Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Almost there...

....just a few more X's (well actually more than a few) and then Block #2 of VoHRH is HISTORY!!
I did some changing on the bird color...it was supposed to be teal I think...well I changed it to black and I may go and do black on all of them...I don't know we'll see as I progress...Which is about as fast as molasses going downhill during a ice storm! :o)

Next up: the graveyard...which I'll probably be there until New Years Eve since it's solid Cross Stitch...but maybe I might surprise myself!

Here's my little walker.....

She was walking into the computer room as I was typing away on my Blog. She's a cutie, and won't keep her shoes or socks on for Love or Money! So I'm trying to persuade her that socks and shoes are good things.....especially with the cold coming on...we've got to learn to wear shoes outside now and keep socks on our feet....
Well today is laundry day and I've got to run....PTO meeting this evening along with the Cub Scouts Meeting too. So off I dash to finish my house work!
Until next time.... ;o)


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your VoHRH is awesome. It must be huge. I'm doing mine on 36CT Sand Dune by Lakeside Linens. I looked through your blog and see that you stitched all the block outlines, I think I'd have gone crazy doing that. I give you credit. I'm stitching the block outlines as I go. It will be fun to watch someone else stitching this up also.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. Isn't it fun sharing ideas? I love VoHRH but don't have it in my stash. This block looks really amazing.

  3. Vonna ~ the baby is an absolute sweetheart! I had one that never kept her socks on either, but she always had hot feet, as in on the move constantly.

    Congrats on finishing Block #2 - it looks awesome! Are you using DMC or silks?

  4. The VoHRH is gorgeous. And look at your little walker. Just think, if you start her early, she'll soon be a little stitcher! Such an intent, happy little face!

  5. Look at little Ellie go!! New walkers are such fun to watch. :D She probably has a better feel for the floor without socks and shoes, but yeah, outside the shoes gotta go on those feet, lol!

    Great job finishing the VoHRH block. It's not a design I'd do for myself, but I'm greatly enjoying watching your progress, and that of all the others stitching it. :D

  6. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Look at your little one! Just toddling along there! Love your stitching!

  7. Awwww, your Ellie is such a cutie. I can't persuade Pelle to keep his socks and shoes on. I've been trying for a year, now. So he walks around on barefoot ALL YEAR LONG. It's hereditary, I'm afraid...
    And how did you get to stitch so much on the Village? Remember, I can't work on this project at least until January. Don't you go finishing this while I'm plugging away on my Christmas ornies!

  8. WOW! That looks fabulous!! You are nearly there! :D I like the black birds better than teal. Great idea! :D

    Personally I think it's amazing that you find time to stitch at all, but am enjoying seeing your progress on this one. :D

    What a cutie your little girl is and I'm with her, forget the shoes and socks let's go barefoot all year. ;) Right, that pesky snow...oh well...

  9. Vonna,

    Ellie is such a cutie. That picture is so sweet.

    Your stitching looks great!

  10. Such a cutie! I mean your princess.


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