Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My ABC Exchange stitched for Sylvie

The SBEBB had an ABC exchange...the rules was to stitch anything with the alphabet on it. I stitched this for Sylvie : **Hey Sylvie I *pinched* your pictures because I forgot to take pictures before I wrapped it up :( Design: Bent Creek's ~ Plum Berry Sampler

Fabric: 28 ct. Antique Ivory Evenweave

Fibers: DMC

Finished: Pinkeep
Back Fabric ~ ABC and my "Handmade with Love" charm

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

I sent Sylvie: Skeins of WDWs, Alphabet stichers, Alphabetized Address Book and a couple of rolls of finishing varigated ribbon

I really had fun stitching this one...I didn't know how to finish this as it is sort of an odd I decided to finish it as a Pinkeep...this is my first attempt....I wasn't totally happy with my execution of the finishing steps, but it wasn't terrible. I learned a few things and there are a couple of things that I think I'd do different next time. Thank you Sylvie for being my "victim" for my first Pinkeep :) I enjoyed stitching for you and learning more about you through your blog!

What's going on in my stitching front now? Well today I finished the stitching on my Potting Shed Exchange! HURRAY! This design is cute but it was very tedious stitching it. I've got the finishing all figured out...I just have to git 'r to speak :) ...which I don't think it will be a problem :)

I started my Robin's Nest Birthday Exchange today...I'm really nervous about this one. But I picked out the design and I put about 50 X's in it today! I've got another Birthday present on the back burner, plus I picked out my design, fabric and fibers for the USEBB Summer Quaker I've got a lot going!
Yesterday I also did a little "retail" therapy :) I had a young lady contact me about 1 month ago to ask about setting up a blog, etc. Since she contacted me we've become fast friends. Her name is Julie and you really need to go give her blog a look. Here's the link, her blog's name is Weathered Barn after the Simply Shaker GAST threads. She is just a sweet person and she's doing such lovely projects, plus she has some sweetie fur babies too! SO how Julie fits into the story is....on her blog a couple of weeks ago she posted about Rosewood Manor's new Inspiration design:

Isn't it just gorgeous?! Well anyway....Julie sent me a link yesterday to The Silver Needle and a lovely description/article about this chart because she knew I loved it. Well I had immediately put it on my "Wish List" two weeks ago....BUT...after Julie told me she was going to get it and I read the article at TSN....well.... then...... the next thing I find myself doing is phoning TSN and ordering the chart and the Moon Glow Picture This Plus fabric to go along with it...Not only did I get the fabric....but I got 1/2 yard of it ($48.00(!)) because the article said it had smaller charts for fob/needlebook/small sampler, etc....might as well have enough for everything, right??!! Of course....can't be stuck in the middle of Indiana, needle in hand, chart ready needing some Moon Glow Picture This Plus fabric!!!! What would happen then? I'm sure that the world would stop rotating...big disastrous things, you cannot stop the mojo of a stitcher! Right?! Well that's what I'm telling my husband!

So after I did the deed....I asked Julie if she'd like to do a SAL with me....HELLO PEOPLE ~ what am I thinking...have you taken a gander at my side bar??? LOL! So.....Anyway....I'm going to be in a SAL with Julie on Friday's as soon as we get all our supplies together. The only upside to this is: the fibers charted are for DMC! ~ can we all say a silent "thank you" (I've got every DMC color ~ at least once - probably more like twice) and the chart is beautiful AND Julie is a sweetie AND we can get to know each other better! ....right?! Sure! That's the meantime, I'm hiding the Master Card Bill from my better half (he doesn't spend any money ~ he's a good boy *geez*) and I'm going to make some 5 star dinners hoping by the time he finds the Master Card Bill he'll be so full of my good cooking he won't care that I've been seeing a little too much of Mary Kathryn and my LNS AND the Silver Needle!

Well Until next time my dear readers and friends....have a great rest of the week! It's hump day so it's all down hill from here :)


  1. Vonna, I love your pinkeep :) It turned out fabulously :) I am "hooked" on them and have quite a few in my collection :)
    Very nive choice of design and finish :)
    Congratulations :)

  2. Wowzer, Vonna. That pinkeep is the bee's knees!
    And as for your monster project: I'm keeping my mouth firmly shut. The Village wasn't enough for you? Huh?

