Monday, July 23, 2007

Picture INTENSIVE Post!

Well dear friends I'm having ONE of those days. You know that type, you get up with such *great* intentions and one way or the other, things start happening beyond your control, and you want to SCREAM?! Well that has been the day I've had today...and it's just past I have a lot more hours of the day to fill before I can lay my head down and start fresh tomorrow!

Anyway, although I'm having *one* of those best buddy the Postman brought me smiles in envelopes :0)
TODAY was a GREAT mail day, if nothing else!

First off: dear Sylvie, I found out, is my Seasonal Exchange Partner for the year! Here is her Summer exchange to me:

Summer Exchange ~ Seasonal Exchangers BB ~ Summer 2007
Stitched by: Sylvie
Design: DMC freebie
Finished as: Backpack
Isn't this just as cute as a button? It's a beautifully crafted backpack, made by Sylvie's own hands! Thank you so much Sylvie, my daughter has already talked me out of it! LOL! She talks a good game! She's already wearing it to the library! So it's definitely being used well and the stitching is so lovely! Thank you so, so much :)
Second Up: Here is the Seasonal House Exchange from the SBEBB board. I chose an Autumn house and my partner Chris made me this:
Season of Plenty ~ Seasonal House Exchange SBEBB ~ 2007
Stitched by: Chris
Design: LHN Season of Plenty
Finished as: Flatfold
Isn't it gorgeous? I really, really love this :) I love Autumn to begin with, and I've found that flatfolds are really great decorating piece for seasonal things! So Chris hit it on the head when she stitched me a LHN design (I think everyone knows I'm in love with their designs! LOL) and it's a flatfold, plus in my favorite season! LOL! Great job Chris! I don't know if you studied my blog or if you just have great luck, but thank you!!!! I love it all!
Extra goodies that Chris sent with the Seasonal House Exchange!
Thanks again Chris!!!
Next Up: A bunch of belated birthday this is REALLY getting embarassing! But do I have a super set of friends or what?
Hardanger Doily from Cathy B.
Dear Cathy B. made me the most lovely, exquisite piece of art! Cathy you didn't have to do this at all, but boy do I appreciate it! I have it setting on my wee little curio cabinet shelf and it looks so darling! You do exceptional work! Thank you so much my friend :)
Barbara sent me some lovely finish fabric and ribbons in my favorite colors "Yellow"! Barbara, you did NOT have to send me anything either, but I do so appreciate that you thought of me on my birthday. Thank you so much! I am lucky to call you friend :)

MaryKathryn sent along to me a skein of Belle Soie silk in the scrummiest of green colors, a lovely Celestial Seasonings postcard, magnet and tea pack in a flavor Raspberry, that I would have never tried and now I have it on my shopping list, because, I LOVE IT! Thank you MaryKathryn for sending these special items :) I was lucky to get to know you better during the Birthday Bloggers Exchange! I am glad for this, for I find you a wonderful person inside and out :)

OK lastly I have to show you some of my very own stitching!

Little Critter's Exchange ~ SBEBB ~ Summer 2007
Stitched by: Vonna
Stitched for: Amy who chose "bunnies" for her critter :)
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Design: Elements taken from "Morning Berries"
Finished as: Wooden Box Top

Inside - lined and padded

Outside painted with crackling medium and distressed/antiqued
along with the extra bunny buddies that I sent along :)
Ok, well now off to play with all my new goodies. I'm still stitching on gifts/exchanges/rr's and nothing to show yet. The deadlines are fast approaching I'm getting a little nervous. But hopefully all will turn out right....until next time....


  1. What nice goodies you have there Vonna! The backpack is adorable!!!!
    My fav though is still the bunny "critter" box! I wonder why? I just love it, thank you again!!
    Sending hugs!!

  2. Boy, you were right when you said this was a picture intensive post :). I'm glad stitchy stuff arrived today to help offset the bad day you are having. The box you stitched up for the critters exchange is just beautiful ;)

  3. lovely exchange goodies! and that box you made of Amy is adorable :)

  4. I´d love to have same Postman as you have !!!! What awesome gifts you have received !!!! And that Bunny box is soo wonderfull, you are such a talented finisher !!!

  5. I love the box you made, you did a great job on it! All your other gifts are wonderful too

  6. A backpack...what a great idea for finishing. Such anice exchange! Boy you received so many wonderful treasures, what a treat!
    Love, love,love the box that you finished, your work is awesome. Love the stitched design!

