Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall days, exchanges, gifts, shake down....

Hello Friends :0)
I guess another week has flown by and I need to let you all know that I'm still kickin'
This weekend was a GLORIOUS fall weekend here in good 'ol Indiana. Here's a picture on a local hillside of my four youngsters. From Left to Right it is: Ian, Jacob, Ellie and Katie. They are sweeties aren't they?! My pride and joy!
I've been the recipient of some lovlies over the past few days as well:

SBEBB Halloween Exchange
Stitched by: the lovely Outi
Check out the super hand-dyed linen that she stitched the wee ornie well as sent me a hank of it! And she also sent me a gorgeous similar color of thread that she hand-dyed and two Atalie threads! Such a super exchange, I'm most blessed by these exchanges!
Thank you Outi ~ I love every single thing!
Then look at this FABULOUS Project Bag that Wendy sent to me as a PIF!
ISN'T THIS GRAND?! I didn't even realize that I was one of her PIF's you how much I know! LOL!

See I can put all my threads/scissors/WIPs in there and carry them all around! This is already getting used as I travel here and yonder with my active kids!
Thank you so much Wendy from the bottom of my pea pickin' heart!
I love it!!!

My Ashely Gingher's are modeling the lovely beaded and tassled fob that Karin made for me because I was the winner of a draw that she did for an exchange she hosted on the Robin's Nest Exchange Board.

Isn't the beads cool? The big one in the middle is one that Karin crafted's gorgeous and just the "thing" that my dear little Ashley's needed :) Thank you Karin, I love it!!!

This is a lovely zipper pull that Monique sent to me. Isn't it gorgeous as well? She asked me for my address to send me a Christmas card...then a few days later here appeared this jewel! You sneaky girl Monique! LOL! :) Thanks so much...I'm proud to be the owner of this and it's gracing my nylon bag as I speak! It snazzies it right up! A little bit of *bling* on my bag :)

Well the next reason, I've been a bit absent is, I've been chasing my tail all over God's creation....I mean really, I have! I'm praying (hard) for reserves to get me through some busy days ahead...I've *as typical* over extended myself a bit. Plus I'm just sort of hanging out with no Stitching Mojo...and I can't let that stop me stitching because I've got a long list of stitching I need to get done....but other than my over extended calendar....I ended up in the ER on Monday evening with my baby. :( Ellie has learned to push the button on my automatic side van door. She didn't apparently move her hand Monday night and her hand was crushed in the door. I thought she had just crushed it, so imagine my surprise when there was spurting blood....I quickly ran into the house carrying her and found that her thumb had been cut, deeply and quite wide. Now this was 5:28 husband doesn't get home from work until 7:45 p.m. So I quickly packed up my kids, put the girls in the back with instructions to Katie to keep her hand elevated and on the ice pack and away we sped. I got to the ER in less than 5 minutes (we're quite close to a hospital). After X-rays, cleansing and 6 stitches...we were off to get antibiotics because of the severity of the cut. So my baby has a hurt thumb. I do thank God however, because it could have been A LOT worse... so here's my baby with her owie thumb....taken today as she watched Rescue Pets...her favorite cartoon:

Notice her fluffy penguin blankie, multiple *pacies* (pacifiers) and milk sippy :)

I told her to show Mommy your hurt that's why she's holding it out for you all to see :)

Well I don't know how much I'll be around in the next few days. I'm trying to keep up with everyone's blogs....but I'm a bit down, a bit out of breath, a bit too busy and a bit I'm going to lie low with my head in the sand and hopefully with a lot of luck, this will all blow over. I shall leave you with this picture of my foursome...taken on our front stoop:
and remember to:
Stitch with dancing fingers!


  1. I adore the pictures of the kids! My but you did get some lovely things. Enjoy!

  2. Oh Poor Ellie!! That must have been so scary for you! I'm glad she's doing fine now. Jake went through something similar when he was two. Except it was scissors. Not fun! They are braver than most adults though. After it was all over and we were leaving the hospital and jake said that was fun! LOL! :)

  3. Hi Vonna,

    The pictures of your children are just wonderful! What a handsome group they are.

