Friday, November 03, 2006


Here is my start on "Giggles in the Snow" I had an intensive stitching day yesterday 11/2/04 - Happy Birthday An!....
Anyway, I got a really good start on this Mirabilia design. I love it and here's the story:
My Aunt Sarah passed away on Dec. 13, 2003, she was just 51 years old and died of breast cancer. She left two boys that she had adopted ages 13 and 12. My Mom is presently raising both boys along with a dear friend of my Aunt's, who is like an Aunt to me and my siblings. Anyway...when my Aunt was sick and knew that she was terminal, my Mom and her took a trip, right after Chrismas in 2002. It had snowed mightily the few days before their trip. When they arrived at their destination, of course it was snow covered and deep as well. The story goes, my Aunt Sarah asked my Mom to make a snow angel with her and then two grown women in their 50's, I might add, dropped to the ground and made snow angels together laughing and giggling the whole time.
The Christmas after my Aunt passed away, my brother purchased a figurine of two girls making snow angels. He gave it to my Mom. Of course their were a lot of tears when she opened her gift and she keeps it out all year long to remember.
When I saw this Mirabilia design, I had to have it to stitch for my mother. You see my Aunt was blonde and always wore her hair long, my Mom has brown hair and has always worn it Mom's not too girly either and she always wears pants, so this design although supposed to be a boy and girl, looks just like my Mom and Aunt. (I'm making my mother sound like she's really masculine...she's not, just not into dresses and skirts :o) So I'm hopefully going to get this done by February, for my Mother's birthday....(I hope she doesn't read this!)

Ok on to happier stories......
Here's my trick or treaters....(including my husband) I don't know what he's supposed to be..... LOL!

The boys are of course Batman...check out the "stance", Katie is Mary Ingalls, and Ellie is just the pretty princess that was saying goodbye, before the big kids went out...she and I stayed at home and passed out treats...she had a BLAST! doing that! LOL! She was so cute helping me and she never got scared of the scary kids that came, of course we didn't have a lot of scary people, we had a headless horseman, that was a little "bloody" but nothing really scary. We had a lot of Wonder Women...what's up with it playing on some cable network again?! Lots of Disney princesses, most boys were Pirates (because of the popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I think) and then some, I don't know what they were......
I was out of "treats" that we had purchased within 1/2 hour of starting...YIKES! but I luckily had some granola bars and tootsie pops on hand to pass out. We started out with microwave popcorn and an apple juice box as out treats, then ended up with granola bars and suckers...those last kids got jipped! We figured we had over 100 kids show up at our door! Next year I'm stocking up!
Well that's it for me today....I'm going to have a stitch fest today as well.....the kids are out of school today 1/2 day because of parent teacher, with them home in the afternoon, Ellie is entertained so a little break for Mommy! I don't have to work this weekend so maybe, if I'm lucky I will get a whole lot of stitching accomplished! Have a great day and weekend!
Stitching on this weekend: Ornie for exchange *for sure* and one of my 4 WIPs, haven't decided yet....
Today I'm thankful for my digital did we ever live with them?!


  1. Lovely story about your Mom and Auntie, Vonna. And Giggles in the Snow is the perfect piece to stitch to share such a wonderful memory with your Mom. Cancer is such an awful disease.

  2. What a great snow angel story, and it is wonderful that you are stitching that for your mom. Your DH appears to be trick or treating as a "DAD"!!

  3. Such a touching snow angel story, Vonna. What a wonderful family you're a part of. :)

    I wish we had more trick or treaters in our neighborhood, only about 25 total. We're in an older area, no street lights, lots of retirees, and you have to do a lot more walking for your treats compared to the newer subdivisions. Since we have so few, I try to have some good treats. This year I bought bags of choc. chip cookies - a big hit! :D

  4. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Sounds like you had a great time of it. The kids are so cute!

  5. I'm glad to have 'met' you from visiting my blog :-) You have stitched loads in a day and your story behind it is so nice. Your Mum is going to have more than a tear in her eye when she gets this as it will mean the world to her :-))
    Your scarecrow made me laugh, he's cool!!

  6. What a wonderful story about your mom and your aunt! What a nice memory for all of you!

    Have a great weekend - hope you get lots of stitching done!

  7. Sweet story about your Mom and Aunt-giggles in the snow will be a lovely tribute. Your kids looked adorable for Halloween. I can't believe how many kids you had come to your house-I had one.

  8. The kids are just two cute & I bet your mom will love the gift.. Happy stitching


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