Friday, January 25, 2008

Your Opinions Please :)

Fellow Stitcher's and Friends...I recently saw in the past couple of weeks on a couple of different blogs that I check in on, and then when I was purusing Floor Stand Models myself during early January...these: Needlework System 4.

In my searching I found the detailed manual here: Stitcher's Paradise

And then Danielle posted about this and found a link to a very detailed review of it from a fellow stitcher, found Here

Now then I'm a Q-snap, fanatic...I will not use a hoop or stretcher bars, scroll frame, ever's Q-snaps for me, baby...has been for years. These floor stand models has a Q-snap option. I've never used anything other than "in hand" stitching for smallish projects and Q-snaps for larger. I've never used a frame/stand/anything else. As I age, I find that I have aching elbows and hands at certain times...usually when I'm stitching a lot daily - which hasn't been an issue for a couple of weeks :( LOL!

So, I would like your opinon on A.) this product if you use it B.) your experience with stands in general C.) do you recommend stands? D.) is it just better to keep on "keeping on" the way I'm doing?

I don't want to spend $100s of dollars and not use it or like it....although my DH said, "well it's your hobby"...WHAT?! what drug has he been taking?! LOL! - makes me want to just go crazy and buy it since he said I could! And if you don't know him they way I do, let me just give you a few "key" words: old school, German, penny pinching, fanatic.... get the idea?! LOL!

Any help or insight would be GREATLY appreciated :)


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Hi Vonna,

    I'm not familiar with this particular system and I am not a q-snap girl. Ever since I discovered scroll frames in 1995, that is all I will use. I don't care for hoops at all because I have had the experience of not being able to get the crease/stain out of the fabric from where the hoop held it. I love my scroll frames because they do hold my fabric taut if I mount it properly and like to use them even for small projects because it is too tedious for me to hold the fabric loosely while stitching. That being said, I think if you really want this frame/stand and your dh gave you the go ahead, you should get it(have you heard about the gov't rebates coming in could have $2400 coming if your family earns less than $150,000, e-mail me for the article). Of course, if you are the financial planner in the family, you will be the one who knows what is best. Also, ebay often has these things at 75% to 50% of the regular price and I often wait for a 50% coupon from Michael's to buy the more expensive items that they carry.

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Oh, I do have an E Z brand lapstand, I love it for large projects like Mirabilia but that's it.

  3. I can't help you with the floor stand option, but I *love* my lap stands. I have 2 - a scroll frame/lap stand combo, and the lap stand I use with my Q-Snaps. I don't use it with my 6" Q-Snaps, and depending on the project, not all the time with my 8" Q-Snaps...but it's a must with my 11" Q-Snaps. It takes all that pressure off your wrist, plus you can use both hands to stich, which goes faster.

    They do take a bit of an adjustment period, but once you get used to them, they're great.

    Hope this helps!

  4. I'm not going to be much help Vonna. I don't use a stand. I'll be interested to see what everyone has to say though.

  5. Vonna,
    You know from reading my blog and linking to it in your post my thoughts. I ordered the stand today, with the Q snap attachment and just ordered an 11 by 11 Q snap and an 11 by 17 Q snap from 1-2-3 Stitch as I only have an 8 by 8 right now. Although I did use my Stitchmate for 6 years with the split rod scroll rods and finished many projects on them, I am beyond frustrated with the scroll rods and the stand. I say go for it. I love that review that I found, as it seems to be very in-depth and who best to trust than another stitcher? You can bet that as soon as I get my stand I will be stopping whatever I am doing and putting it together and stitching for a bit, and then I'll post my true thoughts on my blog. I always think it's great to try something new, and I found I don't like holding the Q snap in my hand or stitching with just the fabric in hand. I bet your stitching will go a million times faster if you get this stand. This is the only stand that I've seen that actually has a specific Q snap clamp made for it, and that it holds it on both sides for stability. I also looked at K Creations and they have what's called a Universal Clamp that will hold a Q snap but I was still drawn to this stand because the Q Snap clamp was made specifically for the Q snap. Sorry this was so long, but I spent all evening last night going through this. Please tell us what you decide!

  6. Dianne2:33 PM

    If you have a comfy chair you sit in and don't mind sitting forward to stitch, then a floor stand would probably work for you. I'm wondering about the lap ones myself. I use q-snaps and I get the achy hands and and arms sometimes. I sit at the end of the sofa to stitch. You probably have to learn a new method of stitching too. So measure your options.

  7. I would love to buy a floor stand like that! And I bet a lot of people out there would like to clone your husband! LOL!

  8. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Since I stitch most of the time in bed or on a very relaxing sofa I'm not sure I could use these stands, but if you sit like the review off Danielle's blog mentions, I don't see why not! I'm German and I say spend!

  9. I have heard really good things about the system 4. Since I also almost exclusively use a q-snap, I thought this was a good way to stitch larger pieces, like my Chatelaine mandalas, without having my wrist hurt. I have ordered one piece of the stand (just the stand itself, not the q-snap holder), and intend to buy the other piece once I'm working again. It sounds worth it to me, though I have never tried a stand either. P.S. - I did get my piece from Stitcher's Paradise.

  10. I'm a Q snap girl - stands didn't work for me. Stop by my blog..I've got something for you!


  11. I'm a Q-snap person myself and have had no experience with systems such as these so I'm afraid I won't be much of a help.
    Sounds like you've got the green light from your DH though if you decide to go this route! Let us know what you decide.

  12. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Hi Vonna-
    I have the System 4 and I use Q-snaps exclusively. I love it-the only problem I have had is that the attachement form the Q-snap holder sometimes come loose. But I just need to tighen back up again. You do need to make sure the chair you sit it will allow the stand to slip under it. I stitch in a recliner, and have not problem whatsoever. I love mine (did I say that already?)

