Saturday, May 12, 2007

Potting Shed Exchange from Toni

I went to my mailbox on Friday and this is what I found: Stitched by Toni a perfect little pillow ornament :)
Isn't this lovely?

And here's all the sweet extras that Toni sent along :)

The little pick and heart stand is alreay in my entrance garden it says "Love Grows Here"

And the sweet little watering can is also haning in my she sent me the flower journal :) I'm using it already as well!

Thank you ever so much Toni! I appreciate it all! Your stitching is perfection and the wee pillow looks perfect on my hanging shelf!

I've been tagged a couple of times by lovely I'll address those now too :) *Thanks to Goldie and Tannia for tagging me :) I'm supposed to list 8 random facts about myself....

Here it goes....

1. I was almost a "Yankee Doodle Dandy" Mom was in labor with me for over 72 hours, she went in labor on July 3, they thought I'd be here on July 4 (U.S. Independence Day) however, I didn't make my apperance until after an emergency c-section at 5 a.m. on Thursday, July 5...I always have been a day late and a dollar short! LOL!

2. I love to dip potato chips in ketchup

3. My job is dealing with any type of bodily fluid you can think of....I'm *not* kidding

4. I was the top scholarship winner from my graduating High School class, I was awarded 3 monetary scholarships based on my grades, extracurricular activities and my personality.

5. I didn't go to my senior prom

6. I drive a Ford Windstar SEL

7. It is COKE and not PEPSI for me

8. AND unlike Goldie...I do NOT wear the same size jeans as I wore in High School!

Ok, there you go....geez...that's hard!

I don't have any stitchy news....but I do think you all need to go over to this BLOG and give a warm welcome to Marie :) She's a friend of mine that I met from the USEBB board. Not only is Marie a wonderful stitcher, but she's posting techniques and tips for us go on over and give Marie a "Howdy doo!"

Monday is my DH's 37th birthday! We're taking the kids out of school and travelling HERE Holiday World has been in this wee little village of Santa Claus, Indiana since my Mom was a child :) I spent many a summer day riding the rides and having the time of my life there and now its my kids turn. We go here two or three times a summer and we always have a grand time.

Hope you all are having a great weekend...until next time :)


  1. That's a wonderful exchange! It's a lovely piece.

  2. Very pretty exchange! Hope you have a fun birthday celebration.

  3. The gardening pillow and others gifts you received are so nice ;)

  4. What a wonderful exchange you got in the mail.

  5. Toni really put together a lovely exchange - I have that chart, and I just adore it! Lucky you!

  6. How very lucky you are to receive such a wonderful exchange package!

  7. It is such a cute pillow!

    Happy Mother's Day

  8. What a sweet gift! Enjoy Vonna!

  9. Enjoy your exchange my friend :)
    Wishing you a most wonderful Mother's Day :)

  10. That's an awesome exchange, Lucky you! We share the same birth date, July 5th, but I am older :( Ranae

  11. Love the pillow! Hey, I knew you must have posted something about my blog~you are sweet.
    Regarding your tag response:
    6)dito (use to)
    8)dito (sadly)

    Have another "blogging ? for you but will email later.

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  12. Great exchange gift, Vonna! No wonder you're so happy with it!
    Enjoy your weekend. Yours sounds better than mine :o)

  13. That's a nice little pillow. Very vibrant garden colours :)

  14. What a wonderful exchange!!
    Have a wonderful day on Monday!!

  15. Your upcoming birthday celebration sounds pretty fun. :D And that potting shed exchange is just too darn cute!!

  16. What an adorable exchange to receive! :)

  17. What a cute exchange from Toni, that would have been fun to get and to open. Have fun on your trip Monday.

  18. pretty exchange Vonna!

  19. Holiday World! I *love* that place...practially grew up there, we were there so much during the summer when I was a kid.

    After missing last year (me being pregnant), we're planning on going sometime this summer...we're wanting to try The Voyage and The Bakuli.

  20. What is going on with your letterbox lol??? I wish mine ooozed so many goodies. Brilliant and lovely xxx

  21. What a pretty exchange Vonna - it must have been such fun opening your mail.
    Congrats on DH's birthday tomorrow. How fun that you will be taking the family to Holiday World to celebrate. Have a great time!!
    Have you received my email for the Fair & Square sign-up?

  22. Just sent you another email. Hope this one arrives.

  23. Hi Vonna,

    I just wanted to wish you a very happy Mother's Day.

    Your exchange is so pretty and the one that you did was wonderful. I loved your finishing for it.

  24. Yet another great exchange - lovely pillow :D

  25. Very cute pillow and since it is already Monday here Happy Bday to your DH! :)

  26. All good things to know about you! Dipping chips in ketchup! I can't imagine! :-)
    The gardening pillow Toni made is great!
    I'm glad the GS party went well and I hope you have fun today with your family. Happy belated Mother's Day - Julie

  27. That's a lovely exchange gift! Happy Birthday to your DH and I hope you all have a wonderful day at the theme park.

  28. What a great gift! and a lovely story! happy birthday to your DH

  29. Lovely exchange gift! I love the pillow. Yes i agree on the coke not pepsi thing! Happy birthday to your DH

  30. This was a very nice pressie from your exchange partner, Vonna!

    Hey, happy birthday to your DH!!

  31. That's a beautiful exchange gift you received.

    thanks for sharing those random facts!

  32. I wish i am as creative as you so that i can have a lovely exchange just like yours. That little pillow seems a good piece for my tiny wooden shed.


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