Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Birthdays and other things...

My oldest child seen above on the far left turned 9 years old yesterday. Sort of depressing when I think back about her birth and all the joy we felt having a newborn baby. She came 6 weeks early and was born at 34 weeks. She was fine and there were no problems, but I remember asking my Mom, "Do you think I wanted her so much that she just came early?" My Mom laughed, but I was being totally serious. There was not a child on earth that was more wanted, loved or joyfully anticipated than our Katie Grace. Now she's 9 years old and I'm doing my darnedest to shield her from the unpleasantries this world throws at us everyday. I want her to continue to have innocence and sunshine. So we watch little tv and read instead. She's a voracious reader just like her mother. We share many things in common, that being one. So "Happy Birthday Katie!" Mommy loves you so much!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Katie! I hope you all had a lovely day! The picture's just adorable, Vonna!

  2. Happy Birthday to Katie! I love the Christmas picture of the kids - its wonderful.

  3. Happy happy Birthday Katie!

  4. Happy Birthday Katie! What a sweet little girl. :) Is that picture going to adorn your Christmas cards this year?

  5. Julianne8:33 PM


    What a lovely family you have. I hope you had a nice birthday celebration for Katie.

    You're building great memories for your kids by reading to them. I still remember books my Mom read to us, and my daughter was just telling me about her memories of me reading to them.

  6. Anonymous9:37 PM

    What a nice picture. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Belated birthday wishes to Katie!

    (Cathy - With Needle and Thread; blogger is being weird tonight!)

  8. What a lovely picture of your children and belated Happy Birthday to Katie :-)))


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