    I'm so glad that everything went smoothly in getting Ellie to the ER. You are a great mom.

    Best wishes to you for a good weekend. You're in my thoughts.

  4. ((((((((((((vonna)))))))))))) take care of yourself sweetie .. sounds like you have a lot on your plate! I'm soo sorry to hear about Ellie, glad it wasn't worse!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, I always enjoy hearing from you :)

  5. Poor baby!!! Hope that Ellie's finger is better soon :) Seems like there is always something going on or happening doesnt't it?!?

    Congrats on all the wonderful things you've received!!! Really cute stuff!!!

  6. Oh My...for Cripes Sake...will life ever slow down and give you a break, Vonna?! I had no idea all this happened on Monday...what a way to come home after the meeting. Poor Little Miss Ellie girl :( That's awful. I wanted to cry when I saw her sad "owie" pictures :( That's the pits (for you and for her). Must have been a doozy of a car door slam to get her that good :( And how "not fun" to spend your evening at the ER with the fam. You know if you ever have an emergency (or even a need to gather your sanity)...I am just a phonecall away and I can arrive in about 5 minutes to help out with your know I wouldn't mind! :) Taking 4 kids to the ER is just asking for insanity :) Give Ellie a hug from us and tell her "bad baby" Dylan sympathizes with her...he's the king of injuries in our family. Hope you're hanging in there. No wonder you've not blogged all week...bless you, my friend. I wish I had known and could have helped. I drove right by your house about that time too.

    I love your new fall pics of the kids...I noticed the new one on your blog panel this the autumness of it. Fall is the best! And I'm glad at least your weekend was glorious?! Hope life slows down for you soon. Love ya, Kel :)

  7. Vonna... your litle munchins are adorable.
    I hope Ellies finger gets better soon.
    Those are some awesome gifts you received.

  8. Beautiful pics! I'm glad that your daughter is ok.

  9. Take a deep breath and take a look at all those incredible gifts you got this week - Wendy's project bag is just fabulous, I've never seen aything like it! Clearly you are loved all over blogland!!
    That last picture of the kids is just beautiful!!

  10. Oh my goodness, poor Ellie! My heart went down to my stomach just reading that.

    My almost-1-year-old gave me a similar scare the other day...she lost her balance and bonked on a toy, and came up with blood pouring out of her mouth. Talk about PANIC. Granted, not quite on the same level as Ellie's deal with the van door, but anytime you see gushing blood on your kids, it's a heart-stopper.

    Hope she gets to feeling better, and hope things even out for you!

  11. What a lovely family you have no wonder you are so proud of them

  12. Oh, Vonna, do take a break to catch your breath and let life even out a bit! Poor baby, Ellie!! And poor, Mama!! How well I know about those ER visits with little ones. The good thing is that those babies heal so quickly!

    Enjoy these lovely fall days with your kiddos and things will fall into place. Hugs!!

  13. You sure have some cute children!

    The gifts you received are all lovely, but I'm kind of partial to the skeleton standing next to the pumpkin head! Great!

    Hope you feel better soon, and I'll let my fingers dance for you too,

  14. Thank goodness you lived so close to the emergency room; sending gentle little hugs Ellie's way.

    The rest of your pictures are gorgeous!

  15. Look at all those cute faces. You must be one proud mom! Sounds like you are so busy right now. What an awesome display of goodies you have gotten. Have fun with them. Oh poor little thing got her thumb hurt. Glad it wasn't worse and you sound so like me--It's this time and this is going on and husband doesn't get home until this time. Sending you lots of (((hugS))) and calming vibes. We all get down and out and don't worry about we are here for you.

