Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday

Hello Friends! Hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend! Here's some photos of our Easter morning after Mass...and yep - the Easter Bunny returned with candy for the good little girls and boys :)

Our Family

Keith's Parents and the kiddos
These picturew were taken PRIOR to Ellie starting to make a downward descent....she came screaming into the kitchen about 3 hours later holding her ear. Telling me she had a "boo-boo in her ear". She's been ill with the cold like I have the past couple of weeks, but I thought she was on the mend....apparently I was wrong because I scooped her up and took her the clinic and she had a ruptured ear drum and double ear infection. She's on antibiotics and feeling a bit better today, but we have a day indoors planned for today and I'm hoping she just lies around watching cartoons and being still so she can get better...poor little pumpkin.
Last week I started a SAL on the Little House Needleworks Yahoo! Group. It's a Spring/Summer Garden Theme and Summer Garden was one that we could choose from - I started this last Wednesday (I think):

Country Cottage Needleworks - Summer Garden
Called for DMC
40 ct. lambswool linen
And here's my "start" on Heather's Neighborhood RR - I chose the spot between two barns without my plan is to stitch a house up and some animals from the new Farmer's Almanac from Prairie Schooler that way all the animals can choose which barn they sleep in....hope it turns out ok!
Heather's RR
Well folks that's all I've got for you today :) I hope this finds you all hale and hearty! Until next time - Stitch with joy!


  1. Oh, I hope Ellie sweetie is feeling better. Both my kids are in fever too. Summer Garden looks so wonderful !

  2. Lovely pictures of your family! Poor little Ellie, I can't imagine how painful her ear must have been.

  3. Beautiful pictures of you all in your Sunday best :) Poor little Ellie hope she is feeling very much better. My DS did that last New Years Eve with his ear, not nice at all .

    Great starts on the latest stitching have a lovely day all of you :)

  4. Oh poor Ellie!! I'm so sorry!! The pictures are so sweet! The boys in their ties are too cute. I love your start on Summer Garden! It's so pretty. And your start on the RR is looking great too. Hope Ellie feels better soon!

  5. Beautiful pictures of your lovely family. I do hope Ellie is better and that you yourself are feeling better and that cold is finally letting go.

    Lovely start on Summer Garden. I have been itching to start mine :) The RR is looking good as well :)

    Have a lovely week dear Vonna!

  6. Wonderful family pictures in your Easter finery!!! Poor Ellie! Hope that she is feeling better soon!!!

  7. Happy Easter Vonna - glad you had a lovely time and hope you are feeling better...

  8. Nice new start and Heather's RR is looking good!

  9. You all looked great for Easter mass! What a fine looking family.

    Get well soon Ellie!

  10. Beautiful family photo's Vonna! I hope Ellie gets better quickly! Your off to some great stitching starts!

  11. Dianne11:40 AM

    Your photos made me smile!
    Gee, that happened to Sean on Christmas, but he was getting a strep throat(he was about Ellie's age). I know ear pain is horrible too. Glad she is feeling better.
    Have fun with the RR!

  12. Vonna,

    Hugs to little Ellie. Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. I hope you have a good week.

  13. Poor baby!! I do hope it heals quickly. Your stitching is beautiful:)

  14. Your family photo is lovely Vonna! Tell Ellie i know how she feels! Im still recovering from a ruptured ear drum (over a month ago now!!) and it's so painful!! Being so young, i bet hers will heal quickly though.

  15. Beautiful pics, Vonna. You have one of the loveliest families around! I love the boys in their coats and ties...very dapper...and of course the girls look beautiful in their Easter best :) You'd hardly know Ellie was so sick...she put on a semi-happy face :) Bless her heart. Praying she is on the mend soon and feeling better. Those nasty ear inf. can be a doosy on little ones. Your stitchin' looks lovely as usual! Have a restful day and praying for health for your fam! Love ya!

  16. Oh, poor Ellie! :( I hope she feels better soon!
    I've got Summer Garden in my stash as well. Hopefully I will have some time to start it soon...
    PS. Lovely to see a photo of your family! :)

  17. Poor little Ellie! Earaches can be plain miserable. Hope she recovers quickly.
    Your family photos are just lovely. Your oldest daughter looks an awful lot like you Mom! Everyone looks so spiffy in their new Easter outfits.
    I wanted to wear something light and springy but it was so bitterly cold here Sunday. I ended up putting the spring things on hold.

  18. Poor little girl. Give her a hug:}.
    I hope she is on the mend. Nothing worse than an ear ache.
    Nice start on your RR and SAL.
    I like the family photos too!

  19. Such a beautiful Family!!! Lovely pictures!!! I hope Ellie feels better soon! Love all your stitching!!!

  20. Were the children surprised to find their new clothes? The Pfeiffer 6 look very spiffy.

    Oh, poor little Ellie. I hope she is feeling much better.

  21. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Lovely family pictures! I hope Ellie is feeling a whole lot better. Your recent finishes are fantastic as always. I've been trying hard not to start Summer Garden myself...let's see how long it lasts. LOL

  22. Such a beautiful family and nice to see everyone in their Easter finery.

    Hope Ellie is doing better. Earaches and infection are no fun to have to endure.

    Nice stitching too. I love that PS Old Macdonald. Your idea for using it sounds neat.

  23. Oh, poor Ellie!!!! Sending hugs and good thoughts!!!

    I love your start on Heather's RR!!!

  24. What a nice family! Everyone looks beautiful in their Easter garb. Beautiful colors on your Summer Garden, and the RR piece looks like it will be a beautiful masterpiece. I hope your little pumpkin feels better very soon!

  25. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos Vonna:) I hope Ellie is feeling better soon. Ear infections are no fun at all.

    Your LHN start is so pretty. Love the colours.

  26. Love the pics of your family, ya'll look so great. Love the progress on the SAL. Sounds like you all had a great Easter.

  27. What sweet family photos! I hope Ellie is better soon. Love the new starts!

  28. You and your family are as cute as can be...Thanks for sharing the family pics, love that! Hope Ellie is feeling better soon.

  29. Lovely family photos. Hope your little one is feeling better.


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