Friday, April 06, 2007

My Needleroll and Spring Quaker Exchanges Received!

See I told you I have been stitching :)
I've recently had two of my exchanges come due, so here's what I stitched up for my partners. The first was for the Specific Finish Exchange for the USEBB board. My partner was Goldie and here is what I stitched for her:

Spring Needleroll

Designer(s): I chose various elements from different designers including Heart in Hand, Lizzie Kate and Little House needleworks to come up with this design that I chated myself.

Fabric: 28 ct. Lavender Mist Jobelan

Threads: DMC

*This was my first Needleroll and it was not my best effort...I would do things a little differently next time, but overall...I don't think it looks too bad. I didn't know Goldie prior to this exchange, but it has been my sincere pleasure to meet and stitch for her! Hope you enjoyed the exchange partner!

Next Up: the Spring Quaker Exchange for the USEBB. My partner was Heather and I stitched for her this:

Stitcher's Wallet

Designer: The Workbasket ~ Quaker Flower (freebie from website)

Threads: 1 over 1; using DMC varigated Carnation

Fabric: 32 ct. white linen

*the finishing is of my own "design". I always see everyone making wallets and I came up with my own Stitcher's Wallet. I took many pictures of the finishing process and perhaps will make a tutorial if people are interested. (leave a comment if so!)*

I did "know" Heather (from her blog) and she is such an exemplary seamstress with all her stitching and quilting, so I wanted to make something for her that was really nice. I think it all worked out :) Hope you enjoyed it partner!

Well, that's all of stitching I have to show you today. I've been stitching a lot over the past few days. I finally finished my SBEBB House with Landscaping exchange and I finished it in a "different" manner too! Can't wait to see what my partner thinks of the finishing and stitching on this one. AND I finished the stitching on my SBEBB ABC I just have to come up with a *finish* that's two exchanges down...and I think I have 6 more to stitch for...I started another last night and pulled threads/charts for 4 I just have to pull threads for 2 more and I think I'll have all the patterns/threads at least pulled and kitted.

Lastly....I told you in the previous post that I was having sleep issues...well on Wednesday I was feeling really sick...I had a cold, but it got bad really fast. Yesterday morning I woke up with two ears that hurt, a river of junk running down my throat and I couldn't catch my breath, as a matter of fact I felt like I was breathing underwater. My husband got the three big kids off to school and then took me to the Doctor's clinic. Well after an examination, a X-ray and an oxygen status test...I found out what I thought was my problem, I have right lobe pneumonia. YIKES! My oxygen status wasn't the greatest, but I talked them into letting me stay at home rather than being admitted to the hospital. So I'm on strict bedrest for the next 5 days and no work (!) for 14 days. So, I wanted to let you all know...I'm not ignoring you...I just have to stay in bed because I'm rather ill and I don't have a a matter of fact my DH has come to the office door 2x's while I've been writing this to tell me to go to bed. LOL!

Hope you enjoyed my update today...Have a blessed Easter...Thanks for all the lovely comments you all leave me, how blessed am I to have such lovely blog followers and friends...AND until next time great BIG {{hugs}} from me to you :)


  1. Great finishes. Your Spring needleroll is so cute, I love the different designs you picked to go together for it. The stitchers wallet is beautiful too, so creative. Your exchange partners must have been thrilled when they received such lovely mail surprises.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. The weather has been so strange and unpredictible that I'm not surprised so many people seem to be getting sick. Take care of yourself,

  2. Lovely stitching and finishing Vonna. I'm sure your partners were thrilled to receive them. I'm sorry to hear you are so sick :( Take good care of yourself and let everyone run around after you! I hope you can stitch a little while you're recuperating!

  3. What great exchanges! You did a superb job on both of them.
    Pneumonia, yikes! Take good care of yourself, OK? (((hugs)))

  4. I love your needle roll and stitcher´s wallet. It would be nice if you write tutorial after you get better !! Pneumonia is awfull !!! I hope you take care.

  5. Lovely work! I can't wait to see what else you are working on.

    Feel better soon and take it easy!

  6. Lovely exchanges! I particularly like the stitcher's wallet - you did a great job :)

    So sorry you're feeling so poorly - I hope a few days bed rest will take care of it. Feel better soon!

  7. First of all ((((((((get well hugs)))))) I hope you are feeling better VERY soon my friend :)

    I love your exchanges-you did an amazing job with the stitcher's wallet :) Congratulations! Your NR is adorable :)

    Have a Happy Easter, Vonna :)

  8. You are a power house of finishing ideas! That stitchers' wallet is quite unique. Yes a tutorial please not before you're all well and in the pink :)

    Take loads of rest my friend and Happy Easter to you and your family!

  9. The needleroll is really cute!

    {{{gentle hugs}}} - I hope you get well soon!

  10. What great gifts you have stitched! I especially like the wallet. Hope you get better soon

  11. Beautiful finishes, Vonna!!

    I'm so sorry to hear how sick you are. Please get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. ((HUGS))

    And, I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter.

  12. Vonna,
    I hope you get better quick and you better take care of yourself. Are you do breathing treatments at home? I have asthma so sometimes the meds make you nervous feeling. Hope you do well with the meds. Loved your needleroll! Was the lace already attached to the linen? Or did you sew it on? Answer when you are better! :)
    Happy Easter!

