Monday, April 23, 2007

Julianne's Surprise and Stitchy Stash!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Julianne was my 1000th commenter! Hurray Julianne! This is what she won:

1000th Commenter prize: L*K Designs leaflet ~ Stitching Friends w/ charms

10 skeins of DMC varigated floss in various colors and 1 spool of pink/yellow ribbon

Congratulations again Julianne....I hope your like my little gift from me to you!

Next up: I did a little stashing...from Mary Kathryn this is what I bought: About 20 skeins of Carrie's threads in different shades

Plus Mary Kathryn's spring special a cut of yellow linen and three skins of varigate Carrie's Threads.

Then I got the new Kelmscott Designs Needle Minder called Nita's Peacock...isn't it LOVELY?! I've never owned one before and I can tell I already LOVE it!!

Then I picked up Busy Bee Sewing Case by Keepsake Stitching.

Thanks to Sue over at Red's Threads, I fell in love with the leaflet among the Cornflowers by Keepsake Stitching. Isn't it just lovely?! I love the federal style house!

And last but not least I got my usual monthy shipment of LHN Thread Packs! What a delightful way to collect LHN charts that are fun and fast to stitch but also a great way to collect Cresent Colours floss :) I love this shipment program!!

Now I worked this weekend in my garden planting my annuals on Saturday, so that day was shot for stitching....but on Sunday I had to work *work* at my real job...*sigh*... so I didn't get any stitching done. However Saturday evening I did make a Rosary for my neice. She's having her First Communion on this coming Saturday, so I decided to make her one of my rosaries. The beads are Swarvoski (sp??) in a pink color for her birth stone and I used clear crystals for the other beads. The center and crucifix are Sterling silver. I think it turned out very nice. Elizabeth's First Communion Rosary

made by Aunt Vonna

(*all pictures are clickable...but this one is especially better if you click it!)

Well folks...I know that this post doesn't have much "meat" to it...nothing really stitchy, but I did want you all to know that I'm alive and well :)

Thank you all so much for your visits...I cherish all of them ~ both chatty visits and silent ones :) And on that note...I see from my visit ticker that I have some Indiana residents (Fort Wayne, Edwardsport, Indianapolis, that come to visit - leave me a comment! I'd like to talk crafts/needleworking with fellow Hoosiers!)

So until next time...I hope that the dawning of a new spring brings refreshment to your lives and for my readers that are coming up on fall and winter, I hope that the ending of a season brings a time of rest and rejuvenation :)

Until next time.....


  1. What nice gift you sent! I adore that rosary - NICE!!

  2. What a GORGEOUS rosary for your niece! She will cherish it always!! I treated myself to the Peacock Needleminder too, its just too pretty not to have.

    These monthly collections packages are just far too much fun and too easy....sigh....

  3. Wow! You’ve added some great patterns, threads and fabric to your stash. I always enjoy seeing what others are buying and some of those items tend to find their way onto my wish/shopping list. I look forward to seeing some of these patterns stitched up!
    The rosary for your niece is beautiful.
    Thanks for continuing to visit my blog. I hope you find time to stitch soon - Julie

  4. You got some great stash!

    The rosary you made for your niece is beautiful too.

  5. Yowzer! Great stash, Vonna!

  6. Great gift for your 1000th commenter! I really like those lizzie kate charts. Great stash haul too and you did a great job on the rosary, she'll love it!

  7. nice stash Vonna! the needleminder is sooo pretty

  8. Love you new stash :) I recently purchased the Busy Bee myself :) :)
    Have a great week, Vonna :)

  9. What lovely things you sent to Julianne, that was very unique and thoughtful of you. I love ALL of your stash ;)

  10. What very lovely items! That rosary is so gorgeous!

  11. I thought your Keepsake Stitching sewing case looked familiar. I dug into my stash and found that I have the Buzz'n Round Eyeglass Case. Who knew? LOL Nice pile of goodies for Julianne. That was such a nice thing for you to do!

