Thursday, October 26, 2006

Over 1

Here is my start on Fall's Gifts by Carriage House Samplings. What I'm using: DMC floss (I think the DMC conversion is beautiful), I thought about getting some Vickki Clayton, but I didn't see a conversion for Fall's Gifts on her website and then why pay extra $$$ when I've got the colors here at home?! I'm using 28 ct. Black Belfast, over 1.....YES, I'm doing it ON BLACK OVER !!! All I can say is, let their be sunny days when I stitch this....Thank heavens for my Ott light...if I didn't have that...I'd be sunk! This is my first attempt of stitching over 1 and I am well ~ pleased! I love the "delicate" look over one seems to achieve. I know I've not gotten very far....but that's probably over 100 stitches and at least 1 hours work. I really, really like the look....we'll see as I progress.

I've also been stitching on my Winter Blast project...can't tell you much about that other than....It's close to being done - the stitching that is....then I've got to figure out the finishing....hmmmm.......

Today I've not crossed one X yet...rather, I have been cleaning the house. I've gotten my house as neat as a pin now and everything is clean, dusted, mopped, swept, polished, dried and put away. My house smells clean and fresh....just like swiffer wet jet spray... :o) but in just 1/2 hour the house will be invaded by the BIG kids and then everything will stink again and be messy and crumbs will be on the floor and milk will be spilled across my shining cabinet tops....BUT that is what having kids is all least after 6 hours of cleaning I can at least see for around 1 hour that WOW, my house looks good! LOL!

Tonight, I'm going to take a long, hot bath in my jetted garden tub. Ahhh, I relish the thought! But that will come after, supper, homework, spelling words and 4 other baths that I have to give! Tonight my hopes are to finish the Winter Blast Stitching project...wish me luck!

**Today I'm thankful for Sweet Tea, is there ANYTHING that is as refreshing as a big 'ol glass of iced sweet tea. YUM-O! Rachel Ray---you don't know what your missing!** :o)


  1. Hello: Stitching over one -- on BLACK. Wow, you go girl!

    I have one project - and the black linen - and chickened out. Maybe some day ....

    Right now, it is HOT tea weather here. Overcast, rainy, etc. I like most tea -- with a hint of mint. A tip of vanilla soy [milk substitute] just makes my heart sing.

  2. Over 1 on black? Wowzer, you're a pro already!!

  3. Anxious to watch you make progress on your black linen - as Lelia said, you go girl!

    Wish my house was spit spot clean. Maybe this weekend it will get to that point since the boys are going hunting.....and then again, maybe I'll just stitch instead! LOL

  4. I like the new look of your blog, Vonna! And wow, six hours of cleaning with the prospect of it all turning into a mess again? That's why I don't clean unless I've got visitors coming :o)
    Fall's Gifts is amaaaaazing! I would never have gotten this far, OTT light or no!

  5. Very nice!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog...I have a small correction for my bourse instructions. Turn down the corners 2 inches instead of one...a typo...sorry. Otherwise your corners will be way too small.

  6. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Good start on your project. thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. It is my hope that some will be blest by the music. My goal and joy in life is to encourage and uplift! Hugs!

  7. Wow!!!! That's beautiful!! I've been eyeing this design lately - I may have to break down and get it! :) I'd probably go with the DMC also. Good luck with the over one! :)

  8. So pretty! You've made a great start on this, and it looks great over one. Your VOHRH is looking fantastic too. It's rough making progress on those big projects when you've got "life" going on. P.S. - I love sweet tea too!!


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