Friday, March 07, 2008

Dreaming of Sand and Sun...

Well friends....I'm dreaming about Sand and Sun because today at the end of the school day is the beginning of our "Spring Break"....this was just snapped moments before I sat to do this post.....
Yep, Sand and Sun isn't in my future for Spring Break but hot cocoa and stitching in my jammies are just a few short hours fact I just received notification that the kids will be released 1 hour early today from school because of the weather...we're just getting the effects of a snowband that is moving through the state they are predicting 9 inches of snow before nightfall...what you see doesn't look like much but it just has accumulated in the hour about 1 inch worth and it's snowing furiously outside! SO off to school I shall go in 2 hours time and then it is off with my clothes and on with the jammies and my rear end has a date with my stitching chair! I know I won't be stood up :)

Look what sweet Sue from Liv 'n Laf sent to me as a RAK! Isn't it the sweetest?

I don't have a snazzy fob like this with one of the scissors caps! and she made it all sunshiny and springy! The little fish dangling is a special added touch...Sue wrote that "A fish in Chinese Feng Shui means prosperity and success - both of which you encompass". Wasn't that a sweet sentiment?! I think a lot of dear Sue and am ever so glad I met her acquaintance through blogging. She enabled me to take the plunge on my floor stand...and for that alone, I am ever grateful!

The trip to Southern Indiana has been cancelled due to my Mom falling in the parking lot on the way into work on was a bit icy and it was black ice so she slipped and fell on her right side. She broke the head of her elbow and her whole side from hip to knee is completely black and blue...that coupled with the fact that 50% of us are ill right now with sinus/cold related maladies decided our fate...and now throw in 9 inches of snow and 2 hours worth of driving in it...well.....
But alls well that ends well and I'm happy to park my rump in my chair and stitch until my hearts content! Who needs sand and sun?! Certainly not I as long as I have my needle and thread! And throw the kids in the mix for antics and fun!
Until next time....Stitch with smiles :)


  1. Ouch! A broken elbow! Tell you mom we wish her a speedy recovery.

    Thanks for the nice comment on my box. You should know that I went back and forth from your tutorial blog several times as I worked on this. I really scrutinized your cording! I think I could see how you attached it...and I tried to follow suit. After all of the stitching and mounting and sanding and staining and polyuethaning, I hated to screw up something little like the cording!

    Love your blog!

  2. I hope your Mum is on the mend soon. That sounds very painful.

    I wish we had some snow! Oh how many times have I said that on peoples blogs this Winter! I don't think we're going to get any now. We have a severe weather warning for Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday but that's very high winds and heavy rain. Yuck!

  3. A stitching vacation at home sounds heavenly. Though it would probably be a bit better if everyone were in good health.

    Gosh, I am SO sorry to hear about your mom's elbow! Sounds terribly painful. I hope it will heal quickly and without complications!

  4. oh, a broken elbow - that sounds painful. Hope your Mom recovers quickly.
    A stitching vacation in your favorite chair - who needs sun and sand!!!
    What a lovely scissor fob and perfect for you.

  5. Broken elbow, poor thing. That is one area hard to heal. Jacob broke his elbow once, 3 months in a cast. Hope she recovers fast.
    9 inches of snow? we are suppose to get snow flurries! whoopee!
    Try to have a great night of stitching.

  6. Hope your mom is OK. How horrible! We'll pray for a speedy recovery and some warm weather, too. :-)

    The fob from Sue is great! Love the fish and the colors of the sea.

  7. What a lovely fob! Love the beautiful blues!

    I hope your Mom is ok - sounds like a nasty fall! Sending healing thoughts.

    I love seeing your snow! You probably know we never get any over in my neck of the woods and it looks so pretty! Though I imagine it can't be too fun for the kids being cooped up inside!

  8. Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's fall. Wishing her a very speedy recovery!

    Using your unexpected free time to stitch sounds like a MARVELOUS idea! Enjoy!!

  9. Stitching in your jammies isn't all that bad :)

    Sorry to hear about your mom's fall. We had a similar incident in our family recently here too. Hope she heals up quickly :)

  10. Yikes! I hope your mom heals quickly and everyone else gets healthy again. That sure doesn't look like Spring Break weather to me!

  11. Ouch! I'm sorry about your mom. Wow sounds like you have a lot of snow going on there and now your trip is cancelled, yikes. Heres sending you some warmth and sunshine, Germany seems to have the extra abundance of it this year and quite early! Very nice F&S squares too!

