Thursday, November 29, 2007

USEBB Ornie Exchange and The Busy Elf!

Hello Friends :)
Thanks for all the well wishes, the tummy is doing much better. I had a slight case of it this time, maybe it is because I've had the stomach flu so many times in the past 10 years of being a mother that I'm becoming immune to it! LOL!
Anyway on with the show! Today (must to my delight and surprise!) I had a package in my mailbox! Whoot for me :) It was the USEBB ornie exchange *already* (mine's not done yet...shame on me!) from Becky K. She made me a lovely hardanger christmas tree:
Isn't it fabulous?! I love it and our initials on the back! I shall always remember it each year as I lovingly hang it on my tree! Thank you so much is perfect! Becky also spoiled me (and my family) ROTTEN! Here's a snap of all the many extras she sent us:

She gave me a loose feathers chart...I had just been admiring this on one of our fellow blogger's blog, now I have my own copy!, she also sent me a tin of altoids (LOVE THEM!) and a cute snowman tin, two BIG cadbury chocolate bars (I'm not sharing), 5 handmade icicle ornies (for my 5 little icicles ~Keith (dh) and kids~) this brought a big smile to my face and they are hanging on our tree right now! Becky sent along 4 coloring books for my little devils, I mean angels, and Ellie the queen bee, is coloring in it as I type. She enthusiastically told me that she "wuves puppies" interpreted she "loves puppies". Becky also included a lovely handwritten card with a sweet note to boot! Thanks Becky K, you made my day! (awww...that rhymes!)
Next up ~ that sleuthy elf ~ has STRUCK again! The mysterious Santa's Helper has once again struck at my house! My daughter Katie was gifted on Monday....and today I was gifted! That sweet guy or gal...whomever it may be ;) .....sent me a lovely skein of GAST misletoe. I think I'll hang it over a doorway and make my husband kiss me tonight! *wink* *wink*

Thank you sweet elf - whomever she/he may be! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and your kindness, it makes me smile to think someone thinks enough of me to gift me! And dear elf...YOU are making quite a stir!
On a side note....Ellie, who has become a most delightful sentence maker....told me this morning in no uncertain terms this: "Mom, Ellie is funny!" here I said, "MmmHmmm." then I guess she didn't think she had my attention so she then stated: "I'm pretty too!" Glad to know that she has a strong sense of self confidence. Yep, she's a princess for sure! LOL!
Finally, did you hear the angels singing?! I know I've been giving them quite a work out lately, but FINALLY, and I mean finally...I got my USEBB ornie stitched. Now on to the finishing.
Thanks for visiting and all your lovely comments and gestures :) Until next time - keep on stitchin'!


  1. What wonderful gifts!! And kids can be so funny. I have an almost 3-year-old sister and she says interesting things all the time.

    I have a question. I saw your pinkeep tutorial (love it! I have bookmarked it). Can you tell me the design that's stitched on it? I love it and would love to get the pattern. Thanks! Danielle

  2. WOOT!! Our Elfin strikes again : ) What a sweet & thoughtful person. And, lovely green fiber, too.

    WOW -- awesome exchange gifts!! Enjoy the day. Good to hear you are feeling better.

  3. Wonderful exchange!!!
    Glad to know your feeling better :)

  4. The ornament is beautiful and the goodies you received with it are wonderful.

    Wow the elf has been very busy! I've seen quite a few bloggers who have been blessed by him/her. That is a lovely shade of green.

  5. Your Ellie is a hoot, Vonna! And how old is she again? I'm sure Pelle is secretly thinking all of this, but I have yet to hear him say it!
    Lovely gifts, too.
    Oh, you have been tagged :o)

  6. Your exchange from Becky is lovely. I thing she is the same person I had for an exchange from Dani's blog. she is a beautiful stitcher and her goodies are amazing. I see the mystery Santa has struck again!
    That Ellie sounds like a mess!!
    Hugs to all

  7. Oh what lovely things! How wonderful!

  8. Hiya Vonna. That really is a lovely ornament and exchange! It was so thoughtful of her to include things for the whole family.

    I was struck by the elf today as well! I just haven't had time to charge my digi cam battery and post pics, yet! I wonder who it could be and how they got all of our addresses?!

  9. What a great exchange and I'm glad you are feeling better!

  10. You have been spoiled!

    I love the Christmas tree ornament - it's gorgeous! And, I'm so jealous you got the latest Loose Feathers design. I love that one.

    So, the little elf visited you too! What a fun mystery.

  11. The ornie is stunning! Wonderful exchange:)

  12. The ornament is gorgeous, and a wonderful exchange. I don't blame you for not wanting to share the chocolate!

  13. So glad you are feeling better. Your ornament is beautiful~the other goodies look extra special too! Michelle

  14. What a fabulous exchange from Becky!! The ornament is sooo pretty!! And what an excellent use for the Christmas floss. You don't mind if I steal your idea, do you... LOL!!!

  15. Nice exhcange! Love the christmas tree ornie!

  16. Wow gorgeous ornie and goodies. How generous of Becky! and who is this mysterious elf?? I have seen others who have been gifted by him or her too. xx

  17. What a pretty ornament, nice exchanges.

  18. Lovely exchange - how thoughtful of Becky to send gifts for the kids too!!

  19. What a lovely ornament, and some nice goodies.

    Are you sure you don't want to share the Cadbury's with me (I have a major weakness for it!)