  13. You are so talented!!! Love the way you put lace on the needleroll! Get better soon!

  14. I hope you feel better soon! Pneumonia is nothing to sneeze at. :o)

    Great finishes!

  15. Poor Vonna! Pneumonia is not fun and very serious! Please let hubby take good care of you and stay in bed.

    When you are much much better, I would love to see the tutorial of your stitcher's wallet. Your stitching and finishing are always so beautiful. You are an exquisite finisher!!

  16. I am sorry you are so sick, that sounds really awful :( You go and rest and make your kids wait on you!

    Thank you so much for the wallet, I am still drooling over it :D I went and showed my neighbor last night (she's a stitch-a-holic too) and she thought it was amazing!

    Feel better soon, and have a very lovely Easter Sunday.

  17. Yes, I LOVED your needleroll exchange. You really did a fantastic job with the finishing! I love how you finished your Quaker exchange! Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you start feeling better soon! Happy Easter!! {{HUGS}}

  18. Oh no, Vonna! I hope you get better soon!! Meanwhile, your exchanges are simply amazing!

  19. Take care of yourself! Lovely finishes!

  20. Nice finishes! I like your needleroll you did a good job. Sorry you are sick, looking forward to your rturn in 5 days. Get well soon!

  21. Both finishes are beautifull.

  22. Hope you are feeling better soon :)

    Your exchanges are wonderful!

  23. Pneumonia is not to be taken lightly! Stay on your meds, get lots of rest (hehehe - that's the hard one with young kids in the house!), and get better soon!! Healing hugs. :)

  24. I'm playing catch-up with blogs for an hour ... and you have so much to catch up with! :) Your latest exchanges are gorgeous, both send and received - the needlerolls are great! :) Also your finished box is stunning, and your stitcher's wallet is amazing (and yes, I for one would love a tutorial ... it will definitely be going over to the links at the Finishing blog!). Also your photo of Ellie in the sink put a huge smile on my dial - too funny, and what a cutie! :D Hope you look after yourself and get over that nasty pneumonia soon ... look forward to seeing you again when you're all better {{hugs}}.

  25. Gorgeous stitching and finishes Vonna. There are some very lucky ladies out there.
    No wonder you were having trouble sleeping. Take good care of yourself and get well soon. Sounds like your DH is going to make certain you get the rest you need - good for him!!
    Have a blessed Easter.

  26. Wonderful stitching and finishing, Vonna! They both look great, you've again done wonderful job! I really do hope you'll feel better soon.

  27. Vonna, hope you get to feeling better fast! Your needleroll is just gorgeous! It looks wonderful and I like the way you finished your stitcher's wallet-another gorgeous finish. I for one would love to see a tutorial on that. Just lovely work!

  28. Firstly dear Vonna, I really hope you feel much better very soon!! Poor you, it is a nightmare being the Mum and being ill !!
    Your 2 exchange pieces are stunning the NR looks great with what you have done with the designs and your Needlecase is fantastic! I love those with the ribbons but yours is a great shape. Well done and Happy Easter to you all :-))

  29. Oh my gosh! Take care of yourself Pneumonia is really serious!

    YOu had some beautiful finshes!

  30. Vonna, so sorry to hear that you are ill. I hope you feel better soon. You exchange pieces look great, you do wonderful work. I hope you had a great Easter despite bedrest.

  31. I hope you are feeling tons better now sweetie! Love the stitching too!

  32. I think that both of your exchange pieces turned out beautifully! I would definitely like to see a tutorial for your stitcher's wallet, once you are feeling better. Please take care of yourself and heed the doctors order! *hug*

  33. oh my! rest up + get well soon!

    beautiful exchange projects

    now back to bed!!!

  34. Vonna, I hope you had a restful weekend and Easter. I hope you're following doctor's orders and taking good care of yourself. You continue to be in my thoughts - J

  35. Your exchanges are beautiful Vonna - so sorry to hear that you are ill. Follow the doctor's orders so that you feel better real soon!

  36. Beautiful exchanges! I hope you get well very soon. Pneumonia is no fun. Take good care of yourself!

  37. Oh, my Vonna! I get behind on my blogging and see what happens... I missed that you have been so sick! Sending lots of {{{Hugs}}} your way, Sweetie and I hope you are feeling some better now! Do rest and take care of yourself.

    I love your NR... so very clever to add bits and pieces of various designs! And the colours are gorgeous!

    And your Stitcher's Wallet is sooooo Beautiful! You are so very creative and talented, Vonna! I wish I could finish things half as well as you do! :-)

    Sending you lots of love and {{{Hugs}}} Hun and hoping you are feeling better now!

  38. Oh my heavens, Vonna! You take care of yourself!!! Yikes! Sending wellness vibes and happy thoughts. :)

    Your exchange stitching is wonderful. The Workbasket project is just eye-poppingly gorgeous. And your needleroll is adorable.

    Get well soon!!

  39. What absolutely lovely finishes. You are so creative and do such lovely work, you inspire me!!

  40. Lovely needleroll! Lovely wallet! I am sad for you too. Why? Because of the pneumonia, of course! It's not fun. I'm an asthma patient myself, so I know how it feels, when one can't breath. Take it easy and rest now. I hope you recover soon.


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