Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hello...remember me?! It's been almost a week since my last update...sorry, you know life happens and finally you come up for air and 7 days have passed by...So what have I been up to?
Well I was off work last weekend, so on Saturday I cleaned my house. Sad, but true. It seems that I'm always cleaning my house, but with 6 people living kinda needs it about every other day!
On Sunday we went HERE what a lovely visit we had. We all love to go there and they encourage kids to come sort of dressed up in Prairie/Colonial type clothing. Katie wore a Prairie Bonnet and the boys wore straw hats...Ellie she wouldn't have anything to do with any sort of head cover :) We had a great time and drank a lot of home-brewed Root Beer and Lemon Fizz....they were having a Country Fair Theme last weekend and they had a bearded lady, a tattooed lady, medicine men shows, vaudeville was a blast! I think personally the Sassafras Root Beer and Lemon Fizz was my most favorite part ;)

Monday, brought down Ian...he had the stomach flu...the worst nightmare of a mother of 4....however none of us have gotten it to date, that can be taken as good news or bad news...good in the fact that I only had to clean up after one person on one day...bad in the fact that we'll all have to likely go through it at a later more "inconvenient" date. Oh well - grin and bear it.

On Tuesday I pulled out this little gem....remember it?!

I even purchased a lovely frame for it, I've got to get it done before 12/31/07 as I dated it. So I'm hopeful to finish it in the next 3 months. I'm close...very close. Of course I made all the changes - no alphabet and two verses/ I do think it is rather lovely, don't you?

Next up, on Monday I also received this RAK from sweet Carol.....she sent me the super lovely AMAP design from my wishlist. Carol you know I love it! And it brightened a rather sallow, vomit day....if you catch my drift :) Thank you so much sweet friend.!!!

Well that brings me to the end of my post. It is Thursday so humpday is done...and that means laundry day is over! *WHOO HOO!* Today, all I've got on my roster is stitching and the Orthodontist appt. for Ian. I'm working on my SBEBB Halloween exchange...I'm hopeful I get most of the way through that today. Then I've almost complete on my SBEBB Harvest Exchange. If I make it through those two then I'm homefree for a while on exchanges. I'm backing off a tad for a while before I burn myself out.....
Until next time, I hope that Autumn comes soon...I'm tired of being hot....that you have a wonderful weekend....I have to work....and that next week starts fresh and new....AMEN to that! :)


  1. Whew! You've had quite a week! Stomach flu is the worse--all that extra cleaning (and laundry usually!) Hope Ian is feeling better (and hope no one else comes down with it!) At least you had some fun over the weekend!!!

    You need to come visit me in Colo, we're having gorgeous weather--70's for the high this entire week and 40's at night :)

  2. Oh Vonna, I wish you could come over for a visit, so that I could spoil you a bit and you could enjoy our fiercely autumnal weather. We could have a cup of tea and stitch and chat... how would you like that?
    I love your Home of a Needleworker and want to stitch it myself one day. Sweet RAK from dear Carol.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that none of you will be visited by the stomach bug that got its claws into poor Ian. Enjoy your stitch-filled day!

  3. Oh, the flu!! It seems to be that time of year. Hope Ian recovers well and the rest don't come down with it. I have looked at your recent finishes and they are all beautiful. You do such a nice job.

  4. I will look forward to your finished Home Of A Needleworker. It looks beautiful so far. And, what a lovely gift you received.

    Hope your family stays well. The flu is such a nasty bug. Hope the little one is feeling much better.

  5. What a week my dear! My goodness! i love your stitching and your goodies. Both are very nice! huggles!

  6. :'( I wanted to send you this AMAP design with my next seasonal exchange... I need to find something else now and keep this design for me or send it to someone else...

  7. Vonna,

    I LOVE the changes you made to Home of a Needleworker. In fact, I would like to stitch it with the alphabet AND the changes you made.


  8. What is your secret that your house only needs cleaning every other day, but mine needs it twice a day? Not that it actually gets it twice a day ... LOL!! ;)

    I'm sorry that Ian came down with the Bug, but I hope it'll pass by the rest of the family. I hate that particular strain of the flu, but it usually makes the rounds twice every winter here at Chaos Central.

  9. nice to see you :) Sure glad Ian is better and the rest of the family didn't succumb to it! good luck with the rest of flu season :) What a nice RAK from Carol .. sooo thoughtful :)

    I love Home .. it's still on my list of wants .. NEEDS! lol

  10. Love the alterations that you made to "Home of a Needleworker." Nice color and lettering choices! Hang in there. Fall will be here before you know it!

  11. Sorry to hear you've had a tough week with Ian being sick. Hope no one else gets it! I've got my Halloween exchange stitched, now I need to get brave an make my tin!

  12. I love the changes you made to the LHN chart - very pretty!

    You definitely sound like you've been really busy!

  13. Urgh stomach flu! All kinds of germs are just whipping around right now!

    House of a needleworker looks just great!

    What a great RAK!

  14. Hope Ian gets well soon.

    Yeap I remember The Needleworker. I'll be stitching it in about 2 months time as we're having a stitching sisters thing in our group. May I steal the 2nd verse? It's very fitting for a piece like this.

    Great RAK from Carol.

  15. It's still hot there?! We are having some freakishly cold weather here...frost already!
    Love the changes you made to home of a needleworker. It looks great and im sure you can get it finished by the end of the year :)

  16. Lovely RAK gift from Carol! And I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the flu bug stays away from everyone else. I hope you had a happy stitching day!

  17. That is a great little house chart, and you are almost to the finished line. What a nice gift from Carol. I love AMAP designs.

  18. You are so very welcome dear friend! I hope Ian is beginning to feel better now??

  19. Love the personal touch you gave Needleworker.

  20. I just saw the list of exchanges you have participated in for 2007 and I am blown away - WOW Vonna, your needle has been flying this year and not only that you keep your blog right up to date, blog reading/commenting up to date and are a super mum too. I can understand why you might want to back off a touch.
    You are an inspiration to me and my woeful 4 exchanges this year ;)

  21. btw - I do love your Home of Needleworker - sooooo close to being finished...

  22. Crikey, I'm gobsmacked by your blog! I'm soooooo behind by blog reading, and my eyes are popping out of my head at all the wonderful creations you've been making of late. Of course, that's nothing new for you, though - your blog is always a visual treat ... I've missed seeing your stitching on a regular basis! {{hugs}}

  23. ((((((Vonna))))) :)
    HOAN is looking good :)
    What a sweet gift from Carol :)
    Thank you for your friendhip :) It has meant so very much to me as of late :) You'll never know :) :) :)

  24. Wow, what a week! I love the changes you made to HOAN!

  25. How sweet Carol to send you that chart! It's beautiful!
    Home of the Needleworker looks great...I'm sure you'll finis it on time :)

  26. Beautiful progress - I need to add this one to my list of things to do. :-)

  27. HOAN is pretty. Carol's RAK is awesome. I am :( for Ian, though.


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