Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gingerbread man finish

Here's my first try at doing a "sandwiched" ornament! I sort of followed the rules to do a pinkeep...I took two pieces of cardboard cut to the same size, glued batting on the one and trimmed, then stretched my gingerbread man on top of it and glued the linen to the back of the cardboard. Then I took the second piece and glued my back fabric. Then I hot glued the "off" sides together, attached a hanger and went around the edge with red ribbon. Then I made the bow and glued it on. Finally I added a little gingerbread man button in the lower left corner and ~viola~ it was complete! It was a messy job and it probably wasn't a stellar performance on my part, but I learned a few lessons for the next time and I think it turned out pretty-doggone good!

This is the completed ornie picture
AND here's the back picture showing the cute fabric I found to complete this project.

This ornie is for my nephew Bradyn for his St. Nick gift on Dec. 6. It was a freebie design from Waxing Moon. I think the gingerbread man is really a cutie :o)

Well another weekend of work down! Whew! It was a little hectic this weekend. We always get busy when the cold season starts. So I didn't get any breaks and didn't get hardly any stitching done :o(

Tomorrow I have our Girl Scouts meeting after school. There are 4 new girls joining our troop, so I've been busy getting all the necessary paperwork together for their parents to enroll them in Girl Scouts. Our fall nut sale comes to a close tomorrow, so I'll have to collect everyone's sales sheets and tabulate the quantities for our troop to order. I'll be busy tomorrow.....

The LNS called today and the Carriage House Samplings chart I ordered - Fall's Gifts has finally come I'll run over and get that tomorrow morning! Can't wait to figure out all the threads and stuff I need. I LOVE to kit new if I could learn to LOVE to FINISH projects I'd be in business.

Hope everyone's weekend was good! It's getting cold here in Indiana...I think we're supposed to be below freezing tonight! Doesn't the cold seem to be getting here early this year?! But in Indiana you can never tell - wait a few days and the weather will be different!

Until next time.....

*today I'm thankful for reading everyone's blogs and seeing that YES! there is a different way to finish my projects!


  1. That's a real nice ornament. You're giving me ideas to stitch up some Christmas ornaments...hmmm... OK to the drawing board :)

  2. That turned out really lovely-great job!

  3. Your ginger bread amn is too cute. Care to share the websight ? I did one ginger bread guy last year or the year before for my living room.
    you did a Great job on yours.

  4. Anonymous3:31 PM


    You did a great job on the ornament. The fabric and ribbon that you used for the finishing are adorable! Nice!

  5. Anonymous3:53 PM

    What a lovely ornament. Nice finishing.

  6. That turned out great! You did it just right! It's so cute and the fabric is adorable. :)

  7. Vonna, excellent work finishing your cute gingerbread man!!

    Hope your Girl Scout meeting went well today and that the new girls are lots of fun. :D

  8. What a great finish, Vonna! And such a cute design, too. Tell me, do you actually celebrate St Nicholas? I never knew... Silly me!

  9. I love your finish! So clever! And isn't Carriage House Samplings just getting better and better with their designs? I agree that it's fun to kit them up...and anticipate doing them, and even start doing them. The hard part IS finishing.

  10. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Wow - I think you did a fantastic job on your gingerbread man! I love how you finished him, and your choice of fabric for the back is perfect :)

  11. What a cute gingerbread man! I have yet to try the sandwich method but I think yours looks pretty good! I love the fabric you chose for the back too.

  12. Anonymous11:51 AM

    The gingerbread man is so cute! You did really good!

  13. It looks smashing to me! Job well done.

  14. Your gingerbread ornie turned out beautifully - awesome job! :D


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