Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Von's Neighborhood and a SWEET surprise!

Hello Friends :)

I've recently done some "redecorating" and thought I'd share...this is in our "office" or computer room:My grandma's wooden ironing board, that I cleaned up...that's the quilt she made when she was a little girl draped over it....
This shelf I got from Hobby Lobby and it's pressed tin, plus a sampling of all the china patterns that have been passed down to me from my Grandma and my Aunt....if your wondering....I'm the only girl on both sides, so.....that's why I have so many different patterns, and I love them all and am thankful that I can pass these down to my children.

My Grandma Epperson's Fiesta Ware...I've always loved Fiesta Ware and I think it looks darling scattered around a picture

My Grandma Weber's favorite "decorating" China, I remember her having it hanging on her walls, and I simply love it too, I've taken half and hung them in here and I've taken the other half and hung it over a window in my kitchen. I love all china that have a picture on it, or tells a story on it...and this does both, for me :) So that's the redesign...thanks for looking!

Next up: Yesterday I received a package from Staci (she doesn't have a blog) but she is a member of Fair Squares and was a past partner of mine, anyway...I couldn't figure out why Staci was sending me a package. Inside was the most lovely of notes and a wee wrapped parcel. In the note Staci said that she had starting stitching a set of squares on her first round and soon found out it wasn't going to work. So she threw them in the "drawer of doom" to finish for herself at a later date. Well she finished them alright and said it was screaming "Vonna" to her so she sent the finished item to me and here it is:
Floss Ring Keeper Tag
stitched and finished by: Staci (from Colorado)
I don't think Staci (or anyone for that matter) knows that this is how I keep my floss when I "kit" up my WIP's...but I use these rings all of the time...and what a super way to "dress" it up and make it your own....I believe I see some Floss Ring Keepers in my (and others) future!
Staci: I cannot tell you how much this touched my heart...and believe me I needed a "pick me up"! Thank you for thinking of me and making me this lovely gift! I shall cherish it always and put it to good use! (I already have ;) ) Staci also sent me some Altoids chewing gum...I believe I am hooked, for a I am a rabid gum chewer. Thank you again Staci!!
Next Up, Von's Neighborhood:
Vonna's Stitched square for Von's RR
Design motifs from: Spring Garden Sampler and the alphabet block T by the Prairie Schooler
I think it turned out pretty good and I put things in there that remind me of "me"...LOL!
I have a beehive and bees which behind sheep are my FAVORITE motifs of all :) and I made the birds Robin's because my Mom used to sing that song that has the words..."when the r-r-robin comes b-b-boppin' along..." and I remember that as a child and I just like them, so there you go - ROBINS in Von's Neighborhood! :) I love the urn on the fence there ya go Von, hope you like it....(sorry the pic's are dark....)
Here's the entire Neighborhood for Von:
The only thing left to do is sign my block and it's done!
Until next time Stitch with dancing fingers :)


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Ooooh woah, what a fabulous finish!! And I agree, it does say VONNA!! (BTW, can we get Staci to start blogging?!!) Your addition to Von's garden is beautiful, love those robins, they're darling!
    What wonderful heirlooms you have in your home!!
    Hope your day just gets better and better!! Hugs!!

  2. What a neat idea from Staci! Great stitching on Von's neighbourhood :)

  3. Great gift from Staci and a lovely idea! Von's RR is looking great too.

  4. How did Staci make the hole to put that on the ring? Did she use a grommet? That's a really great idea.

  5. I love how you decorated and all the plates are gorgeous. And I really love that wood ironing board. Your stitching looks wonderful and I love the little gift from Stacie, how sweet of her, great idea by the way. Hope you're doing well.

  6. Hi Vonna, love your decorating! Especially the picture with the fiesta ware around it. Very cute gift from Stacy and very you too. You did an awesome block for Von's RR! It's beautifl.

  7. The neighborhood RR is beautiful!, and so is your gift from Stacy. Clever idea.

    Don't you love decorating with plates? And all of yours are so pretty. I love the quilt!

  8. I love seeing pictures of your home - what a wonderful shelf you have - inever see thing like that here in the UK. Myself and Helen love plates too, and yours are wonderful.

    I like the gift you received what a clever idea and your RR is lovely.

  9. Your decorating is beautiful. What a warm and lovely home you have made for your family.

    I love the floss keeper idea. Kudos to Stacy for "inventing" it for us.

  10. Von's RR looks gorgeous - I love your block! And that floss ring tag from Staci is the cutest - what a great idea. Now if I could only figure out how she punched the hole in it.... And to see no snow outside your windows makes me very, very jealous. There is over a foot of it outside of my windows... sigh...

  11. Oh I *love* that floss ring fob! I use those floss rings, too, and that's a neat way to finish off a small. Now you need to learn how to make them so you can post a tutorial for the rest of us sewing impaired folks!

  12. What a super cleever idea! It's so neat. :-)

  13. I love your additions to Von's RR and I'm sure she will too. Staci's floss fob is such a great idea. There are so may talented, creative people out there, its amazing.

