Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Just a little Halloween Humor! No this isn't my house....I found it while surfing the web. Thought it was funny so I posted it to share a giggle or two!

On the stitching front...been doing some more stash buying. I found some wonderful M Designs on Clearance at Hobby Lobby for $1.00; they are needlerolls. I really liked them so picked them up. I've not got much done in the way of stitching so....I'll leave that for another entry hopefully sometime soon!

My kids are all jazzed up about Halloween; sadly one of my twins has strep throat....ugh!....but he's on antibiotics and will have his 3rd dose this evening. I'm hoping that he'll feel well enough to go trick or treating tonight. He's getting a little color, so I think he'll be ready. Ellie and I both have the crud too, not strep throat, but a deep chest cold. Yuck! Katie's getting it too. The only healthy ones at this point is Keith, my husband, and Ian my other twin. So we'll see how long they strong can survive in a house full of sicko's.

I've been enjoying all the blogs lately. Seems like lots of your are busy, busy, busy stitching away! Everyone is doing such lovely projects. Thanks to Michelle over at Ozark sew 'n sews, I finally kitted up "Gathering Honey" and crossed a few X's this weekend making a start on it. You all need to go on over and check Michelle's blog out...she's on my sidebar....Her Gathering Honey Sampler is spectacular!

Well, I've officially finished my Winter Blast Exchange for the USEBB, but can't tell you anything other than that...can't wait to share it - I think it turned out beautifully! Now I'm stitching up my Ornament for the exchange. I've started it and almost had it done and decided it didn't look right...so I'm going to start over...how sad is that?!

Almost time for lunch and naps (!) so I better get scooting...I don't want to miss Day's of Our Lives either (my only soap, that I watch)!

Have a Wonderful Halloween! I hope everyone gets their sweet tooth satisfied :o)


  1. Harmien1:35 PM

    Aaw, you poor guys, I hope you'll all feel better very soon!!
    Vonna, cups of tea and lots of stitching is the best medicine... :o) Take care!!

    Happy Halloween!!

  2. Hope y'all feel better soon! Have fun trick or treating. :D

  3. That's a great Hallowe'en pic - thanks for posting it! Sorry to hear about the strep throat and bad colds! Poor you and the kiddies, I hope you are able to enjoy trick or treating tonight.

  4. THANK YOU for the laugh.. Sorry about the kids and at Halloween of all times.

  5. Hope you all feel better soon - thanks for the laugh with that Halloween photo ... toooo funny!! :D

  6. Hi Vonna! Hope you all had a happy halloween and hope all the sickies are beginning to feel better. :) My hubbie and I do not have kids yet, but I smiled last night on the way home to see all the cute kids trick or treating in the neighborhood. The picture you posted is a hoot! :)

    I just love that "fall gifts" by CHS that you've started. I bid on it last night on eBay - we'll see! Can't believe you are stitching over 1! I can't wait to see how it progresess. I love fall!

    You are doing great on your exchanges! Way ahead of the game!

  7. I am sorry you guys aren't feeling so well. I hope everyone was able to go trick or treating. Get well soon!

  8. Aw, Vonna! Thanks! You didn't have to send me a gift - you are a sweetie! Glad you like the fabrics :-) I will post more soon. I have so much cleaning out to do!


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