Monday, April 02, 2007

Look what "rolled" into my mailbox today!

Isn't this a BEAUTY!!!! This is my Needleroll that I got from Marie. We're both members of the USEBB board and unfortunately I can't link you to dear Marie's blog, because she doesn't blog....But I think she definitely needs too! ;)
Marie's stitching is exquisite. Look at the tiny beads on the needleroll and she was so nice to personalize it with my name! Plus it's so small and dainty ~ I just love it! Marie tells me it is an older Shepherd's Bush chart called "Tudor Needleroll". It is just scrumptious to look at :)
Then look what else I found in my box:

I got ribbons, material (in fantastic shades of green/mauve), a skein of Ivy WDW (needed this one Marie for an upcoming project!), chocolates, buttons, a wonderful candle that I'm going to pop into my candle warmer TODAY, some spring swankies, and beautiful little Laura Ashley notecards. ISN'T THIS CALLED SPOILING?! If so I'm game for another round! LOL! I cannot tell you how excited I was when I went to my mailbox and saw Marie's name on the return address :) I've always admired her stitching and finishes! Now I own one for myself. Thank you so much Marie, from the bottom of my 'lil pea pickin' heart! I love it, love it, love it!!

I have nothing to show you in the way of my stitching. I've been at it...but if you look in my sidebar under "Exchanges I'm signed up for:" you'll see why I don't have anything to show you :) One day soon however...I'll have a barrel full of things to show!

I am having insomia seems that I go to sleep promptly at 10 p.m. only to awaken at 2 a.m. wide awake. I lay there and as I lay there I continue to think about all the things I have to do. I usually will eventually fall back asleep at 4 a.m. only to have to hop out of bed at 6:15 a.m. to get 4 kids ready for the day. So what this story is getting to, I was lying in bed awake last night thinking about all this stitching I HAVE to get done by June 1. I then promptly started having heart palpitations! There's exchanges, my Round Robin, a couple of people's birthday gifts...I could go on. So if there is any little stitching fairies out there...please come visit my house and give me a hand :)

Finally I will leave you with a funny picture of my baby girl :) She just turned 19 months old. We had spaghetti and french bread (her favorite as you will see) last week for dinner and this is what I had to do immediately following dinner: GIVE HER A BATH!!

Ellie Eileen ~ 19 months old

~~bathing after spaghetti dinner~~

She's had a recent attack of being "scared" of bath tubs ~ I have a sneaking suspicion that her twin brothers have something to do with it (i.e. dumping water on her head ~ what one of them doesn't think of the other one does) she's began taking baths in the kitchen sink worries here, it's almost easier because I can continue cleaning up the dinner dishes while she plays in her sink bath! I imagine that it's sort of like a baby jacuzzi! ;)

Well that's all I have for you today! I'm hopeful that I'll be able to post an Easter Exchange here soon...I've not received mine yet. But it's on its way I'm sure! Until next time.....


  1. Dianne12:07 PM

    This is such a cute shot! I do have one on my son with spaghetti smeared all over his face while he is sitting in his highchair. He still loves spaghetti too!

  2. Dianne12:11 PM

    BTW-maybe you can take Ellie shopping for some new bath toys to help her with her bath fear. My son has a fear of swimming to this day because of people dunking him as a little guy. He's 20 now. Better to nip it in the bud.

  3. Oh what a lovely gift from Marie! She did spoil you. I'm sorry to hear about the insomia - I too suffer from it and after most of my life being spent on too much sleep I finally had to give in (almost kicking and screaming) to taking a sleep drug (but not the addictive kind). Good luck - originally a lot of non-meds stuff helped: calming tea, showering at night, no electronics w/in an hour of bedtime, reading... then when I would wake up I would get tea, read for a bit and could usually fall back asleep w/in an hour. Not perfect but it did work for a while.

    And lastly - absolutely adorable - I love the sink jacuzzi.

  4. Waht a pretty gift you received. I love the needleroll! :o)

    Ellie looks like she's having a blast.

  5. Your daughter is a sweetie, what a fun picture :-). Sorry you are having sleep issues they are the worst. Hopefully the great package from Marie was a nice pick me up. The needle roll is gorgeous.

  6. The needleroll you received from Marie is beautiful!! And, such lovely gifts that came along with it!

    Also, such a darling picture of your little girl--she definitely enjoyed her spaghetti dinner! :-)

  7. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Hi Vonna,
    Was searching your Blog for a possible Flat Fold tutorial but found something better...this adorable picture of your beautiful baby girl, Ellie (love the name). I have a 19 YEAR old and 17 year old (boys)...Miss the babies!
    Must keep up my flat fold search! Bye
    Marie (timetosew)

  8. what a nice needleroll .. you were definately spoiled .. but deserved it right? *smile*

    Sweet picture of Ellie .. love those spagetti dinners :)

  9. Baby jacuzzi! Love it!! And what a face! ;)

    That's some gorgeous stitching and gifts you've received.

