Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks! It's been over a week since I last posted. It's been busy! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

I've been thinking about my goals and what I'd like to get accomplished in 2007 both as a person and as a stitcher. I've got lots of projects lined up! I've got some finishes to share soon, but none that I can show right now. I've decided I'm not going to buy stash (besides floss, fabric, etc) until I get some things done and moved out of here! LOL! Let's see how long that resolution lasts!
I got a gift certificate from my DH for Christmas and yesterday I went and spent the whole thing. I got Victoria Sampler's Christmas Village Sampler and Victoria Sampler's Jingle Bell Tree Farm - the fabric for both and the silk packs and embellishments for both, that was well over $150 for these...YIKES! But they will be beautiful when they are stitched. I don't have them on my list anytime soon.

Upcoming for me is to get down to business on weight loss, exercise and generally becoming more healthy as a whole. I'm tired of feeling tired, so am hopeful that I can get this primary 2007 resolution in hand.

Well that's all for me on this last day of 2006, I won't be unhappy to see the last of this year! Please enjoy the tune from Dan Fogelberg...this is my all time favorite song by him. Plus it's about the New Year too! I'm going to update my music options on my blog whenever I post. Personally I like listening to music as I go around blogs and when I found this to add to my site, I couldn't resist! Happy New Year! ;)


  1. Happy New Year! Your Victoria Sampler buys sound yummy. I'm with you on trying to get in better shape this year. I too am tired of feeling tired. Best wishes for all of your projects -stitching and otherwise - in the new year!

  2. Those VS designs can be expensive, but oh so worth it!! :D I've been having palpitations over the new Christmas Village.

    Happy New Year to you and your dear family, Vonna! Hugs

  3. What a wonderful Christmas gift Vonna! I'm sure you'll get much enjoyment out of stitching both designs!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

  4. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Happy New Year Vonna.

  5. Hi, Vonna--Happy New Year! I love the Dan Fogelberg song--takes me back! Yay for the Victoria Sampler. I'm trying to get in better shape too--I'd so much rather stitch.

  6. Ooh Vonna, you lucky duck! Both of those designs are fab-I especially love the Christmas village sampler. Looking forward to seeing you stitch on those. Happy New Year to you!

  7. Congrats on your New Year's resolutions! Wow - you got both of those VS charts, etc.?! Lucky girl! I have been eyeing both of those, just can't bring myself to buy them yet!


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