  12. Wonderful gift for Julianne. And you've been on a shopping spree! :) Most of all I love that rosary, really precious.

  13. Great gift for Julianne! I love all your new stash-can I come to your house? LOL. The rosary for your niece is just lovely.

  14. What a wonderful idea for your 1000th commenter, Vonna. Julianne's a lucky girl!
    Enjoy your new stash!

  15. Oh wow, what a stunning rosary - you did good!! :D And you're so sweet gifting goodies to your 1000th commenter :) As for the stash piccies ... heavy sigh ... something else to add to the wishlist LOL. Seriously, though, your stash pile looks very drool-worthy! :D

  16. I love the rosary! I don't really know how to do beading, but I might have to learn so I can do that for Evie. Did you buy all the supplies from a specialty store? I might have to talk Jenna into teaching me how to bead, too!

  17. The rosary is absolutely gorgeous. You do beautiful work!!!

  18. The rosary is gorgeous - what a treasure for her. Great stash too - I'll have to look into that Cornflower sampler. Whatever are you going to do with all those skeins of yellow thread?

  19. Great package you sent to Julianne, nice stash and what a gorgeous rosary you made. Lovely!

  20. I think a rosary is such a nice gift for a First Communion...and you made it as well..even more special! Love your latest stash glad I enabled you on the Cornflower Sampler. Will you e-mail me with your e-mail address again...I'm such a bonehead...hopefully we'll kick off My Home Town this weekend. Joanie is patiently waiting for me.

  21. Vonna,
    I love your rosary! Have you ever made the rosary bracelets? I'm a bad catholic right now. Our deacon refused commumion to my son because of the boy behind him in a AC/DC tshirt. He claims he didn't realize he had singled out the wrong boy. But, he made it loud enough that the people in the front pews heard. So Jacob says, who needs a church that condemns. My son is very bright and a honor roll student. I agree with him. The stupid deacon has yet to apologize to Jacob. So we have been not attending for a couple of months now.
    Sorry to unload, I don't really know how to deal with this.

  22. Vonna,

    What a lovely prize!

    What a great stash haul!!!

    What a lovely rosary!

  23. Beautiful beadwork, Vonna!! Isn't it fun to do. :) My dd Melanie makes us all lots of jewelry.

  24. What a great prize and love all your new stitching stash. xx

  25. Lovely prize for Julianne, fantastic stash haul, and a beautiful Rosary for your niece! She will treasure it forever.

  26. Great prize for the winner!! Also wonderful stashy goodness. Thanks for the supportive comments on my blog - they really, really mean a lot to me. I've not been good at responding to people the last two weeks but I told myself I would start today. The rosary is absolutely lovely and such a wonderful gift to a neice - I'm sure she'll treasure it always. I hope you are getting to stitch and rest when you need it.

  27. What a lovely and thoughtful gift for Julianne! You're such an Angel, Vonna! :-)

    Love all your new stitchy stash... I have been admiring that Peacock Needleminder... ;-) Love the Busy Bee Sewing Case and I fell in love with Among the Cornflowers a wee while ago when I spied it on one of my mindless wanderings through cyber shoppes... needless to say it went directly onto my Wish List! lol

    I love those LHN thread packs... I've got several to catch up on yet! :-)

    And the Rosary you made for your neice is Beautiful... my, but your talents never cease to amaze me, Vonna! :-)

  28. What great pictures of beautiful stuff!

    That's a wonderful rosary for your niece's first communion - what a thoughtful gift, and sure to be a beloved heirloom.

  29. Love all the new stash and the needkeep. I love all of their Needlekeeps though. And the stash you sent Julianne was great, hope she loves it. TFS

  30. Wonderful stashing, the fibers are beautiful. The new thread packs are so pretty too, you'll have enough to keep you busy for a little while at least. :)

  31. I am glad you got new stash. I am glad you chose the prize so well. I mean the winner. You know what I mean.


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