Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Findings

Happy Friday! Thank HEAVENS it is here :)

I've got a newsy and picture filled post so without further ado....I'll get right to it.

Yesterday I saw the postman come so out I dashed of the house to get our mail. Lo and behold...inside was a package...I wasn't expecting what was it?! Well I saw it was from CAROL and I thought, "Now what would she be sending me? Well I ripped that puppy open and here it ALL it's GLORY!

Pay It Forward Biscornu

Pattern Name: The Three Emblems

Designer: Papillon Creations

Fabric: Dirty Belfast

Thread: DMC Variations 4150 - Desert Sand

Now how special is that? Carol told me that "Yvonne" put it on her website. I had no clue who "Yvonne" was, but I thought I wonder if it is the desinger. So I popped right over to Papillon Creations and right under the Photo Gallery Heading about 3/4 of the way down the page are three pictures of Carol's exquisite cross stitching gifts. Two fobs and then my beautiful biscornu. How special is that?! My sincerest thanks Carol. I have envied all these people getting gifts from you and now I have my very own to display and slobber over :) THANK YOU dear friend :)

Ok, so now...what have I been up to the last week? Well wonder no longer....HERE is my Little House Needlework's rendition of Home of a Needleworker. For those of you that have stitched it you will see I continue to change just about everything on the pattern....what has made me so brazen....I'll never know, but I think it's looking rather good, myself...good thing, huh?!

You will notice that instead of the upper/lower case alphabets, I put the verse, "When this you see remember me." and then...I absolutely love the Proverbs verse 31:13 so I thought..."Why NOT?!" It's mine I stitched over 1 the verse, "She seeks wool and flax and works willingly with her hands." I LOVE IT! You will see to the upper left between the two verses...I stitched, a small flower/leaves this is also stitched over 1 and comes from a motif on "Joy in the Journey" also from Diane Williams. I think it will look better once the vine below the crow is finished and I have the house on it. I may frog the When this you see... and stitch it over one too, I'm undecided as yet....

Finally, I was partnered with Cathy for the Robin's Nest Biscornu exchange. This is what I stitched up for her....

Biscornu Robin's Nest Exchange

Design: Freebie from Aurelle Overblog

Threads: DMC Varigated 50 - violet

Fabric: Lavender Mist Belfast

Finished with antique seed bead edging

I also sent Cathy some DMC threads from her wishlist including 4 of the threads that she had listed that were no longer available in Australia, plus a really pretty postcard of spring in Indiana.

Speaking of spring in has been a GLORIOUS week here! The sun has been shining brightly for the past 5 days! It's not all that warm, I think the highs have still been only in the 40's, lows in the 20's, but let me tell have that sun shining on my face and through my windows is a blessing! I bet my daffodils at my old house is popping through the ground...I didn't get any put out last fall at our new house. So, I'll have to just live vicariously through other people's gardens this spring. Daffodils are my absolute favorite flower, along with peonys, hydrangeas and lilacs...all so pretty :) My 3 big kids are out of school next week for Spring Break. We're planning on going to the Indianapolis Children's Museum on Tuesday, and then I hope to take the kids to a couple of other local attractions to round out the week. It is my hope that I can stay in my PJ's at least 3 days of the upcoming 9 :) I don't have to work this weekend, so that will be at least 1 day in PJ's! AND I'm hoping to get a LOT of stitching done this next week. I need to finish up on quite a few exchanges :)

Well I again want to thank every single one of you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your visit and especially LOVE to read your comments. If you visit my blog, I put you on my bloglines and visit you too....that is why my bloglines is over 100 blogs :) Until next time, keep your head above water and put a great big smile on your face :) {{{hugs}}}


  1. I love all the changes you're making to your Home of a Needleworker. I love the verse too about Flax and Wool...I've never seen that before! The bisconu from Carol is lovely...lucky girl!

  2. Both biscornus are so pretty!! I love the beads you've added to the biscornu your made.
    Vonna, thank you for your lovely comment. I was thinking the *exact same thing* about you! As a matter of fact, I had added you to my bloglines feed yesterday. Go figure!! LOL.

