Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ornaments galore!

Hello Stitching Buddies :) Hope that all is well and right in your world. I need to do a quick post because there was a couple of parcels that were delivered successfully yesterday.

First up is dear Mary Kathryn....she was my Stitching Blogger's Birthday/Christmas Club partner this year and I must say the experience was a lovely one for me. I didn't "know" Mary Kathryn, but I got to by reading her blog to determine what she liked for her Birthday last January 31. Lucky for me, I've met a wonderful, spirit filled woman that I so enjoy to hop over to her blog and read her entries...she has amazing decorating, color sense and most of the time, I want to copy all she does...LOL!

This is the "Christmas" part of her package for this year:

Designer: Prairie Schooler

Design taken from Designer Series leaflet "Home for the Holidays" this is the church

Fabric: Sassy's Fabbys in Khaki 32 ct. Lugana

Fibers: DMC

Finished as Ruffle Edged Ornament

Thank you Mary Kathryn for allowing me to be your partner :) It's been a fun getting to know the woman behind the blog :)

Next Up: Tessa and Maddi sent Katie and I a lovely HUGE parcel yesterday....

The parcel occupants can be seen at Katie's blog, Here is what I received from sweet Tessa:

Reindeer Door Knob Ornament from Tessa

Isn't it the sweetest? I love it....We were spoiled with Christmas chocolates, stitching kits, buttons, a stuffed bilby, keyring, more and more....Both Katie and I were blown away. Sweet Tessa and Dearest Maddi, thank you! You made Katie's and my night last night :)

Finally, thank you for your kind words about my MIL's gift. It was packaged and DH took it to work to mail today :) It will be a day late, but that couldn't be helped...it had to dry. I will say one thing....I stitched so much and so fast that my "middle man" - needle pushing finger was swollen and inflammed yesterday! LOL! I have a large callous on it anyway, but I think I pushed it over the edge! But I can't let it stop me...I have to start my Fair and Square exchanges today! Or at least one of them anyway....

Until the next time....have a great day and smile to show the Christmas Spirit!


  1. Beautiful gifts Vonna. I do love the ornament you sent to Mary Kathryn.

  2. Very lovely gifts Vonna - both given and received. Happy Holidays!

  3. Gorgeous finishing for MaryKathryn, Vonna!
    I love both ornies very much!
    Your works always look cheerful (sorry for my poor English...), they make me smile!

  4. I hope your finger will be better very soon! I usually hurt my right pointer finger to mess up my stitching plans. ;) Getting your MILs gift out in time was certainly worth the damage, though!

    That's some lovely stitching you've shown today. Love what Tessa sent, and your exchange to Mary Katherine is GORGEOUS. What did you use for that trim??

  5. So cute! Love everything. I hope your stitching finger heals quickly!

  6. I love the way you edged the ornament. How do you do that?

  7. Wonderful ornaments Vonna. I'm curious... as I've never found an answer how do you attach a ruched ribbon to the edge of an ornament, etc?

  8. Your ornaments, both given and received, are wonderful Vonna!

  9. Hi dear friend!!!

    Your ornament for Mary Kathryn is lovely! Lucky Lady!! (I have the one you made for me right on the center of the tree!)

    Have a super Holiday Season!

  10. Great gifts Vonna, I love it all. TFS

  11. very pretty ornie!

  12. What wonderful gifts!! I like your MILs gift too. xx

  13. What a cute reindeer on this ornament!! I look at what you stitched for your MIL and envy the relationship you must have with her to stitch something so nice for her. My MIL needs a lump of coal in her stocking this year hehehehehe. I think she will just love your stitching!! Debby :)

  14. I love the PS ornament for Mary Kathryn! What is the trim which you used on this one? It's so pretty!
    How delightful for both you and Katie to receive that Christmas package. The reindeer ornament is adorable.

  15. Stacey9:26 PM

    That reindeer is adorable!

    And the ornament is lovely!! Good job!

  16. Stitchers are so generous and I just love your ornament and the Reindeer one that you received.

    Have a great holiday with your family and Merry christmas.

  17. What great gifts. I also love what you made for you MIL ~ you are so fast at putting a gift together! I'm impressed :) Be kind to that finger.


  18. Anonymous7:40 AM

    They are both gorgeous!

  19. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Mary Katherine is a friend of mine and I always think of her as "graceful living"!


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