Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Frosty Friend

Hello Friends!
Yesterday I received an exchange from my Frosty Friend ~ Jeanne and here is what she stitched for me:

Frosty Friends Door Knocker!
Isn't it sweet?!
I believe this is from Heart in Hand Winter Needleroll/Fobs Leaflet
(if you look *really* closely...you can see the Needleroll version that I received last year from Cathy B. in the Winter Wonderland Exchange! LOL! Jeanne picked it out right away that I had the Needleroll version as well...no matter because BOTH are lovely stitched and finished. I especially LOVE door knob hangers because they make me happy when I see them hanging there...I have this one haning on our downstairs bathroom door (which is near the foyer and I decorate seasonally)!
And here's all the goodies Jeanne sent me:

I'm ashamed to admit that the DOVE bar is history....the kisses have been divided amongst the three big kids...but the patterns, now there's something to savor! Jeanne sent me Blackbird Designs "Awake the Dawning Day" and a completely kitted Little House Needleworks "Snowflakes"...LOVE them both! Thank you so much Jeanne for your attention to detail and your generosity, I appreciate them both! Makes me sad that I only have 1 more exchange to go on the SBEBB.
Yesterday was as you read....a busy day.....and it wasn't made any better by me being a complete grouch. Ever have one of those days when your brain is telling you to be "nice" and your mouth is opened and stuff is flying out of it that is "not nice"? Well that was my day yesterday...we got through it, but I was a real grouch the whole day, leaving me feel quite badly about myself, and trying to start today with a prayer to be nicer and do things with more grace and love rather than nastiness...let's hope I got it out of my system, I hate feeling like this.
Have a great day, today is supposed to be my Dear Diary Sampler day...but I've GOT to finish an exchange or I'm in deep trouble! I don't have much stitching left so maybe I'll be able to eeek in a little on the Sampler if not...I'll do it tomorrow! Until next time.....


  1. What a lovely door hanger - love that tassel.
    As for having those days when your brain says be nice but your mouth doesn't quite get the message, I have way too many of those so I totally understand.
    Hope today is a better day for you.

  2. You are such an early bird Vonna !!

    I love this exchange you have received the finishing looks a great idea and just a little bit different :-))

    We can all be a grump on odd days lol

  3. Wow - your door hanger is just beautiful - well done to Jeanne!

    I had a really grumpy day yesterday too but fortunately I was home on my own! The day ended really well too with some great stitching progress.

    I'm sure today will be better!

  4. What great goodies!! I just love Blackbird and Jeanne's stitching is beautiful.

    I hope you have a wonderful day~maybe it was something in the air..I was kinda grouchy too! :)


  5. Oh, yeah, I sure recognize "those" kind of days. Ugh! I hope today you're feeling more like yourself.

    That's a great exchange! I love the door knocker finish!!

  6. Awesome door knocker !! Hope you have a better day.

  7. Your doorhanger is just gorgeous, the finishing is superb! Congrats on such a lovely exchange :)

    I know what you mean about having a grouchy day, but I can hardly believe nasty things coming from you. You are kind, thoughtful, generous...I could go on and on--we're our own worst critics so don't be too hard on yourself, you're only human :) {{hugs}}

  8. Beautiful gift from Jeanne. I love door hangers too. The dove bar wouldn't have lasted lone with me either ;)

  9. Wow what a fantastic exchange!! Well done and have fun!

  10. Wow, that's beautiful!! I love the patchwork colours. A great exchange and some fabulous goodies! :)

  11. LUCKY! What a beautiful way to finish that piece, I love it and the other items...very nice!

  12. Oh that door knocker is just so cute. Lots of other good stuff too. Enjoy!

  13. Happy New Year, My Friend! :) And LOL...are you really ever a grouch!? You might think you are, but you never come across that way. Truly...you are always sunshine and smiles in my eyes :) Hang in there and take it all in stride like you always seem to do. As I always say you deserve an award for ALL you do...and then for your amazing stitching on top of that. Kudos to you! Miss ya' and we'll see you next week! Hugs, Kel :)

  14. Wow great gifts you have there!!!
    All the best chocolates and stitching now there is the life of Riley!
    The door knocker is a great Idea. It is sweet!
    I hope you have a great day after your tough one. We are entitled to those days as well!
    Stitch with happy fingers!

  15. Oh yes, I'm familiar with those kind of days. When I'm in a funk like that, I'm almost happier being snarky than nice...and that's not good. I'm sometimes unfit for human interaction...LOL!

    Have a Krispy Kreme donut...those suckers cure *anything*. :-)

  16. G'day from Australia, from a fellow chocoholic!

    I did like your statement about ``more grace''. We could all do with that!!

  17. That's a beautiful excange . I love the finish. I will have to go visit her, I dont think I have seen her blog before.
    I do hope you are getting along better today. Everyone had those days, you are not alone, lol. Love that AMAP design too.
    I dont think fox kill sheep, just smaller things like mice and chicken. Coyote kill sheep though.
    Take Care!!

  18. Dianne3:18 PM

    Hi Vonna,
    Mostly (like 99.9%) you are quite sweet and dear to us all. Lots of stuff can make you grouchy and you are allowed to be that way too. I have a lot on my plate right now (trying to get things ready to mail as I didn't get birthday, grad and holiday gifts to some on their special days). I hate that! It was just a crazy November and December for me.
    Anyway, I just used your flat fold tutorial-thanks so much for that! I just have to do the ribbon around the edge and it can be sent on it's merry way (ah that was due in October). Watch for it on my blog soon-like a week or so.
    Love your exchanges! : )

  19. Everyone deserves a grumpy day! LOL! Love your door knocker, I'm sad too, I don't have anymore exchanges on the SBEBB:( Bummer!
    Great gifties too!

  20. Absolutely beautiful!!! Enjoy it Vonna!

  21. The exchange is beautiful. Have had those grouchy days myself. My poor husband is usually the receiver of all my grumpiness.

  22. What a beautiful exchange! I love that door knocker...I haven't seen that type of finishing before, and it is wonderful :)

  23. Love the door hanger! It is really gorgeous!!!!

  24. I love the door hanger, I have never seen something like this before. Your exchange gifts are great, Jeanne was so generous. By the way, I also love the fair and square exchange you stitched, where do you get all this inspiration. The Mon Ami Pierre design is so gorgeous, I can see why you are tempted.

    Mmm, I have those grouchy days and even the smallest and simplest things set me off. My husband calls them my "Itching for a Fight Days" and tries to avoid me as much as he can, lol! Bless him!

  25. Maybe your Manic Monday brought out that mood! Surely you must be tired after a day like that, so it's no wonder you're having an off day. Hopefully you'll be in good spirits tomorrow.
    The door knocker is really neat. I've never seen one of these.

  26. Your snowmen are adorable, and I love the fabric combination used. Nice gift! Oh yes, the Dove chocolate would be history with me too!

    Not to worry about the grouch coming out. That happens to everyone at one time or another - just part of life.

  27. That's funny; I can't picture you being a grouch. I hope that today is a better day for you!

  28. Hope your day will be better today! This is a great exchange that you received! The extra's are wonderful too!

  29. lovely doorhanger and great stash I can see why the chocolate was history lol

  30. What a beautiful door hanger!

  31. I love that doorhanger! And very nice gifts also!

  32. What a gorgeous exchange! I love the door hanger!


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