    Thanks for all the pictures of your recent decorating ~ perfect for a mid-winter pick-me-up!

  14. oh my I love that floss ring tag that Staci made for you :) sounds like we all want to know how she did it!

    Von's RR is lovely!!!

    and thanks for sharing pictures of your home .. I love the plates .. all of them and how you are displaying them! but no pictures of roosters? lol

  15. Love how you've used all those wonderful plates to decorate your home! It looks very cozy :)

    And Von's RR is really looking fantastic!!!

    And I can't take credit for the tag idea, it came from Cathsotte's blog (really great stuff there.) Although, I did do it a little differently...I ironed fusible web on both stitched pieces and omitting the cardboard in the center, just put 2 very thin pieces of batting. I poked the hole first with a sharp pair of scissors for the grommet to fit. Can't wait to see other versions of this fun finish!!!

  16. Love the floss ring and the round robin is gorgeous :-). Thanks for sharing pics of your decorating. Very inspirational. Love the plates too.

  17. I have tried to leave a comment FOUR times! I'm determined!

    I love these pictures of your home - your decorating skills are wonderful! Wish I had even a touch of your skill!

  18. Your home-decorating skills are above and beyond, them! You inspire me as it takes me like 5 years to get stuff on the walls! I love all your family special to have those in your home...I love stuff like that. Just lovely. How you find the time to decorate your home so beautifully on top of everything else...well, you boggle my mind, my friend! Kuddos to you as I always say! And if I may say so myself today. I think you need another pat on the back for all you do. I sit here and look at all your beautiful creations and the joy you bring to others with your stitching talents and gosh by are amazing. It's a shame more people in town don't tell you that cuz I know these ladies on your blog sing your praises like I do. You are certainly underappreciated and I for one want to say again how awesome you are! So, special hugs from my house down the road. You are tops in my book! Smile and keep stitching cuz I know that makes you happy! Love ya! Kel :)

  19. What a cool finish! That's definitely a "must try", isn't it?! Your decorating looks so nice... and I love that it's mostly sentimental things :)

  20. I simply LOVE to see your decoration, it's very nice to look at diferent homes in anotheer countries!! I also have plates in the wall, simply they are portuguese pottery!! I also think it's nice to know diferent ways of keeping floss, that´s a new one for me, I keep my threads/floss in a litlle box and I took them apart whwn I need them!! Thanks for your share, I love reading You, you seem SOOO nice!! ;-D Hugs and kisses! Mª João

  21. What a great surprise from Staci! I love the pics of your redecorated office ... the wooden ironing board is very neat. What a great job on the RR ... it's looking great overall. Have a wonderful evening!

  22. Wow, thanks for sharing all the pics of your house and stitching. Your grandma sounds like she was very special ;)

  23. Dianne10:00 PM

    Lots of great photos! I appreciate decorating photos too. I especially love when you display items that touch your heart or have special meaning.
    I did that same house for Annmarie last year, but I did the entire pattern from TPS. I like your special touches.
    Lovely gift from Staci too!

  24. Wow! There's so much here to comment on, Vonna!

    First off, I must say that the square you did on my rr is wonderful! I really appreciate all the touches you put into it. :)

    Next, you share my fascination with dinnerware! I wish I could have one piece of just about every pattern out there, lol! I really need to get some plate hangers so I can mount some of my collection too.

    And that ring tag is one of the most clever finishing ideas I've seen in a long time! It's brilliant!!

  25. What lovely treasures you have surrounding you and wonderful memories, too! That floss ring tag is so great! What a clever finish! And finally, your combination of designs is a fabulous addition to that neighborhood. Thanks for sharing the meaning behind your choices.

  26. Everything is so lovely and what a great bit of mail! Love your decorating!

  27. You did a fantastic job on the neighborhood RR square. I LOVE the beehive. And Staci has a marvelous idea with the floss ring keeper tag.

  28. What a fun-filled post! So much eye candy :) I love your Grandmother's quilt.


  29. I love your square for the RR.

    The Floss Ring Keeper is a lovely idea, and yes I can see the blogging world will soon be unindated with them lol.

  30. I love the way that you have used all these lovely things that were given to you to decorate your home. At least this way you can enjoy them everyday.

    Staci's floss ring is a fantastic idea and I would love to make one myself. She has stitched it so beautifully.

    The square that you have stitched for the RR is beautiful and I really love the design. The whole neighbourhood is really looking quite good.

  31. Thank you for sharing your decorating pictures - your office/computer room looks great. I love your grandma's wooden ironing board and quilt - what wonderful heirlooms. My favorite of the decorating china has to be the blue and white plates - I've always had a thing for these pates that tell a story too!

    Staci's floss ring keeper - what a brilliant idea! I, too. can see blogs being inundated with them and I know I am going to stitch one as I also work with my flosses on a ring. I don't have one of those grommet things but I suppose we could poke a hole and stitch around it.

    Thanks Staci.

