Thursday, February 22, 2007

Home of a Needleworker update

Well here's my paltry update for my stitching completed this week for Little House Needlework's "Home of a Needleworker". I've not gotten much done since my whirlwind stitching spree last Tues/Wed. Life has a bad habit of getting in the way. If I had a chef, made service and laundress....well then I'd be in business....BUT.....

I've got two more PIF gifts to go....I'm going to get working on at least one of them, so that I can complete these....I just can't stand having things hang over my head! LOL!

I went on a recent spending's the stash that I added to my "stock":
1. Little House Needleworks: Thread Gatherer and Psalm 145
2. CCN: Forest Snowfall
3. Prairie Schooler: Rain, Rain; Measure of a Year; Summer Breeze and Spring Has Come
4. JBW: French Country Rooster and French Country Cat
5. BrightNeedle's Christmas House
6. I signed up for autoshipments of the LHN Scripture Thread Packs and their new Silk Sampler Thread Packs.

I think that's'm going to go searching for fabric for Thread Gatherer...I think I'm going to try out Silkweaver. I've never stitched on it and I'm interested in it.

Well that's about it for me....sorry not much stitchy news...I'm stitching but a lot of it *most of it actually* is not "blogable" right now....but very soon, it will be!

{{Hugs}} to all my readers and thank you so much for your visit and your comments!


  1. You've made a nice start on Home of a Needleworker. Great pile of stash, too! Plenty to roll around in. :o)

  2. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Great stash haul Vonna! I've been doing some spending recently too ;)

  3. Lots of great stash you have there! I love BN's new Christmas House, its definitely on my wishlist!

  4. Real life getting in the way? Oh boy - I'm ready for a fantasy world!!

  5. Your progress is great, Vonna :)
    Love your latest stash :)

  6. Great progress on your piece. I love LHN patterns.

  7. Your new stock list sounds great.
    LOL, did one of those shopping binges myself. Home of a needleworker looks great!!

  8. Vonna, like me, what you actually need is a wife ;)

  9. Don't we all wish we were lady of leisure like in the days of old where women stitched and sip tea !! LOL!

    Great stash you've got there!

  10. Great stash! And what I can see so far on your LHN piece, fantastic!

  11. Hey your new stash list looks like mine! Only I just haven't ordered it....yet :-D

    I've been doing some unblogable stitching too.

  12. A wife has been suggested already. For many years I advocated for a return of indentured servitude, then my dh pointed out that I already had some in the house and they should be put to good use, lol!

    I stitched HofN awhile back and truly love it.

  13. Great stash! I'm trying to figure out fabric for Thread Gatherer too! I love Silkweaver Fabric...let us know what you decide!

  14. Great start on Home of a Needleworker, Vonna! And, that's a nice list of stash you have added to your "stock"! :-) I recently purchased Prairie Schooler Summer Breeze and Spring Has Come, too.

  15. I would say you have made a great start there! With kids, family and all I am sure it can be hard to get some stitching time in!

  16. When you are done with the chef and maid, send them my way :D

    Home of a Needleworker looks fabulous, and aren't all of those new patterns out just great? I see you ordered most of the ones I want too :D Silkweaver is so nice, I love their fabrics, I hope you do too! (I just got my shipment from them) :D

  17. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Hi Vonna- I love Home of A Needleworker. It's coming along great.

  18. I love your new stash addition, great choices. Looking forward to see more progress of the home of a needleworker piece.


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