  10. LOVELY exchange from Marie :) Enjoy it, Vonna :)

  11. Vonna,

    What a cute picture of Ellie. Don't all kids just love eating and wearing spaghetti? LOL

    I hope your insomnia passes quickly. Try counting sheep instead of projects that need to be worked on. Your needleroll is lovely.

  12. Ellie is adorable Vonna. What a great photo!!

    What a wonderful exchange package!! Stitchers are the most generous people. The needleroll is just gorgeous!!

  13. Life doesn't get much better than eating your favorite dinner followed by a soak in the jacuzzi! I have no doubt that those older brothers have instilled a little fear of the tub. My youngest dd has battled many fears fostered, not by our twins, but the two oldest children, who were old enough to know better not to tease so much.

    I'm sorry to hear you're having sleep problems. I do hope it's a short-term problem!!

  14. Beautiful needleroll! Ellie is adorable. I sure hope you sleep well soon. I struggle with insomnia a lot too, it is anxiety related for me.

  15. Love your exchange piece and all your goodies. And your darling daughter sitting in the sink, brings back memories of my DS. Too cute. What a smile. TFS. ;D

  16. That picture of your daughter is so made me laugh! What a great exchange gift you received!

  17. What a beautiful needleroll and an awesome exchange parcel! YOu were spoiled for sure!

    LOL your daughter looks so cute!

  18. Gasp!!! at all your stash. How wonderful to get all those lovely gifts through the post!! Even the way the fabric has been folded - oh how pretty I wouldnt want to use it!! xx

  19. What a wonderful exchange package and an even more wonderful baby photo! Ah, the precious moments. :)

  20. Vonna,
    Your baby is a cutie! It kinda makes me want another one! haha. I don't think I could handle it though. What a great needleroll! I've never made one before. I'm having a great day!

  21. Ellie is having too much fun in her sink bath. And its ever so much easier on Mummy's back this way too.

    I love your needleroll and all the exchange gifties!

  22. This exchange you have got is gorgeous and I agree Marie should start blogging :-)) Your little girl is such a cuddly bundle and it makes me remember the baby spagetti faces well and the baths in the sink, I last popped my DS in at Christmas he is 4yrs but tiny and cute still :-))
    As for insomnia I am an expert except I cannot get to sleep so end up going to bed far too late usually not before 1 am at the earliest. You will get everything done June 1st is a bit of a way off yet and all will be gorgeous as you do :-)) You're a stitching 'star' so don't worry!!

  23. You *are* a stitching star, girlfriend, I agree with Helen! I'm sure you will get all your projects done. Your baby is sooo cute. :) Love the sink jacuzzi.

    This was a really lovely needleroll and just a fantastic exchange, Vonna! How nice for you.

  24. That *is* a lovely package, esp the needleroll.=)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I've seen your comments on others' blogs and was very happy to see you call in at mine.

    Elisabeth, UK=)

  25. What a nice package you got. The NR is just lovely. It is so cute to see your son after his spaghetti dinner.

  26. EE is so adorable!! This is such a fun age - when they still fit in the kitchen sink and you are their whole world.

    What a gorgeous needle roll and the rest of the exchange is so thoughtful too.

    I also discovered the stitchers box you designed and am looking forward to trying my hand at it. Wonderful & clear instructions. Thank you!!!

    Happy Easter.

  27. It's a beautiful gift Vonna. I love the pic of your little girl - she looks like a handful, I don't know how you get any stitching done! :) We know we're obsessed when you wake up thinking about stitching in the middle of the night. Hope you start sleeping better soon.

  28. Your baby girl is adorable :) I remember putting my little man in the sink to bathe also on occasions!

    Any day that stash arrives in the mailbox is a great mail day :)

  29. Ellie is a cutie pie : )

    Beautiful NR & gifts. Yes, Marie needs a blog. I have several stitching friends that do not blog. I try to encourage them & they don't seem interested.

  30. Ellie is so precious, Vonna! Love the baby jacuzzi! I know she must have been having loads of fun with Momma! :-)

    And what a lovely NR and gifties from Marie! Stitching gifts and stash in the post are always such a wonderful delight! :-)

    Hope you are sleeping better now Sweetie... {{{Hugs}}}

  31. LOL - this is definitely a '21st' photo!! Isn't she just adorable xxx
    What an amazing exchange from Marie - all those gorgeous goodies too, very spoilt Vonna. I love how that fabric is tied up like a star too - I don't think I would be able to untie it as it looks so nice.

  32. You got an amazing exchange. I am sorry for your little girl. I hope you can 'kill' her fear. Those boys were mean, whatever they did. Poor E! I sure hope E won't grow fearing water as an adult. One friend of mine got such a scare as a kid she had to fight it into adulthood. She will conquer it, I hope, a bit at a time. I wish you girl and you all the best.


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