Friday, October 06, 2006

Hey, hey, hey....Goodbye!

Well, I'm happy to report that today I say "adios" to Block #2 of VoHRH!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a long and enduring trek this block became....but I muddled through somehow. I do think it's rather a nice block, don't you? I think my favorite part is the trees. Eventhough I said a *few* four letter words while backstitching the branches and leaves...but hey....they look good right?! All for the good of the end product!

Well I'm off to the graveyard....or Block 12, for those of you who care. LOL!

Tomorrow my family and I are going to Conner's Prairie. We're going to step back into time and have a good time I'm sure. We've never been there, but I have many friends that say it is an awesome experience. We're going to do it all, morning chores, pan for gold, dip some candles, evening chores, a little shopping, watch the Lenape Indians Dance, eat some autumn apples dipped in caramel (YUM!), etc....

I hope that everyone has a great weekend! I'm looking forward to it! This is my only weekend off in October, so I'm going to LIVE it up! I've got all my "extra" volunteer activities about wrapped up, so life is looking good!

Until Sunday.....


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

    I love your progress on VoHRH - I started with Block 2 and am still not finished with it (after 2 months!) It certainly is a slower stitch than I expected but it's a wonderful project. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this one.

  2. Hooray! Congrats on a little Happy Dance! I know how much you disliked stitching the trees. You're right, though, they look very good.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Your VoHRH looks awesome. Congrats on finishing block #2. I'm almost there. I hated sttiching the tree on the left, all that backstitching, it was hard to keep track of where I was. But I love the look of the trees when they're done.

  4. Congrats on finishing block 2! It looks great!

  5. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Yippee!!! Glad you finished that block. it is looking great! huggers

  6. Vonn,

    Congratulations on a great finish of block #2. It really turned out nicely and I can see why it would be a slow stitch. There is a lot of detal there and pretty solid stitching for 1/2 the square. It's beautiful! I can't wait to hear about your experiences at Conner's Prairie.

  7. Your trees look fantastic Vonna! The backstitching on them isn't too bad tho. You should check out Victoria Sampler's Heirloom Christmas. The tree at the top is all backstitched - it's CRAZY! But gorgeous when finished. Unfortunately, when I finished the tree, I put the project away. Probably about time it came out again, lol!


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