you gave to them like you give to all the areas in your life that we see, you will leave a big gap for them to fill. However, that is not your problem and if you fill that time doing what you love, your family will benefit anyway.

  36. Beautiful exchanges/gifts!!!

  37. Hi Vonna - Just catching up on some blog reading and I'm so sorry to read that you're leaving Girl Scouting. I'm sure the girls will miss you and for sure Girl Scouting round your way will be worse off without your talents.

    I must say we struggle here (in Girlguiding) at times with people who are just too big for their boots!

  38. So sorry to hear about your experience with GS. As a parent volunteer I found I usually had more trouble with the adults than I ever did with the kids! It will definitely be their loss Vonna. From what I've seen there is not a more generous person and you're teaching your children a valuable lesson by standing up for your principles.


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