Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Jedi(s) and other stuff....

Well as asked for by some of's the pictures of many Jedis during last nights party!

Picture #1: Ian doing a "move" while posing for the camera. #2 Picture: Katie showing the Jedi Robe sleeves and their length....Jedi's keep their hands on the inside of their robes when not carrying their light sabers apparently. Picture #3: Jedi Jacob and his best "Anikin Skywalker" tortured look.

And then here's a "fight scene" from both of the birthday boys.

The robes were a real hit for Jacob...he even slept in his last night over his P.J.'s. Ian on the other hand, not as enthusiastic, but got more so as he saw how much Jacob liked his. Ian did not sleep in his, but it was draped over the end of the bed. So all in all I think the robes were a hit. Even Katie as shown above tried them on. I asked her if she wanted one too, and she said, "your kidding right?!" I guess that means "no".

Well we've got a 1/3 of an acre of birthday cake left to eat.....and my back is killing me this morning because I was the party police last night and slept on the floor with the kids. You never know how old you really are until you sleep on the floor for a night.....I've realized, I'm older than I think.....

Meanwhile, Mr. Winter has visited the Hoosier State...Wowzers it's Dad who lives outside of St. Louis, MO...said he had 4 inches of ice on his vehicle yesterday and from the reports we're seeing this morning on the news...the pictures are dramatic. Some 400,000 people (not entirely sure on the numbers...but they were big) in the St. Louis area are without electricity. With the temps dipping dramatically at night and even during the day, I pray that people will soon get their electricity on. Can you imagine how cold that is without heat or electricity? I can't....

I don't have a single thing to show you as far as cross stitching goes - I'm hoping once I unload, I mean, drop off the overnight guests, I can get a little stitching time in today. But tonight we're booked at our church's family focus group for supper and advent wreath I've got food to make this afternoon for that. So that probably means little time to stitch. But tomorrow's another day! Until next time....

Today I'm thankful for electricity, funny how we don't think about how much we rely on something until its gone.

Stitching this weekend on: surprise gift


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Well, live and learn... LOL... all that Jedi trivia... Who knew! They sure look great! The boys and the robes... AND Katie! You did a great job with all that sewing!
    Have a great evening and a very relaxing Sunday!!

  2. I love the pictures of the kids, Vonna! Their robes look fantastic and how cool that one even wore his to bed. There is no gift in the world worth more than that.

    Oh,your poor sore back! But wreath making at your church group sounds like a fun event.

  3. Anonymous2:00 PM

    We are very impressed with the way our grandchildren look in their new robes. Great job Mom!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the mention of St. Louis and hopefully all the people without electricity will soon be back in service. We love you all very much. Dad and Paula

  4. Vonna, those robes came great. I would never have been able to do with or without a pattern-lol Looks like you all had fun.

  5. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Hey those are some pretty tough looking jedis!

  6. Those costumes look fantastic, and you deserve a bravery award for sleeping on the floor!!!
    Eat cake & be merry, sound like the party was a huge success :)

  7. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Hi Vonna, I'm finally getting a few minutes to catch up with all you've been doing.

    You did a fabulous job sewing up those robes!! I made a couple of them a few years back and my guys still wear them now and then. You won't find me sleeping on the floor tho, lol! You're way younger than I am.

    Your twin pregnancy story made me laugh - it was all too familiar, except for the margaritas. Neither alcohol nor a vacation were involved, but they certainly have been post twins! :D


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