Thursday, December 20, 2007

Corn, Squares, Goodies and Goals....

Lot's to share in a short amount of time....
LOVELY Fair and Square friendship squares from the sweetie AmySC. She picked out squares that fit me to a "T" and stitched them in silk...what more can a girl ask for?!
Then on top of those lovely squares she sent me a little Christmas surprise:

Blackbird Designs "LOOSE FEATHER" charts...that I'm *really* wanting to start "collecting" and two skeins of Holiday WDWs threads in the varigated colors "Bethlehem" and "Noel". Thank you Amy your friendship means a lot to me! And it's always a special day when we exchange ideas and e-mails and find our "ideas" are often too large for our wee fingers to stitch! LOL! Thanks for being there!

Then this is my "autoshipment" from DSL I got my last installment of CCN's cottage houses threadpack series and I added Fear Not by Midsummer Night Designs, I all of a sudden have fallen in love with MND's....I have one waiting in the wings to "start" in the new year...Love them!

Why was I so tired last night you ask? Well feast your eyes on this:

It was my yearly Caramel Corn Extravaganza day! This is what the packages look like individually...the little ornaments were made by my children. They are the Christmas presents for their teachers at school.

Here's the whole pile of Christmas Presents...the big naked bags in the back are for my Dad and Mom...I figured theirs didn't need embellishment.
So today we will trek to school carrying 8 bags of caramel corn for the teachers. My kids only have one teacher each, but there are so many people that "help" my kids and I've developed relationships with them, so I'm gifting them too. I already took a 2.5 gallon bag of Caramel Corn in yesterday to the school office for the secretaries and principals. So today it's everyone else.
This week at school has been basically all play and no work for my kids. Last evening Ian told me that he could "get used to going to school if it was like this all the time" !!! LOL! On Tuesday they had the Accelerated Reader Convocation and there were 3 little Pfeiffer kids that were announced and got to walk up on stage and receive their certificates for meeting AR Goals! HURRAY Katie, Ian and Jacob!!! Mom was so proud! WHOO HOO! Today is the Accelerated Reading "Goal Party" - so those that made the goals gets to play BUNCO this afternoon at school. That's a high pressure situation for the boys, because it's a timed game and involves rolling dice and they sort of fall apart when it comes to involving a lot of different motor skills in a short amount of time. Believe me, I know how nervous and stressed they get playing Yahtzee turbo...but we'll have a talk about it being a "fun" time not a "beat everyone" sort of time....Katie just hopes they aren't on her team...LOL!
Well today is supposed to be CdC stitching time...but I don't think I'm going to be able to work it in this week....I just have too much to stitch and not a lot of time....I am DEFINITELY slowing down on exchanges next year, I'm burning myself out.
Until next time, may you fingers dance across your fabric as you stitch!


  1. hmmmm, that caramel corn looks yummy!!!
    Congrats to Katie, Ian and Jacob. You must be proud!
    Love those BD charts :)

  2. Anonymous8:26 AM

    What a lovely square and gorgeous presents, Vonna!!
    Clever kidies you've got! Bet you were beaming when they were standing on stage!!

  3. The popcorn looks delicious! I know what you mean about the kids and school. I don't think much has been going on at Joshua's school either! Oh well, it's the most wonderful time of the year, right?

  4. What beautiful gifts you received from Amy - the sheep is so cute! I recently received the newest Loose Feathers, and isn't it beautiful?!!

    Wow, you are a great mom to fix all those bags of caramel corn for the teachers! And, how sweet of your children to make ornaments!

    I have also fallen in love with Midsummer Nights Designs. I love the newest one - Fear Not!

    Have fun!

  5. The squares are beautiful! Great stash you have gotten too:)

    Congrats to the kids for meeting their AR goals!

  6. Me too, me too, me too - I want popcorn too!!! Just kidding. Not good for the diet but sure looks divine.
    Your exchange is beautiful. Isn't it amazing how wonderful all the stitchers are and how stunning their work is.
    Congrats on the awards for the kiddies. One proud momma I bet!!
    Check out the SAL blog today. There is a special message.

  7. The caramel corn is so wonderful looking. There was a family who made that every year when I was a kid--and the funny thing is, I remember their gift to our family and not any others. I feel as you do about the MNDs and I have a couple of them waiting in the wings for the new year!

  8. Yummy looking caramel corn !!! Congratulations to your kids !

  9. Lots of pretty things to look at! And no wonder you are so tired!

  10. You've been busy!

  11. What great giftees! Both that you received and are giving! That corn looks yummy... but, probably contains lots of sugar!

    I bet you are just bursting with pride for your kidlets! Way to go, Kids! and parents too!!!

    Best to you and yours for the Holidays!

    Hugs and Stitches...

  12. Congratulations to all your children, you must be so pround. I love all the charts and the WDW colours, wow, I think I might put them on my shopping list. Hehehe!

    The caramel corn looks yummy.

  13. Oh YUM that popcorn looks wonderful and how fun!! I'm sure the bestowed with enjoy it so much.


  14. Beautiful gifts!!

  15. Congratulations on your children. I bet you are very proud and rightly so.
    Your goodies look quite interesting and I look forward to seeing some of them made up.
    I also just wanted to wish you and your lovely family a very Merry Xmas and New Year. I hope Santa is good to you this year. - Take care - Sandra.

  16. Congratulation to your kids! I understnad those AR goals.
    BTW, we have got to have that recipe for the corn! Hope to see one soon!
    Paula D

  17. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Congrats to Katie, Ian, and Jacob!

    I like the Evergreen chart... hadn't seen it before.

  18. Wow those popcorn bags look fantastic! Very lucky teachers:)

    Your F&S squares from Amy are lovely as are the BD charts. The Evergreen one is gorgeous.

  19. Lovely F&S to receive!

  20. Mmmmmmmm, carmel corn!! They must love you at that school, lol!

  21. Goodness, Christmas in your home was a wonderland of goodies, Vonna!! You received such beautiful things. And, the candy corn looks fabulous! What fun! Hugs, Deb

  22. I too have been falling in love with those Midsummer Night's pieces. Beautiful! Oh, what wonderful gifts for the teachers - they will love it! My mom made some popcorn balls for me this year, which I have been enjoying. Congrats to your Accelerated Readers!

  23. Your kids did great, V! You have all the reasons to be proud.


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