  12. Brrrrr - I can't imagine snow this time of year, but it does look very cozy! Your scissor fob is beautiful from your thoughtful friend!

    Enjoy all your cocoa and stitching time, and I hope your mom feels better very soon!

  13. Urgh! I hope your Mom is okay and recovering comfortably!

    Happy March Break. I'm waiting for the next dump of snow which looks like its just about to start... I see stray flakes in the air!

  14. Oh, your poor mom! Wishing her a speedy recovery!!!

    That's too bad the weather has interupted your plans, I'm sure you'll figure out lots of fun though :) Happy Stitching :) And really cute fob, I've always wondered how you attach the rubber needle stopper onto those.

  15. Beautiful fob! I hope your mom recovers soon. Poor thing!

  16. Oh! Your poor Mom! I'm sorry your trip had to be cancelled and that it's snowing, BUT ohhhhhhh just think of all the wonderful stitching you will get done in your jammies. That sounds like heaven on earth to me!!! Have a wonderful time on Spring Break stitching and playing with your adorable kiddos, and prayers being said for your mom's healing.

    Carolyn :)

  17. Vonna, sorry to hear about your Mom, I hope she will heal quickly. Love your RAK, it's lovely! Enjoy your stitching time!

  18. Best wishes to your Mom! Hope she heals quickly! Snow...?? What's that? We don't have a lot of it around here (unfortunately)! LOL Suz

  19. Ouch, so sorry to hear about your mom. I hope that she can heal quickly and isn't in to much discomfort. All the colds/sinus issues don't sound like much fun either, it is amazing how much illness is going around right now. With all that snow coming, staying in and stitching sounds like a wonderful plan.

    Loved you earlier finish of the frog square, very cute. I want to make one of these for myself as well. Also, good luck with your finishing service. There are so many of us that are finishing challenged, and you do such lovely work, I'm sure it will be a sucess.

  20. What a shame that your Mom had that fall! I'm sure she's experiencing some pain and I hope she's able to rest somewhat comfortably.
    Stitchin in my jammies is just what I plan to do today. Couldn't get out of the drive for work.. too much snow! I saw where a plane skidded off the runway in Indiana yesterday.
    That scissor fob is so cute. I love the little fish!
    Hope you are all on the mend soon.

  21. This was one huge storm..Dan was out measuring yesterday and this morning...we got a total of 18 inches of snow since Friday! It is pretty but there is a downside to this kind of weather as your Mom discovered. I do hope she is not in too much pain and will recover quickly!

  22. Sitting in your jammies and drinking hot cocoa doesn't sound like a bad way to spend winter break. If you have one nearby, you should visit World Market - they have Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate, and it is absolutely to die for!

    I'm sorry that your Mom fell. I'm wishing for a speedy recovery for her. My DS fell off the bed when he was younger (we were "horsing around") and he broke a bone very close to his elbow, so reading about your mom brought back memories.

    Your fob is lovely!

  23. I hope your Mom recovers quickly. Give her my best.
    What a beautiful fob for your scissors!Nice gift from Sue!
    Stay warm we got the snow too! [have a look at my blog.]
    Hmmmm Jammies here I come!

  24. I'm sorry,hope she heals quickly!

    What a lovely scissor fob!!

  25. Yuck! Sorta looks like my part of the world - except my snow is like 1.5' deep still on my lawn...

  26. Your poor Mum! I hope she heals well and smoothly.

    Lovely fob from Sue and how great to see such perky colours in the midst of yet another snowstorm!

  27. What a really unique fob - and how kind of Sue to RAK you with it :)

    The weather sounds awful there, but glad you're getting lots of stitching time! Hope you and your family (and your mum!) are all recovering quickly.

  28. Oh, your poor poor mum, I hope she is ok.
    Please send some of your snow to us, we are melting with what is now more than 10 days of over 35 degrees Celcius - HOT!!!
    Enjoy your stitching date, I am so jealous :)

  29. I hope that you were able to park your behind in your stitching chair for a good long time and have a lovely time stitching.
    Sorry to hear about your mom. That broken elbow sounds painful! I hope that she's on the mend.

  30. Gosh this looks like it could be a housing estate her in the UK !! Love the snow picture but what is the big birdhouse thingy near the road in the middle of the picture ?? Just being curious as we don't have them, at least I don't think we do LOL

  31. Sorry looking so intently at the birdhouse forgot to say hope your Mums elbow is well on the mend now? My friends Mum did that and I was booked for hair blow-drys for weeks !!


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