Friday, October 20, 2006

Lazy Friday....

Today my kids were out of school for "Fall Break". We had a pretty lazy day. First we were all up at 5 a.m. for some weird reason, so we ate a quick breakfast, the boys started up the computers - I only let them play them during certain times, but today was "play" day so they started them up right away! lol!

As the boys played on the computers, the girls and I went upstairs to change the sheets on all 5 beds....ahhh, what a nightmare! But we got that done, cleaned out the linen closet, because while dressing the beds, I thought it was time to pull out our "winter" blankies and put them on too. Then this inspired me to "clean" out the linen closet, I really hadn't done that since moving in here last June...I just sort of opened the door shoved it in and hoped for the best. So, I thought now that we're settled here in our new house and the winter blankies are out I'll arrange it. So that took at least a good hour of going through that. Then the girls and I got everyone's winter clothes out and hung them up and put the shorts's been really cold here, so I don't think we have to worry about "hot" days any longer...but you never know, so I left each child two pairs of shorts out ~ just in case :o)

After I got all the above done...I had all the laundry to got that started and then we had our Pizza Party at lunch...yep, we called Papa John's and pigged out. Now I'm getting a relaxing afternoon and evening....we'll eat leftover pizza, they watch movies in their jammies and stitch to my hearts content! What a perfect day!

I work again this weekend....but I'll take LOTS of projects to work on during my "breaks"!
Until next time....keep on smiling! :o)

*Today I'm thankful for all the blessings I've been given in my life ~ my four little miracles, my darling husband, a roof over my head and food in my belly. God has been good to me!*


  1. A lazy day, you call this? Just reading about your day makes me want to crawl back into bed and sleep the entire weekend ;O) No seriously, it sounds like you had a lot of fun. Good luck at work though! Make sure you get plenty of breaks!

  2. Harmien7:06 AM

    Pizza and jammies... sounds like my idea of fun!!

  3. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Busy, busy1 I love to clean!! Am I weird? And love to freshen things up. Takes me a lot longer now with my back and hips going south but I still enjoy it.

  4. Just had to say hello. Liked your blog and happen to wounder how far are you from Evansville, IND ?
    You can leave me a comment on my blog or Email me at

  5. Sounds like a great Friday for all of you. Pizza is required on Friday around here, every Friday. :) In the winter I usually make it, but in warmer weather Costco pizzas fit in with my busy days.


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