  3. beautiful pinkeep Vonna! congratulations on such a lovely work :)

  4. What an adorable pinkeep - I love it! :) I also love that pattern - I ordered it from Stitching Bits and Bobs. I don't know when I'll stitch it, but I couldn't resist! :)

  5. Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful Pinkeep, Vonna! I think it's gorgeous... You did an amazing job of it... I would never know it was your first one! I really want to try one soon... :-) And I love that BC design! Oh, almost forgot... I've been intending to ask on my blog for awhile now where you all get those lovely wee charms... *handmade with love* but keep forgetting... so, where on Earth does a stitcher find them, Hun? I asked Drema at NC, and she does not carry them, nor does she know where to find them.

    And I just love Inspiration!!! I saw it when it came out two weeks ago and fell in love with it and like you I added it to my Wish List post haste! I can't wait to start on it and you will love the Moonglow PTP linen... it's one of my fave colours... I've got several projects kitted up with it and I'm stitching Easter Avenue on it as well...

    And yes... I think that's the perfect story to tell your DH... like you said what's a girl to do stuck out in the middle of Indianna without your Moonglow PTP linen! LOL My story is always... but what if they discontinue it, or sell out of it? lol

    Can't wait to see everything you're stitching for your exchanges... :-)


  6. Love the pinkeep! Great way to finish the design.

  7. Well, I must say this is one of the most entertaining posts that I've read so far. I love the pinkeep you made for Sylvie, you are quite creative.

    I know how you feel about buying all that stash, tomorrow I'm going to post a pic of my stash acquisitions and hubby is already sort of frowning at me. But he's so great he really does understand how much stitching means to me.

  8. The pinkeep is adorable and i LOVE the fabric you used for the backing.

  9. Very lovely Vonna! Wow, you are quite the exchange stitcher lately :-)

  10. You had better get into that kitchen to whip up some gourmet food fast, girl... hee hee!! No, just ENJOY your new stash, although I don't know WHERE you will find the time to even add more to your sidebar let alone doing the actual stitching...:o)
    Please share your time management secrets with us mere mortal stitchers!!
    Your pinkeep is absolutely adorable!! And such a perfect finishing with the fabric on the back!! Love it!

  11. Ah, yes, 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' approach. I've tried this with my DH, too. He's gained *some* weight since we got married. LOL!!!

    It's a gorgeous project and well worth squeezing some non-existent extra stitching time. Good luck, and I can't wait to see it!

  12. No need to be nervous!

  13. Your pinkeep is great, i love the fabric on the back as well! Oh yes, the credit card bill and the explaining is a common occurrance in this house too :)

  14. What an incredible pinkeep for Sylvie and all those lovely goodies!!
    Your new pattern looks fabulous. Have fun on your SAL

  15. You already know how much I love your pinkeep and the goodies, Vonna. Thanks again for this wonderful exchange :)


  16. Gorgeous pinkeep - I love the shape of it. And dang it, now I'm gonna have to buy Inspiration too.

  17. Your pinkeep looks fantastic.

    Thank you for praying for me.

  18. You did a great job on your ABC exchange Vonna! I'm sure Sylvie must love it!

  19. Gorgeous pinkeep - the fabric on the back is just amazing - perfect for this exchange.
    The Rosewood Manor piece is breathtaking - I will look forward to seeing your progress on this one.

  20. Love the pinkeep, the little charm on the back is really nice. What a great exchange. The Rosewood Manor piece is beautiful and big. Good luck stitching that with Julie. TFS

  21. Your pinkeep looks great. I haven't been brave enough yet to try one of these, but it is on my list to do. Congrats on finishing it off so well on your first try.

    Your new project is lovely, and I totally agree with getting the extra fabric just in case. Especially if you make them all and want to make sure they match, dye lots do change and if you had to reorder it might not be as close as you'd want. Good luck on hiding the MC splurge though, hopefully all the good cooking will soften him up just like you've planned. :)

  22. You totally crack me up, Vonna! I love your "voice" in this post. Reminds me of myself. ;) I think you did a beautiful job of the pinkeep. Keep up the great work!

  23. Vonna, you are kickin', as the kids say! I thought I was the only one that plotted over my DH's visa card!! :p Love your pinkeep!
    Deb in FL

  24. Wow, your pinkeep for Sylvie is a real stunner - way to go! Yet another masterpiece of an exchange :D Happy anniversary too! :D

  25. What a pinkeep! I am sure S is happy, when she sees it.


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