Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stitchy Stashy!

Well, here's a picture of my stash buying frenzy....much to my DH's dismay :o)

I finally got the "Witches Riding By..." by Lavender Wings and Glendon Place's "Witching You Were Here". For the Glendon Place witch I got the yummy Wichelt fabric called Summer's fabulous and really a great "knock off" for the $50 fabric that the pattern calls for!

All the material that you see, I got on a FABULOUS deal at JoAnn's...I got the pumpkin print fabric (by Glendon Place pattern) for 1.50, there is 3/4 of a yard there....Then the perfectly springy pink polka dots fabric is like 1 yard and it was 2.00. Then the cute snowman fabric was .75 and is 1/2 yard. Then I splurged and got the green/red with gold snowflake fabric in a full yard and it was on like 25% off sale, as well as the green/red plaid.....

What a delightful day of spending money and piling up some more stash!

On the stitching front....I've been BUSILY stitching my fingers to the bone on my first exchange. I'm about over 1/2 of the way done!!! And I've been buying 'extras' as I see them in craft stores! I'm having lots of fun doing this! Thinking about how I'm going to finish it....haven't decided yet. Then I've been looking ahead to the themes for next year and pawing through my patterns to see what I've got! Fun, Fun, Fun!

Well I guess that's it for now....I've got my bottom part of my house cleaned today, so woohoo! for that! Tomorrow I have my anual exams at the Dr's....*great*, yeah right and Friday my kiddos are off for a three day weekend due to "Fall Break".

Until next time....
*Today I'm thankful for the *Swiffer* wet jet....what a wonderful invention for busy mothers!


  1. Great stash!!

    I too am thankful for the Swiffer products...I love the swiffer vac! I recently repalced my swiffer brrom with it and I couldn't be more pleased! I too use the swiffer mop :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Looks like you got great deals at JoAnne's. Nice stash supply!

  3. Stash is so much fun and it looks like you got some great deals on fabrics too! I love Joann's.....heavy sigh, cause the closest one to me is sooo far away.

  4. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Lovely stash there! You did good!

  5. Ya gotta love a good deal! I know I do! :D

  6. Great stash, have fun!

  7. Wow! You hauled in some awesome stash :)

  8. Hi Vonna,

    Your stash haul looks great! You really got some nice fabrics.

  9. Lovely new stash, Vonna. The charts are to die for! And what do you mean, checking to see what you're going to stitch next year? How about the VoHRH?


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