Monday, August 20, 2007

Many, many thanks for RAK's

Well once again the generosity of our stitching community is overwhelming! I've gone to out mailbox two days in a row now to be blushing with the things I've found in there :)

First Up: Dawn RAK'd me with the lovlies below:
Dawn's RAK
~a lovely stitched and finished biscornu fob in one of my favorite colors *golden yellows"~
**you see it being modeled on my pair of Maria Gingher's, Carol gave me for my birthday**
I didn't have a fob for Maria, but now I do - thanks to the genrosity and kindness of Dawn!
~Dawn also sent along 3 packs of Mill Hill Beads (love them!)~
~A Fall Pattern from X-Appeal featuring a cute pumpkin
Pumpkins are my favorite thing to decorate with for fall...probably because I look like one :)))))
Here's a close up of Dawn's fob modeled on my Gingher' is just gorgeously done!
~~~Many, Many thanks to you Dawn for this complete surprise~~~
Next Up: A second RAK/Belated Birthday gift from Deb (a.k.a. Lavender Rose)

~~ Deb sent me three gorgeous patterns including Victoria Samplers July Birthday Needleroll kit, a band sampler pattern and the most lovely Cedar Hill pattern, plus a whole baggie filled with Krenik silk~~
Deb you outdid yourself!! Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Next Up: Sweet Nicole randomly e-mailed me after I left a comment on her blog because she had found the new Hershey Kisses tin that Fancy Work is doing up a stitcher's set using. I had commented that I was going to go looking for it but probably wouldn't have any luck finding it because it just seems that Indiana doesn't get stuff like that or at least where I am in Indiana. So dear Nicole took it upon herself to e-mail and ask me if I'd want her to pick one up for me. I jumped at the invitation and told her that I'd pay her just to send me the amount. Well Nicole wrote not to worry about it, and then when I got her package today it was clear that she went above an beyond a kind deed. Look at this bounty!

~~Nicole sent me the Hershey's tin alright and also the Whitman's Sampler tin that I'd been drooling about for a long time, a cute Lizzie Kate Boxer and one of her famous and handsomely made scissors fob, not to mention the kindest note that brought tears to my eyes~~

Here's a close up of Nicole's fob, isn't it beautiful and again she sent me one of my favorite colors *blue*!!
Nicole, I am beyond words to express how much you touched me! Thank you!

You know, I don't usually use my blog to write things about how I *personally* feel about situations, but I want to express, that I don't know what I do or have done to warrant all of the kind things that people have gone out of their way to do for me. I feel inadequate at best to even attempt to figure this out. I don't deserve such sweet friends as I often fall short of the mark of being the "best" person I can be. I try daily to be that person, but I'm human and stumble frequently. You know the state of the world is pondered on by the most noble and critically thinking people in the world, so I shall not try to meet up to those standards, but I can say this: The people that I have encountered through this blog and by other various means in the stitching community are the most sincere, kind, outgoing, friendly people that I believe I know. What an honor it is to hold a small place in such a society as this. It brings me feelings that perhaps the "world" as is reported in the various newspapers and televsions across the world isn't as scarred and damaged as people would think to believe. Yes there are bad things going on all over, and life can beat you to pulp on the best of days, but in the end what we all have to hold on to is the connections and friendships that we have made through one means or another. Those seem to be a lifesaver thrown on the turbulent sea of life. Thank you to one and all for your kindness shown to me. I hope that I can live up to it at least in some small way.

Ok, I'm off my soapbox now...and on to my stitching....whoops! I almost fell :)

I've been stitching with abandon! Nothing I can show however. The deadlines that I have are coming in hard and fast and now I must get to finishing this stitched goodies. All I can say is this. Soon, very, very'll get to see what I've been doing!
Thanks again to the most generous friends that I've spoken about above. Ladies my hugs and love to each of you! Someday...out of the will find a token in your mailbox from me...who knows when that will be? But hopefully soon!

Thanks to all my readers, you're the best! Much love to you all, until next time....


  1. Congrats on all the wonderful surprises!!! You truly deserve it :)