  20. What a great exchange! The tree ornament is gorgeous!

  21. Coonie11:54 AM

    Beautiful ornie and lovely goodies!
    So the secret Santa sent you a surprise too :)

    Happy weekend

  22. Oh, what lovely goodies you've received!! :D :D And Ellie just cracks me up. She and Rowen really should get together!!

  23. What your daughter said to you just made my day. She's got a great personality!

    The ornament you received is beautiful!

  24. did you receive your package yet?

  25. Love the ornie so pretty and what goodies you recieved nice exchange!!

  26. What a fabulous exchange! Love Becky's ornament and she sent some lovely goodies too.

  27. What a great exchange gift. I hope to join the SBEBB for next year. Can't wait! Looks like there has been a thread fairy visiting quite a few mailboxes this last week. What a lovely person!

  28. What lovely gifts to get and the RR square you just finished looks wonderful. The fabric on the RR was great with the designs, like you I can think of a lot of projects that it would be perfect to use for.

  29. Vonna that ornament is beautiful!

    I bet that floss if from someone in our RR!

  30. Lucky you, an exchange from Becky K...She does beautiful work and so very generous!!! ENJOY!

    Thanks for the heads up on the Neighborhood RR. I am very excited!

  31. You have received a wonderful exchange package from Becky, and the Christmas tree ornament is beautiful. I wonder if we will ever find out who the mystery elf is.

  32. Ellie sounds so cute!!
    I was gifted with some floss today too. Im intrigued!
    Lovely christmas ornie you received

  33. Wow what a wonderful ornament I love the tree. And all the other wonderful gifts it almost seems obsessive (not). Then the mystery gift too. Lucky lady. Enjoy

  34. What a lovely exchange. I have to be honest and say I would go straight for the chocolate. LOL!

  35. Hello! I'm from Portugal and I loved to see your stiches! I wanna know how do you do the tin topper, they are lovely! Do you cut the tin? I've never saw these kind of works in my country, neither the biscornus (I did one, but I've only a little time because of my baby daugther). Please, explain me in a coment in my blo or just here! Thank you, have a nice week! Mª João

  36. Hi Vonna! Your exchange ornaments from Becky is so stunning!
    I love hardangar, too!
    It's really beautiful, indeed!
    Lucky you!!

    By the way, I saw so many people have got beautiful thread from secret Santa, I'm really curious about it! :D

  37. What a wonderful exchange. I had an exchange with Becky as well. How lovely!
    Have a great day!

  38. What wonderful gifts! I love that tree!

  39. What a wonderful ornie you got there.
    I wonder who the 'elf' is, its intrigueing isn't it, I have my suspicions though!!

  40. Wonderful gifts for you - Becky's ornament is really beautiful, hasn't she done a wonderful job!

    Ha ha, sounds like Ellie knows herself quite well ;)

  41. Hello! I really didn't saw your explanation but now, I did! I'll need to translate some of the words but it's easier... I loved the pinkep, they're lovely! Thank you for your great help! Love for you and your beautifull family, Mª João

  42. Dear Vonna,

    I came home from a long day at work, had a quick dinner, a shower and then came into my computer/stitching room to settle and check my blog. And I found that you had left a comment there.

    I can't tell you how delighted I was. I must confess that I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, but I don't think that I've ever left a comment before.

    Please pardon my gushing, but I've admired your stitching, and most especially your finishing, for so long. You have magic needles Vonna.
    It's always a treat to check in and see what you've been stitching or finishing. So to have you visit my blog just knocked my socks off...or it would have if I was wearing them.

    You've received such a beautiful exchange from Becky K. I love that Xmas tree, with the silver trim. And so many goodies with it. Mmmm Cadbury's chocolate. I confess that I've never tried Altoids before, and I'm not even sure that we can get them here in Canada. But I know how coveted the tins are by stitchers these days.

    The mystery elf who's sending little packages all over the world has certainly got everyone wondering, and puzzling about who she/he might be. What a wonderful thing to do to celebrate the season.

    I love the little house that you stitched for Cindy's RR. It's so pretty, and I love the colours that you used. I've never heard of this designer before. I think Cindy's going to love her RR. Everyone who's contributed to it has made lovely design and colour selections.

    Kim Harrison's Books are:
    1) Dead Witch Walking
    2) The Good, The Bad and the Undead
    3) Every Which Way but Dead
    4) A Fistful of Charms
    5) For A Few Demons More (newest)

    If you love Kim Harrison, may I also recommend Kelley Armstrong. Ontario based writer who is fantabulous! I devour her books.
    I haven't read Kenyon's books yet, although I have a friend that adores her.

    Oops!! This is turning into one of my epics. Better go. Once again Vonna thanks so much for visiting my blog. It really made my day.


  43. What a beautiful ornament! I tried Hardanger at my stitching retreat and although I enjoyed it, I think I'll stitch to my cross stitch!
    Becky was so sweet to include everyone in her gifting. I love the icicles!
    Ellie sounds like a real cutie. I can't wait until my granddaughters are talking.
    Glad to hear you're feeling better!

  44. Lovely Exchange, and the Elf struck at my home too, that is one busy elf.

  45. Wonderful exchange, Vonna! And I absolutely love the family picture you have posted ~ with the kids and their Xmas stockings!! Its great, you should have been a photographer!


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