Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another RAK and The Robin's Nest Birthday Exchange for Cathy

Hello Folks! First off I want to say a warm "thank you" for all your kind comments on the Quaker I made for Marie :) THANKS!

First up: Look what I pulled out of my mailbox this morning! Dear Rachel sent me a RAK gift! I don't know what people are drinking, but it seems like my mailbox has been a happenin' place of late! And I'm beginning to feel a little hoggish :) But nevertheless...I'm a happy camper! Without further ado lookie here at my pretties sent from Rachel:
Teenie Tiny Pinkeep and Scissors Fob
(front side ~ w/ penny to show the small size of this beauty)

Back side
(Our initials and then she stitched "Pins for thee"! How sweet!)

Design: With My Needle from the JCS 2006 Ornament Issue
(look at the matching pins....Rachel tells me she handpainted them to match!!)
In the sweet card that accompanied the package, Rachel wrote, "I picked this floss color just for you - to me it has a bright, punchy energy and sweetness all at the same time - like you!" Awwww, Rachel - thank you! Not only are your words and wonderfully stitched gifts treasures to me, but your friendship is a gift from above. Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into this just for me! You are a sweetheart and I will treasure these gifts always! Every time I look at them I will think and smile for you :) I already have them displayed on my stitching smalls shelf!
Next Up: I also just received word that Cathy has received her Birthday Exchange. We are both members of The Robin's Nest, which sadly will be closing as soon as the current RR's and Exchanges are complete. I didn't know Cathy until I was paired with her for this exchange and I'm so happy that we were paired as we have many of the same interests and philosophies of life. I found out that Cathy likes the color blue and that she loves all things Victorian. Today, June 5 is her birthday, and after much sweating and worry her package arrived right on time! Here's what I stitched for her:
Victorian Pins and Needles Pinkeep by Blackbird Designs
(from the With Needle and Thread book)
*the fabric in the background is what I backed the pinkeep with

Cathy's birthday package
(JBW design leaflets from her wishlist: Glad Tidings and Spring Ornamentals, some "dress it up" Victorian buttons, some small scissors with a handmade beaded fob with a wee butterfly charm on the end and a Kelmscott Needleminder with a large rose and butterfly on it....I thought this was the most victorian looking needleminder I could find)

I was very pleased with how Cathy's pinkeep came out....here's a hint to getting perfect circles for a ornament or pinkeep...I bought cheap coasters from the Michael's $1.00 bin!!! I didn't have to do any cutting and they are perfectly round! All I had to do was glue the batting on and mount/stitch the pinkeep together. Sweet, Huh?!
Well that's all I've got for you today......I'm stitching, but its on exchanges, birthday gifts, friendship gifts and the like....so nothing to show you....so until the next time....which will probably be Saturday for my Inspiration SAL update....keep on smiling :)


  1. Delurking to comment on these beautiful pieces. The tiny fob and pinkeep from Rachel are just adorable! And the pinkeep for Cathy: what a perfect choice in backing fabric! I certainly enjoyed reading this post.

  2. LOL @ your secret! I'm going to stock up on coasters next time I see them!!

    Seriously, this is some gorgeous stitching (both received and sent) and I bet your postal carrier is wondering if it's your birthday! LOL!

  3. Wonderful gift from Rachel :) How nice :)

    Love your pinkeep for Cathy :) Just gorgeous!
    I use CD roms for my round finishes :)

    hugs :)

  4. How sweet! I very rarely ever get RAKs, so feel free to send any extras my way - LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! {{{hugs}}}

  5. What wonderful exchanges to send and receive!

  6. I was wondering what was in that pinkeep that was so solid...
    I love it all, especially the needleminder. Evie enjoys the scissors fob a bit too much. I have to keep her sticky fingers away from it!

  7. What a pretty gift you received and made ;)

  8. That's really lovely gifts you got from Rachel! Intense stitching! And the pinkeep? What can I say...just perfect!!!

  9. Both are beautiful!

  10. Everything is so cute. I love the fob you did for Cathy, the coaster idea is great. The pieces you received from Rachel are both so cute.

  11. The piece you did for Cathy is so pretty. You did a great job on it.
    What a wonderful RAK from Rachel. That was so sweet of her. I love the colors she used.

  12. You've received a wonderful gift from Rachel. I think she is absolutely right, this bright colour is perfect for you :) I so much enjoy reading your blog!

    What a great pinkeep, it's lovely.

  13. Hello sweet Vonna, so glad you liked your giftie! Hugs to you dear friend. I LOVE the pretty pinkeep and package for Cathy.
    Great finishing tip about the coaster!

  14. Beautiful work. And I love the coaster idea. Thanks for sharing that.

  15. How wonderful to get a RAK in the mail and I think most deserved by you, Vonna! Your birthday exchange with Cathy is wonderful. And thanks for the tip for the round coaster - great idea ;-D

  16. Such a lovely gift you received!! And the pinkeep for Cathy is gorgeous!!

  17. Such beautiful things! Great idea with the coasters too - I would never have thought of that!

  18. What a lovely gift You received and a lovely gift that you've sent.

  19. Cathy's pinkeep is gorgeous, congratulations. The quaker smalls are just gorgeous.

  20. Hi again, Vonna,

    Would you mind telling me what fabric you used to stitch Cathy's pinkeep?


  21. Gorgeous pinkeep for Cathy! Thanks for the info about the coasters. It's a great idea-who would have thunk? Your gifts from Rachel are so tiny and adorable. Love the color. Enjoy!

  22. Great RAK, love the pinkeep and fob, so dainty and cute. And your exchange is gorgeous. TFS both.

  23. Cute little fob and pinkeep you've received Vonna! And the Victorian pinkeep you made for Cathy is beautiful!

  24. Great RAK from Racheal and I love what she has said, how lovely :-) Your B'day exchange pack to Cathy is wonderfyl, I love that BB designs one!

  25. stunning pinkeep!! Good idea to use the inexpensive coasters for the 'round'. Nice gift from Rachael, too.


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