    It did take me awhile to get used to and get it adjusted to where I like it, but I think it was one of my better stitching investments.

    Hope that helps!


  13. I haven't seriously considered getting one of these as I felt that the 'fixed' aspect of them may impact badly on my posture and lead to a lot of soreness in the neck and upper back. With a hoop or Q-snap style frame, (lovely and lightweight and portable), you can move around easily and sit back comfortably. Perhaps you can with these larger frames too, but I can't envision it myself.

  14. Hi Vonna,

    I used to stitch only on Q-snaps, since most of my projects have always been relatively small. I started some larger projects and felt that I needed to do them on a scroll rod, and those are a bit difficult to hold in your hands for a long period of time.

    I don't have any experience with this particular stand, but I did buy myself the Ergo floor stand about a year ago. I like it because it works well with my stitching recliner (even while it is reclined), folds flat when I need to store it, and does have a Q-snap adapter. I got it on sale. If you have Hobby Lobby near you, they used to carry the Artisan Design products. There are still a few pieces to be found here and there at great clearance prices.

    There are only two things that I don't like: 1) the larger scroll rods will sag a bit because they are supported only on one side. The clamps on both sides that the model you are looking at would take care of that problem and 2) once I'm in my chair with the frame, it is a bit cumbersome to get in and out.

    I haven't transitioned to using my frame for all of my projects. I really do like using it for the bigger projects, though. It takes a bit to get used to using a frame, but it's great once you do.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide :)

  15. I can't help with the floor stand decision, but I had to chuckle when I read the comments about your hubby. That's just like Rob. He won't spend $20.00 on a video game for himself, but he always encourages me to spend as much as I like on my stitching! I dropped more than $60.00 (not including the $50.00 deposit) at the LNS the other day. I was feeling guilty, but all Rob did was smilea nd say "It's your money! You earned it."

  16. Here's my 2 cents :)

    You have to consider your stitching habits prior to making a hefty $ decision like that. They are:

    1. Where do you stitch mostly?
    2. How's the lighting?
    3. Is portability an issue?
    4. Do you use a magnifying lens?
    5. How do you read the chart?

    The answers to these questions will determine the kind of stand that would best suit you.

    I stitch only in one place i.e. my desk. I sit on a dining(upright) chair. I have the FA Edmunds Universal Craft Stand and it sits on my table. I prefer my floss, scissors etc to be nearby when I am stitching.

    My chart is on a small easel on the left of the stand. The adjustable magnifying lens is gripping the clamp. And the clamp grips the Q-snaps (I'm using 8" & 11" only) well provided you use some thick rubber bands around the clamp to grip the plastic. Hoops are even better but scroll frames don't grip too well since mine is 24" wide and due to it's weight it dips as you stitch :(

    I definitely recommend a stand but which brand takes some research. Stitching-in-hand, is not an option anymore even for smalls (hands hurt too much), their mounted on a hoop or a q-snap and it goes into the stand's clamp :)

    You can view the stand here:


  17. Hey Vonna I use my floor stand with my q-snaps and with my scroll frame. I don't have a stand like that but it grips and gets the job done. My stand doesn't let me spin my work around though, I just tilt it back when I need to secure my thread. I will be interested to see what you go with.

  18. I have a floor and lap stand. I use both depending on where I am sitting and stitching. I notice I do get a strained back when I use my floor stand, just because I came foward. They also have a chart holder and other attachments.I must remember to take a pic of my stitching corner, lol.

  19. Vonna, I have had an Artisan Gazelle for years - about 8! I absolutely love it. There is only one vertical piece, making it easy to get up from the couch or chair where I stitch. The height is easily adjustable, and the best thing is that it can be used with hoops, q-snaps and frames. And I love their no stitch frames! I do not use it all the time, but find that when I do, my stitching goes so much more easily and quickly. Like you, I have problems with my hands when I stitch, and I find that I can get more stitching done when I use the frame. Oh and it is easily portable - I regularly move it from the front room to the family room (we don't have a tv in the front room) I have also heard of people using it sitting in bed, but have never been that desperate to stitch - yet!

  20. I know I'm a little late coming to this party, but I wanted to get my .02 in. :o)

    I tried a floor stand and quickly discovered that I flip my work and look at the back every few stitches. I had no idea I did this until my q-snap was clamped in the stand and I couldn't flip it over for a peek! Well, I *could* flip it but things had to be adjusted and readjusted before I could go on stitching. I found it to be too frustrating. For whatever reason, I'm a flipper. LOL

  21. I'm sorry that I'm not much help - I tried Q-Snaps, but found them too heavy to hold; I won a floor stand at "Spirit of Cross Stitch" once, but never used it.

    I stick to my 90 cents 6" wooden hoops - I know a lot of people don't like them, but I'm lost without them.

  22. OK, first off, remember, I'm a fossil. I really like my lap stand from K's Creation. Plus, there is a clamp for q-snaps.

    I don't put it on my lap [ever]. I put it on my desk or ironing board. With a couple hand weights, I can pull my project towards me & adjust any angle for light/magnifier.

    Plus, it is awesome for q-snaps. That is my two cents worth.

  23. P.S. Your Husband is a keeper : )

  24. Anonymous12:27 AM

    I'm a q-snap fan, and I currently have the older style of Gazelle stand from Artisan. Honestly, it doesn't hold the larger q-snaps well, and it's the big projects that I want the stand for to begin with. I'm currently saving up for the NS4, since it's the only one I've seen that holds on both sides AND has a clamp designed for q-snaps. Most stands use a flat clamp for their "universal" holder, not a rounded one.

  25. Fascinating discussion, Vonna. I've often wondered about buying a floor or lap stand, but just haven't wanted to spend the money on that when I could buy fibers or charts. :D


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