Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Totally Tuesday....

Today I worked on and finished my "craft" space in our basement. I have a desk that houses my sewing machine and all my 'sewing stuff' and then a folding table that I sat up for my cutting board and radio. The shelving unit holds all my scrapbooking stuff and all my cross stitch stuff....SO everything is nice and neat and at my fingertips! Hooray! Always wanted my own space with all my goodies all around me and in one place and FINALLY I got it!

Here's the BIG finish on my Bent Creek "Pumpkin Harvest". I made it into a hanging pillow, like a do with all my finishes lately. I embellished with buttons, ribbon and bows. I think it looks really "country" and fits well into my country styled home.

Here's why I like to make my "seasonal" cross stitched pieces into hanging pillows, I can hang them on my "rusty stars". This grouping is in my entry way. Doesn't it just make you want to drink apple cider?!

Well it's been a busy, busy day....finishing my craft space, completing my Bent Creek project and decorating for fall.....
Whew! But at least I can see progress for all the effort! Tonight is the school's first PTO meeting....so I guess I'm not done yet! Until next time, think fall! ;o)


  1. Isn't great to have your own crafting space? It looks like you have excellent natural lighting too.

    Your pillow hangings are wonderful and they look so good in those star hangers. I can't believe you're house is all decked out for fall already. You're organized! I really need to get on the ball and do the same. :)

  2. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Very lovely work. I love your taste in decorating! Michelle-ozark crafter

  3. Harmien7:03 AM

    I LOVE your fall display, and you've given "Pumpkin Harvest" just the perfect finish!!
    I wish I had a stichy place to call my own with all my stash around me. Yours is looking good!
    Happy stitching!!

  4. Vonna,

    I just found your blog through reading a comment that you left for Becky. Your stitching and finishing are lovely. What a lovely home and beautiful family you have!

  5. Your craft space looks great and your pillow turned out fantastic. Still love the star hanger idea! The pillows look great on those. :D

  6. Hi Vonna :)
    Nice to meet you-thank you for your comment on my blog and for stopping by :) I always enjoy meeting and making new stitching friends :)

    I love you BC finish! TOO cute!! and your "craft space" looks great! It's nice to have that-I enjoy mine...however, I need to expand as I am outgrowing my space with all my wonderful smalls accessories. They are starting to take over the actual work space :) :) :)

    I hope to hear from you again soon :)
    Thanks again for stopping by :)

  7. How nice for you to have your own craft space! Your finishes are very cute - very autumnal. :)

  8. Oh, how I wish the weather would co-operate and give us some fall! Today is great - fog and a little drizzle every now and then - but it's supposed to be getting hot in the weekend. Yikes There go my fall decoration ideas. Speaking of which: yours are fabulous! Those rusty stars are wonderful!
    Congratulations on your very own stitching and crafting space!

  9. Love your finishes, and the way that you do your finishing. Lucky you to have your very own sewing space, its lovely.

  10. Hurray for you, Vonna! Your craft space is all set up. Aren't daylight basements wonderful?! Just wish my daylight end faced south so I'd get more light, sigh.

    Love seeing your home dressed for fall. Can't get into it here yet as our days are still too warm.

  11. Hey Vonna - just stopped by for a visit! Your Pumpkin harvest finish looks fabulous. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  12. I am happy that you finally have that space of crafting!


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