Sunday, October 01, 2006

I see the light.... the end of the tunnel!!! I think I'm going to be able to stitch this week, at least some???!!!
My girl scout troop organizer activities will be *hopefully* slowing down now. I've gotten two new troops started and did some #fast# talking to get two parents for one troop and three for the other to be leaders! This Thursday I have to train them (yes, I'm a trainer too....) and then they will be on their own!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?!

See my name is Vonna and I have a problem. I can't say "NO!" I can't even say, "no..." All I can seem to say is, "Yes, I'll do it." That gets me into some problems...I get stressed out, I get burned out and I get tired. For instance, I'm also a Girl Scout leader (yeah, I know...) and I had a Ice Cream Social at my house this past Friday night...well this was our first "meeting" and I'm already SICK of Girl Scouts....we haven't even sold Cookies yet....usually by the time cookies are over, I'm SICK of Girl, I'm sick of them and we've only had one meeting. It'll get better as soon as this troop organizing stuff is over with.

Thank heaven, I got out of doing Cub Scouts Den Mother or Cub Mother or whatever they call it. I've got enough cubs at home, don't need somebody else's cubs......don't get me wrong...I like cubs...but you know what I mean!!

Ok, well today I'm at work. I'm surrounded by my bugs and having a good 'ol time! (yeah, right..but I'm trying to think *positively* :o) )
Not too bad on Sunday in a hospital. Everyone that got drunk/ill/hurt from a Saturday night date/brawl/etc....has been taken care of over the night shift. I come in and it's relatively slow going until the Church's let out and people over-eat on Sunday Dinner and then it hits....people think they are having heart attacks(usually just gas)/throwing up/stomach aches/etc. Then it starts rolling again. You think I jest....I do is true, after working 13 years in this business you can start to see patterns. For instance...I believe that people's hormones or blood chemistry actually DOES change during Full or New Moon Phases. If you are working on the evening shift and it is a full moon....WATCH out....things are going to happen. For example: women go into labor/babies (multitudes) of babies are born/rowdy, drugged up or drunken people take over the streets/attempted suicides/accidents/etc. These things really go on during full moon phases. It's odd. AND if you have to work on New Year's Eve during the evening/night hours and it's a new year AND a full or new moon might as well put on some roller skates and your riot's gonna get ugly! LOL!! But since this is such a "lengthy" can see that it must NOT be a full moon, nor AFTER Sunday Dinner, because I'm having a good time typing away here on my keyboard.

Well I must run as my break is over, my buggies are calling (*hello E. coli, howdy Staph aureus, Good Day Klebsiella...) they want me to come out and play....I did NOT stitch anything during my break - like a should have done - nope instead I'm hear blabbering to you all.... :o) :o)
Until next time....when I *hopefully* have something to say and show about STITCHING!!


  1. Lol! I had my first baby during a full moon and got the last labor bed. Before the night was out, the halls were full too!

    I tend to pile on the activities, go for awhile, then crash and burn and HAVE to say no. I've done it several times, and I think now I've finally learned. :D

  2. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I hope you do get time to stitch! I go into withdrawl if I go to long without it! LOL!

  3. Learning to say NO is a hard thing. But we'll keep after you until you get it right and back to stitching too!

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend at work with all the long as you don't bring any home with you.

  4. By all means, babble on. I was interested to read about your full moon theories. Jula's a doctor, by the way, so she should know some stuff about full moon patients. I'll ask her if she shares your views!

  5. You must be a doctor or nurse or something. Just my conclusion. I may be wrong.


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