Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Friday! Thank You Becky and a Finish!

Hello everyone! Happy Friday :) Thank you for all the dear, sweet comments on my kiddos pictures. Just a few answers to some questions....

*Yep, the boys are twins, nope they don't look identical because they are fraternal twins (i.e. two different eggs were fertilized) so really they are just brothers born on the same day! They even have different blood types (one is mine and one is their Daddy's)!

* And I was asked if I'm going to have anymore children, and although it pains me to say I will not have anymore. The twins did a number on me and when I carried Ellie, I went in to premature labor and was on bedrest for 17 weeks! I mean flat on my back only get up to go to the bathroom bedrest. The doctor said I could conceive more children, but I would be on bedrest for the entire pregnancy most likely. So although I'd love to have a couple of more kids, I'm going to count my blessings and enjoy the ones I have fully :)

*Oh,...the house/yard in the center picture with the black-eyed Susan's is NOT my house/'s is the house across the street and they don't mow their yard because it has a sink hole in they've planted it with wildflowers....I figured if I have to look at it, I might as well use it, so I walked across the street and took my kids picture in the black-eyed Susan's! LOL!

*And finally the quilt was handsewn by my dear Great-Great-Aunt Katie. It's a wedding ring quilt and was passed on to me on my wedding day by my Mom. Katie is named after Aunt Kate :)

OK, now on to some stitchy goodness! I went to the mailbox today and there was a box without a return address, I wasn't smart enough to look at the mail stamp...LOL! But I ripped that open and look what I got!!!!

Early Birthday Gift from BeckySC!!!!
Becky's been really, really generous with sending goodies for my daughter, the patriotic pinkeep and now this! I've been spoiled over and over! I am just speechless at Becky's big heart, generosity and thoughtfulness :) Becky thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love it dearly as I know you know and it is sitting this very instant on my hall table so that all that comes into my home my gaze upon it's lovliness and know your graciousness. Thank you so, so much!

Next up: Another good friend of mine that I've met through blogging had a birthday on Monday. Dear Donna unfortunately didn't get this ON her birthday, but she got it a couple of days later, so she got to spread out her birthday goodies :) Here's what I made for Donna:
Little House Needleworks - Two Sheep
Stitched: 1 over 1
Fabric: 28 ct.
Fibers: DMC
Finished as: Tin

Up Next: Today I've been stitching on Inspiration. It's going S-L-O-W (!) because you have to change color threads so often. I'm hopeful after a full evening of stitching tonight, I'll have a nice picture for you at the beginning of next week. I've got loads of stuff to stitch, so I'll be busy this weekend and thank heaven's I'm off this weekend! Just have to go to the Eye Doctor's on Saturday and out to lunch and then to Church on I'm hopeful I'll have a lot of stitching I have to work the next 3 weekends straight :(
Thanks for your visit and especially for your comments. I appreciate them so much! Have a great weekend! :o)


  1. beautiful finish for Donna, and what a nice gift from Becky. She captured your personality- it's fantastic. happy early birthday!

    hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Both gifts are lovely! Becky made a beautiful flatfold for you, it's so cheery and suits you so well :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. What a gorgeous gift from Becky! And... I love your tin too - congratulations!!

  4. What a sweet gift from Becky!
    I love the tin you made too! Just gorgeous!

  5. That's a lovely gift that Becky send you! And the tin is so cute!

  6. What a nice gift that Becky sent to you. And the tin you sent to Donna is just lovely. Thanks for the nice comments you always leave on my blog, they're appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend ;)

  7. Sorry you have to work the next 3 weekends. Try to enjoy this weekend! I'm feeling much better this evening, thanks for caring!
    ps: I wanted more kiddies but had to have a hysterectomy in my early 30's. So only the 2 boys, love em now while they will let you, the boys now aren't quite as open with hugs as they used to be!

  8. The flatfold is beautiful! Becky did a great job. The tin is awesome!

    I was on bed rest with my son for 17 weeks, too! Except I ended up going into labor at 29 weeks but all turned out well.

  9. What a wonderful supprise from Becky! You did a great job on your tin too.

  10. What a lovely tin finish! Fab work! Lovel gifts from Becky.

  11. Your gift to Donna is utterly irresistable. (Did I spell that right? Where's my dictionary!) Those teensy sheep just slay me!

    And the exchange from Becky. WOW!!

  12. Beautiful gifts from Becky and i just love the tin you made for Donna, i seen it on her blog the other day!

  13. What a wonderful gift from Becky!! Your birthday has started already... :o) Enjoy!!
    Love the tin!!

  14. I love the tin! Just beautiful, just like your children.

  15. I love that tin. The sheep are so adorable!

  16. Both gifts are lovely :)

  17. Gorgeous gifts from Becky! I love the tin finish for Donna! It is too cute.

  18. Lovely tin from you to Donna and I love the flatfold from Becky .
    Enjoy your Sunday :)

  19. What an adorable tin for Donna - love it. The sheep are so sweet. What type of tin did you use?
    Wonderful birthday gifts from Becky - the flatfold is beautiful.

  20. What a lovely surprise to get from Becky, and yours to Donna was beautiful too. The sheep are so cute, the design fit the tin prefectly.

  21. What lovely gifts - both sent and received!

  22. What a lovely gift! Your finish on the tin is really great. Finishing is something I need to concentrate on. I haven't had much experience with it.

  23. Wow! Vonna, you amaze me...I don't see how you do all you do with 4 children and work...and and ...well all that moms do!

    Love all the stitchy stuff..and your kids pictures...can you say bee-u-tee-full??? Great photos.

    Also, can you send my fair and square address email program crashed and I hoo.!!



  24. There's something on the way to you from PA! Keep an eye on the mail box.

  25. Three weekends straight, oh no! Your tin is SO cute, I will have to try to make one of those someday. I was brave and bought a little wooden box from JoAnns this weekend, after seeing your little finishes, I thought I can try one too. Now I have to find something to stitch to go on it LOL! And I have some Altoid tins as well, but haven’t eaten all of the mints, so I better do that so I can have the tins :) BTW, at Michaels they had a big assortment of tins in their $1 bins… once again, I thought of you :)

  26. Your little one's are cuties! What a lovely birthday gift.

  27. Wow A beautiful gift from Becky and a beautiful tin!!!

  28. That flatfold that Becky made is beautiful. And I agree, she is so incredibly generous and such a kind person!

    The tin you made is really cute! I love the sheep!

  29. Beautiful tin that you made. :) And I'm glad that Becky spoiled you so thoroughly!

  30. I admired your flatfold over at Becky's blog - it is scrumptious!! So summery and I adore that red ribbon.
    The tin you made for Donna is adorable - is it really tiny - what is that coin, I am trying to imagine how small it is.
    I adore that wedding rings quilt - how gorgeous to have an heirloom quilt - so special. I would love to make a wedding ring quilt when I have enough quilting experience I will give it a go.


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