    Have a lovely evening and a great weekend. I'm glad to be making your acquaintance, too! :)

  3. You really should send Kathy Barrick-Dieter a picture of your project when you're done with it - she loves to see how people personalize her designs, and she often puts the pictures on her website.

    The biscornu you stitched is lovely. That beaded edge is gorgeous. And the one you received from Carol is also utterly beautiful. WOW!

    Glad you're getting some nice spring weather. Our weather is still trying to figure out what month it is. LOL!

  4. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I think it's great that you are making the design your own. All the more special!
    Lucky girl, Carol does some great stuff!
    Have a wonderful pj day and a fun break with the kiddies!!

  5. So glad you like it :-) I love your purple one!!

  6. Vonna, you are amazing and how wonderful is that to receive such a lovely gift. I love that biscornu.

  7. Thank you again Vonna!

    What a wonderful Biscornu from Carol. Beautifully done.

    I love the changes you are making to Home of a Needleworker. It's looking fantastic.

  8. The biscornus are lovely! And I share your love of PJ days... they can be soooo theraputic!

    I hope your nice weather continues and you and your children have a great Spring Break!

  9. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I love your Home of a Needleworker and the verse you stitched in there, it's beautiful.

  10. Both those biscornus are just astonishing !! I have visited also in Aurelias web site but I haven´t yet made my first biscornu. I have joined Finnish Secret Cross Stitch Friend and I´m planning to her biscornu as scissor´s fob.

  11. Hi Vonna! What a fun post. I need to finish one of my biscornus (biscorni ? LOL) one of these days. You girls both did a great job. The beaded edging really adds flair. I love your Needleworker too!

    Have a fun week with the kids!

  12. I just love everything...both biscornu are lovely...and I like your changes on Home of a Needleworker.

  13. Oh Vonna you did it again, personalising LHN's Needleworker! It's gonna be truly unique!

    And the biscornus...ah...absolutely perfect. It's so refreshing to see a new 'twist' ;) on the play of colours!

  14. Hi Vonna! Don't you dare frog a thing on HoaN. It's perfect! I LOVE your changes and am more than a little tempted to steal your ideas. :) I am working on this myself and haven't stitched the alphabet part yet.

    Your biscornu from Carol is soooo pretty. Love it! Enjoy!

  15. You're getting quite a collection of biscornus, Vonna! Do you have a basket to display them?

    We've had some sun breaks this week too, and are supposed to have some real spring days in the coming week! Can't wait for the warmer weather and getting my patio set up to enjoy it.

    I love peonies too. :) Am hoping to plant several in my borders this year.

  16. I like the personalizations that you are making. It looks beautiful, as does the biscornu that you made. And the one Carol sent is to die for!

  17. Wow, I love all of the biscornu on your blog. They are so pretty and special. Great progress on your LHN piece.

    My son is back to normal and I am still sick and tired. I don't think I can survive with 4 kids. Children are special but they can be such a pain in the ....

  18. What a lovely surprise for you! And the one you made is so lovely. Love that lavender color! huggles!

  19. Carol does such lovely stitching doesn't she?

    Home of a needleworking is coming along nicely too - I enjoy seeing your progress on this one :)


  20. What pretty biscornus!

    Your needleworker piece looks great!

  21. gorgeous biscornu-Carol's stitching is so very neat. Lucky you. I love all the changes you have made on your LHN piece-it will be very unique and special. You also sent a beautiful biscornu yourself-love the purple color.

  22. Another lovely biscornu for your collection - it is growing quite quickly now.
    The beads on your purple one really make it special.
    I like the changes you have made on your LHN - as you said, it is your own and even more so now :)

  23. Now that's some delicious eye-candy! Both of the biscornu are beautiful and I love the changes you are making to the sampler. YGG!

  24. What a pleasure to see both of them! Different colors but each absolutely lovely :)

  25. So many beautiful biscornu's and so much lovely inspiration. I am working on my first one. :o) I love seeing all the ones you have made and collected.

    PS: Thank you SO very much for dropping by my blog regularly. I really appreciate you taking the time and leaving comments.

  26. You have some awesome biscornus there - both given and received ... a true visual treat :D Your WIP's are looking great too :D

  27. What wonderful biscornus!!!

  28. Lovely stitching. I mean yours and those you have received. You sure are talented.


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