    Von's RR I just love all the blocks - I am thinking maybe I should join an RR - I just adore what everyone is doing with the. I am trying to get my stitching group (there are 6 of us) interested in doing one but although one or two are interested so it looks as though it's going to have to be an online one for me. I'm not sure entirely how RR works so maybe someone will explain?

    A great post today Vonna!

  32. I have so enjoyed admiring your room with the new ways you are displaying your treasures, it looks FANTASTIC :)

    Another FANTASTIC is Von's RR your addition is so right for the neighbourhood :)

    Lastly but no means least what a FANTASTIC thread holder from talented , kind Staci. I think we all want one LOL

    Enjoy your day today :)

  33. Good morning Vonna - I hope your spirits are picking up. I love your home decor. That antique ironing board is beautiful - and even more so since you don't have to use it. I love all your plates and how you have decorated with them. My favorites are the blue plates.
    Your addition to Von's neighborhood is beautiful and looks so nice with the others.
    Staci has created a wave with her floss ring keeper - a new tutorial for Vonna perhaps?
    Take care my friend

  34. Oh wow, Vonna, what a beautiful gift from Staci. It is a fantastic idea!

    Love Von's neighbourhood RR. It's so pretty.

    I love the pictures of your home. Thank you so much for sharing them.

    Hope you are feeling much brighter.

  35. I love the little tag from Staci - what a great idea!

    The RR is looking great - love your square!

    The re-decorating in your house looks wonderful - I especially love the quilt that your grandmother made - what a fantastic heirloom :)

  36. wonderful gift from staci. must try one of those. vons rr looks fab too. xx

  37. What a cool idea! Love it, your rr is looking great. I just received the round for me! I love the way you decorated with a china, I have 2 pieces of Fiesta ware! Love it!

  38. Hi Vonna,

    I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of your charming, cozy home. I love all of the beautiful things that you've inherited from family, and the stories that you told about them. All the different plates hung in groupings around the room are a great way to display them and add interest to the wall space.

    What a beautiful finish Staci did for you. I don't think I've ever seen a stitching project finished like this. Very useful, and also very pretty. Is this a LHN design do you think??

    Von's RR is really coming along, and looks fantastic. I really love what you chose to do in your square. Especially the garden gate, and the pattern woven into it. The robins are a nice touch too. And I love the gazebo with it's cross paned windows.

    The LHN freebie that you made into a Pinkeep for Janaina is so pretty. The pins that you used around the outside are such a gorgeous colour and really stand out in the photo.


  39. Love your decorating! I too have dishes on my walls...

    And your new floss ring is just too special! What a clever idea! I have my floss in baggies for projects on rings, but, never would have thought to make a keeper like this! Mighty clever stitcher!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and your kind words.

    Hugs & stitches...

  40. The neighborhood turned out fantastic!!! I love the floss ring keeper too, what a fabulous idea! I keep my thread kitted up this way as well. Your redecorating is wonderful. I especially like the ironing board with the quilt. I have my grandmother's wooden ironing board too.

  41. Oooooo… so many great pictures. Your house looks great! I like the plates you hung up, very fun :) Staci made you the coolest thread ring holder! We do need to get Staci blogging :D

    Von’s NRR looks beautiful, you did such nice job on it.

  42. OMG, I L-O-V-E that floss fob! Please email me when you can and let me know if she had used batting inside or had she used cardboard. I must make this :)
    Thanks for more wonderful pics of your beautifully decorated home. How lucky you are to have all those treasures from your grandmother! Love the wooden ironing board and quilt.
    Beautiful NRR...Thanksfully I completed mine in time for the 2/1 mailing.

  43. Von's neighborhood looks fantastic! Some gorgeous stitching there! And I LOVE the floss ring fob Staci sent you!

  44. Such fun to catch up with you, Vonna. I'm loving that thread ring, too. What a great way to do a giftie! And, of course, Von's RR looks great with your addition. PS is so rich in things to choose from. I love how you put it all together, Vonna. You are the best! Hugs, Deb

  45. Hello Vonna dear, I did a fly by of your blog yesterday and was coming back today to comment on this post especially, to say:
    1. I love all your decorating, especially the wonderful dishes! I am a big lover of beautiful plates.
    2. beautiful job on the RR!
    3. I must know how to make that great floss fob!! I see with relief that I am not the only one clammoring to learn that great creative new finishing technique. Staci deserves kudos for coming up with it. If you can figure it out for us, pretty pretty please will you make a tutorial?? :) (Insert Bambi eyes here)

    Also, I am just tickled pink that you joined the LHN group, not only b/c I think you will sooo enjoy being among other "rabid" LHN fans but b/c I get around to reading those messages even more than I manage to read blogs and I will love "seeing" you there! I have missed the exchange board but it was the right decision for me with my crazy schedule right now. Speaking of, I really must get ready for work! Have a beautiful day.


  46. Wow that floss ring is beautiful! So is Von's RR its shaping up great!

  47. I made a few stitches today. I had to make them outside. The inside lightning is so poor. The autumn is coming, and winter, and Finland is getting darker.


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