Monday, November 20, 2006

Avoiding this like the plague, but.....

Ok, I've been avoiding this like the plague, how can I?? In the true spirit of the upcoming holiday season, I've decided to take the Pay It Forward Challenge. Why?! you I a copy cat...well probably, but in my way of thinking here is the real reason: I've met so many wonderful people doing this blog, reading other blogs, or visiting other needlework places on the web ~ so I want to pay that warm, fuzzy feeling you give me back! Please leave me a comment and then send me a note with your snail mail address to: pfeiffers6 at sbcglobal dot net What will happen you ask? In the next 365 days you will receive from me a totally handcrafted may be a scissors fob, it may be a tuck pillow, it may be some polymer clay button embellishments that I've made, it may be hand dyed fabric to stitch may be one of many things....the only thing you have to do is Pay It Forward by posting this on your blog and doing the same 5 random acts of kindness to others. I hope to hear from 5 of you soon!
Have a great day :0)


  1. Hello, I am still needing people for my Pay It Forward so if you want I will play with you..

  2. Welcome aboard!!! I will email you about the PIF.... I am in one and need people, maybe we could do a sideways one...??

  3. Hey Vonna, it's the same with me: I have only two or three PIF-buddies so far, so if you want, you can add me to the list, and I'll add you to mine. Deal?

  4. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I will do it with you! i will happily pay it forward!

  5. You're on, Vonna! I think I must have joined in this too late, everyone seems to already been involved in one of these, so the sideways ones sounds great too. I'll e-mail you my info, and remember to send me yours also!


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