  2. Such lovely things, and I have so much enjoyed your photos of the spool cabinet and your cute, cute children (and their little glasses--I started wearing glasses really early too, and while I briefly wore contacts, I'm just as happy to be a life-long glasses-wearer). I'm so happy to hear of their schedules--I need you to come to my house and set up a schedule for us, because we're always reading in bed until way too late!

  3. Friends are a treasure to keep close to the heart..Stitching friends are part of our soul.

    Lovely gifts indeed.
    All the best to you.

  4. Wonderful gifts for a wonderful person.

  5. You are such a sweetie, and I agree that the friendships and kindness we have found and cultivated in our stitching community start to make a difference in the world. The way to change what's going on "out there" is by changing and appreciating what's going on "right here". I'm so grateful for you!

  6. wonderful surprises you received lately! doesn't it make you feel all tingly and warm to have such nice friends around you :)

    I luckily had Nicole in an exchange recently and received one of her bead fobs too .. they are lovely aren't they :)

  7. The gifts you received are all beautiful. People send gifts to people who make them feel good, you are very kind on your blog (and I'm sure IRL too) and your very caring in the comments you leave ;)

  8. Aww, couldn't have said it better myself re. the kindness of our community. But then again, you ARE a very kind and loving person, and you do so deserve all the kindness and the love you get in return. Hugs to you, dearie!

  9. wonderful gifts!!! enjoy!

  10. I am glad that you can put your new fob to good use:) All of the gifts are wonderful! ((hugs))

  11. I don't know you, Vonna, but I've been visiting your blog for a couple of months now, and it is obvious to me that you are a really sweet person. I'm not surprised that your friends would send you such nice gifts. Enjoy them!

  12. What great prezzies! You are such a wonderful person, that it shines in your blog! Enjoy!

  13. Your post made me feel all warm and fuzzy :)

    This is such a great community.

  14. I haven't been blogging long but from what I can see stitchers are some of the most generous and caring individuals. Friends are a great treasure and you are very blessed! Congrats on all the lovely gifts.

  15. Vonna, what absolutely fabulous gifts. Enjoy!

  16. what wonderful gifts! I know you will enjoy them! Don't you love a good mail day!!

  17. What great RAK gifts for a WONDERFUL person :-). You are SO deserving of every ounce of kindness! ENJOY

  18. Wonderful gifts : ) Couldn't have happened to a nicer stitcher!


  19. Wow, what wonderful gifts!!! You truly DO deserve them all, so don't sit there and short change yourself, little missy!! You are a wonderful friend to people, and I am lucky enough to call you friend. I wanted to call you the other night, but naturally I lost your number. DUH....please send it again?? misslynnys at yahoo dot com I need a "Vonna Fix"! Lol

    Enjoy your goodies. Sending hugs your way!

    Carolyn :)

  20. Wonderful gifts you've got Vonna. But it is no surprise really because you deserve all this love :D

    When I read your posts, their humble, giving and funny. I cannot help but keep coming back for the connection :D

  21. What lovely goodies! I am so very glad we have met through this world of blogging!

  22. Beautiful gifts Vonna. I couldnt agree more about the kindness of the stitching community. I am always amazed by the generosity of my online stitching friends.

  23. What delightful and beautiful gifts and, yes, how wonderful to know that they are from the heart of true friendship, the best of all gifts! It makes me happy to see you receiving such love; you're such a loving person yourself!

  24. How lovely! Yes, you are very special! (Love the Maria scissors -- the fob is perfect for it!)


  25. Don't sell yourself short, Vonna, you're a wonderful person! And those gifts are wonderful gifts - all very apt :) It is nice to know the world isn't such a bad place, isn't it...

  26. What awesome gifts! Belive me in one way or another you give back to the stitching community in spades!

  27. Oh they are all so wonderful gifts, enjoy :)

  28. Vonna, you are truly a huge part in this stitching community. You are a gracious person, God Bless You!! dang!! I'm so jealous, lol.

  29. You are such a warm, sweet, friendly blogging friend to soooo many of us, it's just not surprising to find this outpouring of affection! Enjoy the gifts, Vonna, and continue to just be yourself among us. :)

  30. You have received such lovely RAK's I'm so happy for you, you deserve them :-))

  31. What wonderful RAK's, this really is a wonderful community that we have as stitchers.

  32. Enjoy the RAK! You deserve it.


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