Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jedi Federation?!

Well, on Dec. 4, my twins will be 7 years old. They were born in 1999 during the big "Turn of the Millinea" Baby Boom. No, I wasn't trying to get pregnant at the time...we were on vacation to St. Augustine, Florida and lo and behold we went to Margaritaville one too many times and two weeks later...BAM! I was sick in fact I thought I had the stomach flu, but nope a quick couple of tests in the lab showed that my blood bHCG levels were over 5000, which was odd, because I knew I couldn't have been that far along.....Then at 12 weeks the doctors ordered an ultrasound. I was measuring bigger than what I should be according to the dates I told them....hmmm....Well one little touch of the probe to the belly and there they were....little arms and legs kicking! Waving to Mama!

Soooo, where this lengthy story is going is: they along with their sister Katie - Birthday Dec. 11 (yes, poor planning on my part) are having their Birthday party Friday evening, as I don't work this weekend and next weekend I do. We're having a big bash repleate with Pizza, breadsticks, pop and cake and overnight guests. Should be a fun, fun time....I figure if I continue to repeat it, I'll believe it!

What's up with the dubious title of this post, you ask??!! Well see, as I had to explain it to my good friend Harmien....they are totally into Star Wars. We have seen the movies (all 6 of them) at least 100 times each. I'm not kidding! They reinact scenes from the movies between the two of them. Jacob is always the "bad guy" be it Darth Vader, Darth Maul..etc. and Ian is always the "good guy". They've done this for least since they were 4. Anyway...Jacob is really into dressing up like Darth Vader. He has the mask that makes the breathing sounds and says 7 different pharses from the movie....the cape and all of its splendor. Year before last Halloween, he had the Anikan Skywalker padiwan suit. This fall he asked me if he could have for Christmas a Jedi Robe, one with a hood. The hood apparently is VER Y important to him, because he kept saying it over and over, it's got to have the hood. I said well "we'll see", which he then promptly told me "We'll see, means no!" After Halloween, my husband found some sort of robe with a hood and bought it on clearance....thinking that this would appease his appetite for a Jedi Robe with a hood. Well he wears that thing much so, it's trash know how cheap costumes are made. So we contacted the Jedi Federation (its what we told them when I was taking their measurements and they asked me why I was doing it), seems as if the Jedi Federation is on backorder...I guess Jabba the Hut sat on some sewing machines...and the rest is history. SO anyway, I am now a Jedi Federation sewing master, I am humbled, believe me.

I have researched and combed the web for any sort of pattern. I've looked at countless pictures of ObiWan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and all the other assundry Jedi Masters trying to figure out how to best make one of these robes. Get a pattern you say, well I checked all the major pattern makers to find out that in fact Simplicity had a "Star War's costume pattern" with said Jedi Robe, however it was pulled because Lucas Media said it was an infringement on their copyright. I guess he wasn't getting a kickback from the sale of the patterns. Can't blame anyhow...No patterns. So I made my own. I was dubious, see I am NOT a seamstress.. needleworker yes, seamstress...NO! Well, let me tell you from everything I read on the web (and there are many, MANY pages of enthusiasts out there). I found a reasonable estimate of how much fabric to purchase. I went to Joann's and found the darkest brown cotton I could find (now if it was authentic it should be wool of some sort....but I'm trying to do this cost effectively). I purchased 15 yards! The lady thought I was loco...but I'm here to say after I've cut out and sewn these together, I've used all of the fabric except about 2 yards.

The robes: are in my humble opinion FANTASTIC! LOL! I know that I'm bragging...but I don't do it often and I am just tickled with the look of them! I thought I was going to mess up and it would look awful, especially since I was making my own patterns and had spend $35 on fabric that is brown.... And you know the stress that the Jedi Federation appointed me sewing master (not apprentice...but MASTER!). Well in the end it all worked out. My dear friend from work said I should make some to sell on eBay! I told her that I could make up certificates of authenticity by saying sewn by the "JEDI FEDERATION Sewing Master" ! lol!

Along with their new Jedi Robes they are getting the newly released Light Sabers. Now we have a whole arsenal of Light Sabers already, but apparently these are spring action light sabers and they have new sound effects and better colors...or something...anyway, they were released for sale about 3 weeks ago and I was there ready to buy them. We got a red Darth Vader for Jacob and a blue Luke Skywalker for Ian. I can't wait for them to open their presents on Friday to see what they think of their Jedi Robes, see we told them the Jedi Federation was backed up and they'd be lucky to get them to Santa by Christmas.......Do you think we need to go to confession over this?! LOL!

NO stitching news, besides I'm working on a secret gift for a friend. I've decided NOT to stitch my project Fall Gifts by CHS over 1...after I did An's scissors fob...I thought I needed to re-evaluate that project! Plus my eyesight suffers after a session of over 1 ~ YIKES!

Thank you for all the kind comments on the ornie I sent to Myrna. They are much appreciated and make me feel good all over!
Until next time!


  1. Harmien1:24 PM

    Well, hail to you, o sewing MASTER... LOL Would love to see a picture of the boys wearing them. I'm sure you do too! They'll be so surprised!
    And by the way, the ornie you stitched for Annemarie looks FAB!!

  2. As I consider myself a needleworker as opposed to a seamstress also, I am in awe of your newfound talent! :)

    Happy birthday to your kids and have a great party. (We are having my Ian's party --who just turned 7 on Nov. 15th--this weekend, so I know all about repeating the "this will be fun" mantra!)

  3. What a wonderful JEDI Mom you are, Vonna! Now I know who to turn to if I need help making/sewing Jedi hoodies. You must take a picture of the kids with their presents, I would love to see it.

    Good luck with the party! I know what used to help me get through my kiddies' parties and overnighters. ;-)

  4. You're quite a character, Vonna! I'm sure the costumes look wonderful and that the boys will be pleased as punch!
    You're right, over-one stitching is challenging at the best of times, but on black ... You're wise to abandon that idea!

  5. LOL I love that story, you are one clever Jedi Sewing Master, from the sounds of it clever enough to be head of the guild. :) Those are some lucky padawans that you have there. I'm sure they will greatly appreciate your effort. It's amazing how into this stuff kids get. I personally would love to see pictures of your creations if you didn't mind posting them. I'll leave it up to you. :) Good luck with the party, my brother has 8 year old twins so I can relate a bit to what fun you are in store for. :)

    Beautiful ornament you stitched too!

  6. Vonna - well done super mum!!! Can't wait to see the photos.
    May the force be with you ;)


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