  16. Poor little Ellie, it just breaks your heart when your children hurt themselves and you can't do much to help. I hope it is all healing nicely now xxx
    What lovely gifties you have been getting...I'm getting so jealous of everyone's Halloween stitches, we just don't do it over here.

  17. Great photos of your four too :)
    (I always wondered what a stoop was!!)

  18. That's a nasty injury...poor Ellie.
    Glad to know she's in the mend.

    Lovely gifts you've received!

  19. Oh Vonna your pictures are just wonderful of your adorable children!! You sound like you feel like me!! I am so sorry that your little one ended up in the emergency room!! Wow how scarey was that? I am getting to where I just want to avoid doctors and hospitals but the more I do that, the more I end up going in there!! I am in a stitching mojo too but trying to get Margaret's round robin to progress more. I guess it is just not our time these days but so glad that your little girl is ok!! Thank you so much for your kind words in my blog! It means so much to know that I have such a good friend! Hugs Debby :)

  20. You certainly did get some lovely items in the mail! Enjoy them!

    I am so sorry Ellie ended up in the ER! But lucky for her you kept a level head and got her there pronto. Take care! It sounds like the events of the past few days are catching up with you! Your children are so lovely!

  21. I love the pics of the Indiana fall :) We haven't gotten much of one recently here in VA. Glad to hear everyones alright. Have a great day!

  22. Thank you beutiful and lovely photos!!Halloween Exchange is cute!!And beutiful gifts!I think that you spend splendid time.


  23. Your children are so cute! Poor baby, I am glad that she is OK. Love the gifts you received, especially the project bag. The lovely Autumn colours make me so jealous, we just don't get that kind of colour here.

  24. Hello Vonna dear, what sweet pictures of your kids, those are a treasure. It sounds like you were amazingly calm with Ellie's injury and jumped into action- I'm so glad she's ok!

    Beautiful gifts from your exchanges. I can't believe you made FOUR PS pinkeeps. You're amazing. Hope you have a chance to catch your breath and take care of YOU!

  25. I love the picture of your children on the hillside. They certainly are a good looking bunch! Poor Ellie!! That sounds like quite the cut! You did well to keep a level head. I mean I work with blood but anytime I saw some on my kids it just freaked me out. It's a different story when it's one of your own. Hope she heals quickly.
    PS No sign of the pinkeep yet. That's Canadian mail for you!
    As for you, try and take a moment for yourself. You certainly deserve it!

  26. Love the pictures of the kiddo's. What a great family. Hope Ellie's owies heals quickly. Take care of you!

  27. Wonderful pictures of your children. Poor Ellie and her ouchie. She will deal with it better than we would. Hope you get your stitching mojo back soon.

  28. ((Vonna)) wow you have been though it all in the past week. The highs and the lows - no wonder you are feeling a bit washed out. Just wanting to know I'll be thinking of you and praying that things even out a bit!

  29. Gorgeous gifts, I love everything. Karin makes the prettiest scissor fobs :-).

    Your kids are so sweet, I miss the midwest autumns.

  30. Ooo poor Ellie - I hope it heals fast for her - poor baby.

    Love all your gifties they are wonderful

  31. Dianne12:14 PM

    I just saw this about Ellie-poor dear girl and that freaky accident. I'm glad you live close to the ER and had a big helper.
    I know what you mean about stitching mojo-I have lots on my mind lately. Gotta do this, go there, etc. It will come back eventually.

  32. Poor Ellie, I'm glad she is OK and IUope that her finger is better soon.

    Wonderful pictures of your kids!


  33. Big Hugs and a Get Well to Ellie Vonna. Poor little thing. I hope she feels better soon.
    I love your pictures of your family, you have such beautiful children. :D TFS your sithy pics and gifts with us.

    Take care of yourself, keeping you in my prayers.

  34. I was so sorry to read about the mishap and the baby. Everything is now getting better I hope? The PIF and exchange are great!! Great looking family.

    Take care of yourself!!!