  7. Wow, what great exchanges!! And lovely gifties. :) I'm glad you liked my little present! :D

  8. I was just admiring Chris's exchange to you on her blog :) You've received some lovely gifts and the box you made for Amy is gorgeous!

  9. I am so happy you are contuning to receive have had a long b-day :) You deserve it!
    I love your exchanges received and the box for Amy, well, you already know what I think of it :) Brilliant:)

    hugs to you my friend :)

  10. Vonna, I'm sorry to hear that you're having one of those days! I hope since you've posted that it has improved and you're doing well. I love all your birthday gifts and the piece you stitched for the exchange is beautiful! You're in my thoughts. Julie

  11. Look at all the pretties! I love this post, so many great things to drool over :) I love everything. The box you made is just amazing. I don’t know how you get your cording to look so perfect when you put the two ends together, mine always frays like crazy and I about have an anxiety attack! :P Beautiful everything, enjoy all of your goodies :D

  12. What beautiful gifts! Your friends must think you are very special. The bunny box you made is adorable.


  13. Wonderful gifts and exchanges, love very much the wooden box you have done for Amy both in and out :-))

    Hope your day has picked up as for me I'm off to bed to rest my weary head!!

  14. What a cracking mail day! What wonderful goodies - enjoy them all Vonna!

    Your bunny box is adorable!

  15. I would love to join your group, but alas membership is closed! Boo hoo! Do ya'll ever have any openings? Your bunny looks super! I can't wait to get my new exchange partner! Wahoo! I've already got my linen ready!
    Vonna, have a great day!

  16. Sorry to hear you had a rough day but so glad that you had a Wonderful mail day! Love the goodies you've been receiving and your exchange piece is perfect! Love the box finish~

  17. Your postman must have broken his back lugging all of that to your house - absolutely fantastic! And I adore the box you stitched for Amy - so sweet!!

  18. Oh wow... you did a wonderful job on Amy's bunny box! It's so lovely :)

  19. MMMM!!! What a great read and see. I love the backpack. Great idea. Your bunny box is to die for. Lucky Amy. Let me see, can I change my name to Amy?

  20. Dianne12:22 AM

    Happy Birthday! Lots of goodies from thoughtful pals.

  21. What load of goodies you've received! Just fabulous. Love that bunny box, very creative indeed!

  22. Wow what great goodies you recieved! I love the box you did for Amy and yoru bunnies are to cute! :)

  23. Gorgeous exchanges and gifts all around. I love the backpack and your bunny box is just awesome. Hey-where do you find those cute boxes?

  24. It was a real pleasure to stitch the backpack for you Vonna (my Mum sewed it). As I told you, I was pretty sure your daughter would like to have it LOL.

    You received some beautiful gifts and the exchange you received from Chris is gorgeous.

    Your bunny box is wonderful!

  25. Ohmygosh, there are so many beautiful things in this post! I hope your day ended well!

  26. Those are some stunning exchanges. Everyone did such a fantastic job. I am really impressed with your box!

  27. What wonderful and beautiful projects all, received and given.

  28. You've received great mail, enjoy!! It's wonderful to receive this kind of mail, isn't it :)

    The exchange you made for Amy is gorgeous, great job as always. It is truely a beauty!!

  29. Fabulous exchanges and gifts! I love the box you made with the cute bunnies on the top! Congrats!

  30. Wow!! What a loaded post. Everything is so neat. Hope you had a great birthday.

  31. Wowza! What a lot of goodies. Where do you do all these exchanges as most of them are a "closed shop" now. Typical me, I always miss them. xx

  32. Hi Vonna! I've linked you also :) I love the box you made. It's adorable. It makes me want to send you something finished! I hate sending unfinished squares because I love the finishing as much as the stitching :p

  33. Birthday wishes keep pouring in, Vonna!! I'm so happy for you. Maybe you can start having an "Merry Unbirthday!" Was that Oz or Alice??? :))
    I love all your goodies, but best of all, of course, is your darling box. Everyone wants one, so how long do you think it will take you to make us all one???? Carol and I have first dibs!! ;P
    Love and hugs,

  34. Wonderful birthday gifts Vonna!!
    What an amazing box for your 'Little Critters Exchange' - Amy must be so excited.

  35. Wonderful birthday gifts and exchanges. Thank you for sharing.

  36. Some wonderful exchanges and gifts. The box is wonderful. :)

  37. What beautiful stuff--it made my afternoon to see these pictures (so much better than the dull stuff on my desk). I particularly love love love the bunnies.

  38. Vonna fantastic gifts sent and received!!!


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