Sunday, October 07, 2007

Friendship Squares....

Dear Staci, (who doesn't maintain a personal blog as yet), was my partner on Fair and Square for this third round. She has me pegged apparently because look at these beauties that she stitched up just for me!!!!
Gorgeous aren't they? I love them. Of course I'll be making them into a pinkeep soon! Staci also sent me some sweet goodies that I can't get a decent picture I'll have to describe what she sent. She sent me some seed pods that look like tiny pumpkins and are smell good bowl fillers, some lovely wood and plastic rings for floss fobs or other crafts and some hand made beautiful floss bobbins. All lovely and well received here! Thank you dear Staci for your thoughtfulness and these lovely squares. They are perfectly stitched!

What have I been up to? Well I've been stitching and stitching some secret surprises for some special ladies. Hopefully I can get those wrapped up and sent off in the next week. I won't be on-line much this week because I've got a load on my plate...tomorrow (Monday 10/8) I have my bridgework done on my front teeth. Soon, I'll have the front teeth I've always dreamed of! Albeit a little pain, I'm sure - this all happens in the a.m.....whilst in the p.m. I have my first Girl Scout meeting with my troop for the new school year. Hmmm...hope I can talk! LOL! Then on Tuesday I think I have a down day, but on Wednesday, my children's PTO is hosting a Staff Appreciation Lucheon...guess who the organizer is? You guessed it good 'ol Vonna. Honestly folks, I don't know how I get hooked into these things. But anyway after Wednesday, I think I have a relatively down week. But my house is due for it's monthy "deep, deep, deep" cleaning and that always exhausts me. But it'll get done I'm sure.

Well dear friends, that's all I have for today. What a boring post....hope that this all finds you well and stitching your little fingers to the bone. Thanks for your visits and many thanks for your comments. Have a great week! :)


  1. I never think your posts are boring, Vonna! You have such an interesting life - stitching and nonstitching wise. You are proof of the old adage "if you want to get something done, ask a busy person."

    It is really fun to see Staci's work - she always writes such nice comments on my blog and I always wanted to thank her but she didn't have a blog I could post to. So if you see this, Staci - thank you!

  2. Staci does beautiful work. I love the alphabet she used. The front square is so cute. Who is the designer?

    Any dental work done on the front teeth is incredibly painful. If your dentist uses nitrous (sp) gas as a relaxer, ask for it. It does wonders for the chicken hearted, mainly me!

  3. love the squares Staci stitched for you :)

    good luck with the dental work .. never fun but I'm sure you'll love the results!

    and you are never boring sweetie .. just a busy busy mom .. I do remember those days, and miss them sometimes too :)

  4. Staci's square with the squirrels is adorable, what a great piece!

  5. busy week! I am sure all will go well with your teeth! I don't have any front teeth! LOL! Huggles!

  6. Great squaares!!
    Hope you can do some stitching during the next week...seems like you are going to be busy busy busy!!!

  7. Staci stitched you some lovely squares! Hope the bridgework goes well, and we'll need a picture of you with your new smile!

  8. Vonna,

    The squares you received from Staci are going to make a wonderful fob. I hope the week goes well for you.

  9. Lovely squares, those will make a beautiful pinkeep!

  10. These are great squares that Staci has made for you. I would love to give Fair and Square a go, maybe next year.

  11. A MONTHLY deep cleaning? Oh dear - that's scary. You must never come to my house. It's lucky to recieve an annual deep cleaning!

    Your F&S squares are lovely! But the deadline is Nov 2, right? I haven't goofed, have I?

    Good luck with the bridgework. Having happy teeth is such a good feeling!

  12. what a great exchange! Enjoy it! Sounds like you have alot to keep you busy for a few days! I hope everything goes well! I always look forward to reading your blog!

  13. Staci's squares are lovely Vonna.

    I hope your dental work goes well.

  14. Good luck with the dental work, Vonna!

    Your fair & square exchange is cute - gotta love the LHN!

  15. Hello my BUSY BEE friend :) Good luck with the dental work :) And everything else you have on the go this week :)

    I love your squares from Staci :)


  16. You are in my thoughts and prayers this morning as I know you are facing a boring dental appt today!! Wishing you lovely thoughts to occupy you in that chair! I know all will go well :-) {{{HUGS}}}

    What great squares from Staci... I think we have all caught on to how much you do love LHN - LOL!!

    OK, a pic of the pretty new smile, please??

  17. I love the squares from Staci! So pretty.
    Hope your week goes ok. Sounds busy! Good luck with the cleaning...ive just had a weekend of deep deep cleaning so i know how it feels!

  18. Oh I love the squares, they are perfect!

    New teeth, deep deep deep cleaning. Shudder. Sometimes I'm just happy to be me :) Hope the teeth aren't too painful!!!

  19. The squares are gorgeous.

    Vonna, you should receive the second parcel for the seasonal exchange in the next days :)

  20. Oh, that's lovely! I love her signature square!

  21. Love those squares!!! xx

  22. Such cute designs beautifully stitched, and your post is not boring at all! As for the GS meeting, maybe they have a dental badge everyone can work on?

  23. Good luck at the dentist! Your F&S blocks are lovely :-D

  24. Such beautiful F&S blocks! (OMG I am so behind on that :-O) I look forward to seeing the completed pinkeep!
    I also look forward to a picture of your beautiful smile once your dental work is completed :-D.
    I too am having work done...2 crowns.
    BTW: Thanks for another great tutorial and for the new blogs you recommended.

  25. Never boring! Good luck with the GS meeting, the luncheon, and your teeth! I know what you mean about how do you get talked into doing things! My hubby has yet had a chance to watch the football game with his wife seated next to him at our son's high school. If we don't do it, who will? That's what I say.
    Have a great week!

  26. Hope your appointment went well. The squares are great.
    My daughter gave me a doll once that said....
    "Housework makes you ugly".....
    So, I avoid it & only do it if I get a reward, like a stitching party or new stash or a vacation or dinner & a movie...

  27. The square with the squirels are cute.
    Hope everything went o.k. with the dentist today.
    Take care!!

  28. I don't think things sound boring at all! I think it certainly sounds a lot more exciting than my week will be, lol!
    Your squares received are really cute. Sounds like it was a lovely exchange.

  29. Staci did a beautiful job on the friendship squares. Thanks for you kind words and prayers. You and your family will certainly be in mine.

  30. These are beautiful blocks from Staci! I love the alphabet she used for the signature block.
    I hope the staff apprecaition luncheon went well today.

  31. What wonderful F&S to receive!

  32. Gorgeous stitching! Good luck with the dental situation. I am sure it will be fine in the end.


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