  35. oh poor little Ellie :( I hope see gets better soon.
    All the gifts you've received are beautiful!
    Cute photos of your kids Vonna, they are adorable :)

  36. Your poor baby!!! Oh my gosh, stuff like that just makes my breath catch! I'm so glad she'll be oka and that it wasn't more serious. (Though it certainly is bad enough!)

    You received some lovely goodies - and that just does my little heart good. :D

    Take care and try to enjoy a calm weekend!! ;)

  37. Hi Vonna,
    Terrific pictures!!! Love that spooky stitchy too. Glad the thumb boo boo wasn't worse - enjoy the weekend!

  38. Are you sure you didn't rent those children somewhere? They are just too cute for words. The photos are lovely. Glad to hear that Ellie is dealing with her ouchie so grown up!! Take care of yourself. Don't worry your mojo will return.

  39. I love the pictures of your children. They are so cute.

  40. Oh your poor baby! But I'm sure she is recovering much faster than her Mommy is! Take care of yourself too!! I'm so glad you received your PIF and the other goodies you received are wonderful!

  41. I love everything. I just love the PIF gift.

  42. Awww bless little Ellie's heart. I hope her thumb gets better real soon. You have a beautiful little family. I love the photos you've posted:)

    The PIF gift is gorgeous as are the other things you have received.

    I hope you are feeling brighter soon.

  43. {{{{Vonna and Ellie}}}} I hope her thumb heals quickly and that life quietens down for you.

    The photo's of your family are lovely and you've received some lovely gifts

  44. Poor babe ... I hope she feels better soon !!! (((((((hugs))))))))

    I love your fall pictures! Your kids look great!

  45. Ohhh poor Ellie...She does look very comfy watching her cartoons. I hope she's better soon. Give her a big hug from me.

  46. (((Big Hugs))) to both you and Ellie, I hope her injury heals real quick, what a shock ! As for you dear lady I hope you soon feel caught up with yourself and are able to claim some time for yourself to relax and do just that :-))
    Your pictures of your children are just beautiful the weather looks glorious where you are :-))

    Have a nice weekend (((hugs))) and take care!

  47. P.S. lol...Forgot to say in my concern over you both what lovely things you have received!

  48. Poor Ellie! Bless her heart! It's scary when your baby gets hurt! Hope her little thumb heals with no problems! Try to rest yourself if possible! Cute picture of your kids!

  49. What a lovely wee nest your baby has there. Poor thumb. Same thing happened to my son when he was small while we were away on holiday miles from anywhere - except it was me shut the door on his thumb. Oh the guilt. I always shout out 'fingers' before I shut car doors these days!
    Sweet front porch picture.

  50. Love the pictures of your kids...they're adorable. Poor Ellie though, hope her thumb gets better soon.
    You've received some great gifts this week....especially that project bag from Wendy! What a fab pif gift!
    Life sounds hectic for you just now. Take Care of yourself {{hugs}}

  51. Ellie's collection of 'pacis' reminds me of my Jeni's when she was little. How sweet she looks.
    [I broke fingers in car doors three different times when I was little, so I feel her pain.] And you just need to just curl up beside her and take it easy for a few days. [Aren't hormones the pits!! Boo hormones!!]

  52. Poor Ellie! I am very glad that it was not worse, but oh how stressful! The kids pictures beautiful as always. I love your gifts and exchange pieces. The Halloween ornie is very cute.

    I hope things will settle for you soon! {{{hugs}}}

  53. What lovely photos of your sweeties! I am so so glad that your little one is ok, what a fright!! I know what you mean, I feel rather overextended myself and with being sick, I am unmotivated to do much of anything. Big hugs to you!!

  54. Oh the poor thing! That must have been terrifying! Your kids are just plain adorable - you're a lucky woman!

  55. Good Grief, Vonna!!! One thing you can count on as a stable, at least...those darling children of yours.

  56. Von you've recieved some wonderful gifts!

  57. Oh man! Your baby could have hurt a lot worse! I am glad she made it, though.


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