Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday and nothing to show....

Well, I've been absent from posting lately....I'm not in a slump, I've been stitching away, just nothing I can show you because it's either gifts or exchanges, so.......I have nothing to share with you as far as stitching goes...but here is a picture of my darling girls, they were messing around last week one day and I took a picture, I thought this one was particularly good, it shows their big blue eyes to perfection!
I've also been VERY busy! The fall product sales for both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are in, so I've been busily sorting cases and cases of nuts for the Girl Scouts and popcorn for the Boy Scouts. My house looks like a fast food drive up window, I've had so many people in and out of here picking up their sale products. Then I was the co-organizer of a Girl Scout overnight at our Girl Scout Camp this past Friday night and Saturday morning. I didn't do much really to organize it, was just support in buying and hauling out to the camp enough food for 50+ people and trying to be the "hostess" for all the troops coming in to share this overnight.

I also am a lucky participant in a 2nd head cold. I just had one less than 2 weeks ago, but lo and behold on Wednesday of this week, I could feel it coming head has so much mucus in it I don't know where it is coming from. I feel like someone is sitting on my head and digging their fingers in, there is so much pressure and my ears are full of fluid, so sometimes it sounds like I'm underwater....yep, colds are great!
Ellie is still fighting her 2nd cold of the season, she's been switched to a 3rd antibiotic and is now on steroids as well for chest "wheeziness". Sadly Ian woke up today saying his throat hurts badly...(I looked, I think it may be strep) and my DH Keith is hacking up his lungs as well. This has been circulating through our family for the past month....such is the way of large families, we just pass it back and forth and all around....but perhaps if we get it early, then later this winter we'll be free from illness. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

My family will be travelling 110 miles south to spend Thanksgiving with our families....Thursday is my MIL's day (I go for lunch and early afternoon, then I get to go out with my Mom BYMYSELF!!!! for a movie...we're hoping to catch Queen) Then on Friday it's Thanksgiving at Mom's house with my side. We'll also hold small birthday parties at both families homes for the three big they have birthdays in early Dec...Ian and Jacob born Dec. 4 and Katie born Dec. 11. We've found with this season, it's better that we celebrate with our families during Thanksgiving, and then we do our own party with friends in our home on their actual birthday....That way they get a whole bunch of little parties and since it's hard to have a birthday during the holiday season, they feel special too...

So, I'm getting heart palpitations reading my plans for the upcoming week...but it will get done, and what I just went through this week between GS meetings, product sales sorting, overnights, mammograms (had my first one this week...still waiting on results...), illness, it should PALE in comparison to the short week we have this week....but I still have to come back early on Friday evening so that I can work this weekend...cuts short the festivities, but that's life. Makes our short time with family that much sweeter.

So dear friends, if I don't write much in the upcoming days...please know that I still *try* to read everyone's blogs...I'm just so busy I catch myself coming and going....I think I'd like Santa to bring me a vacation for Christmas...a magical one, where I can just stay in my PJ's, no cooking, no babysitting, no cleaning, no driving anywhere, free from stress, but I can still be around my make sure they are safe and sound, I won't miss them and I can just stitch and stitch, have my favorite Chinese takeout brought in...anybody know a place where I can get all of the above? Sounds so heavenly! Please send information to me if you do....
Until the next time....Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today I'm thankful for: Mucinex, Decongestants and Puffs Plus...what did people do before those lotion filled tissues, my nose would be hamburger if not for these wonderful inventions!

Stitching on: snowmen ornaments for teacher's gifts


  1. Oh, I LOVE reading about your family and activities! Enjoy your festivities, and hopefully everyone will be disease-free for turkey day(s).

  2. Ugh, sounds like you have it worse than I do. And the poor kids, too! Do feel better soon. Being as busy as you are and being ill at the same time sounds exhausting. I'm on the verge of collapsing even reading about it.
    I do hope youhave a lovely Thanksgiving, and some wonderful birthday parties too.
    Take care, my friend!

  3. You have a great Thanksgiving too Vonna!

  4. Wow, sounds like you've really had (and still have) your hands full! Happy Thanksgiving - hope it's a wonderful time for you all :)

  5. Colds are no fun, you should know ;) Hope you get well soon, your kids are such cutie pies, and those blue eyes...

  6. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Let me know how you like Queen, I've been wanting to see that one!

  7. It's so good to know that there our other families just like mine--lots of kids, lots of activities, and lots of germs! :)

    Brigit is a Brownie, so we are in the midst of our Fall sale too. (I'm her troop's co-leader.) How much time do you get to stitch in the week? I feel lucky if I get an hour or two in an evening.

    Hope you have some relaxation during this busy season!

    BTW, the pic of your girls is precious!

  8. I hope you and yours get well soon.


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